Sony TA-A1ES Integrated Amp Review

Clint the audio guy back here with another Integrated amp review, this time from Sony ES. This is a top quality piece with true hi-fi performance.

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Wow insane! a question this amp against the Sx-1980 (for example) is a oponent in quality pure sound? Regards!

justinpow92 says:

Will you be reviewing the HAP-Z1ES?

Calan Gordon says:

What do you think of the TA1010? An oldie but I managed to pick one up for nothing.

Yippie says:

Thanks for posting!

toucheslapper says:

Have you had any problems with the amp over the years Clint? I noticed it runs a little warmer than other amps. Any issues with yours? Do you use it often?

fabricadojoe says:

Heard some great things about this amp.  Where can I get one in the UK?

tacopizza2003 says:

I never understood why hi-fi equipment doesn’t use XLR connections more. RCA connections are so susceptible to interference & noise. Professional audio has been using balanced connections for decades. I also never understood why the hi-fi amps & speakers don’t use Speakon connections.

Yippie says:

Which one sounds better to you the Creek 50A or this Sony? 

Jerry Nski says:

Awesome unit, crazy huge binding posts.

Bardos Csaba says:

comparing to Pass La amps this is a toy. As for sound quality I ratther buy some vintage Pioneer orRevox that really sound good.

Mozart FX says:

Clint, I’m looking for an amp for low volume listening. Would A power or A/B power be better for low volumes? Thanks!
I know this is an older post so I may ask this same question again on a newer one. Thanks again. I enjoy your vids!

Steven says:

Hello, I am considering whether or not buying TA-A1ES. I concern the problem of heat. Would you give me some more information of TA-A1ES? How long can your TA-A1ES keep playing music in low volume (for example, 15%~20%)? How hot does it feel like if after keep playing music for 2 hours? Do you have to power it off for cooling down?

Zockopa says:

How can this be better than,say, a TA-F808ES ?
Sony just had to continue where it stopped some time ago to actually sell integrated amps in quantities.
But no,they went for a “high-end” design.

AnotherSiGuy says:

Wow, didn’t know Sony made anything this high end. 

ipreferns says:

If your in Canada you really can’t beat price/performance of Japanese products. JEEZ.
2000 BP 2000 USD 2000 CAD.
it’s why I have a yamaha as-801

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