Technics SU-C700 stereo amplifier 2014 – unboxing

We take a first look at Technics’ new Premium SU-C700 stereo amplifier.

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Jake Cool says:

Beautiful. Now, when are they making the real old school Technics (Technics for real people, not for Millionaires)?

roof pizza says:

WOW, that’s damn ugly.

Vic G says:

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but 8Kgs at 100 watts = cheap amp and poor performance.

Matthias Penninck says:

Damn, i need to get a towel… I was drooling to much over the amp…
I looked like a danish dog after a good run… 😀

supermasterPIK says:


Gickel Arasu says:

For that price you can get a 7.2 yamaha advantage and you get more  for your money . Build in wifi,  7 hdmi, 4k upscaling , and so on so think twice before you buy .

James Beck says:

It sounds brittle!

FullFledged2010 says:

An integrated amp that costs more than 1k?…. I would expect some type of seperated circuits nevermind some real fets….

MrVoayer says:

Would love to see how the USB connected peripheral is treated by the amp.
Thanks for an introductory video!

[technologic] says:

Save your money and buy the real vintage ones, they look similar to this but sound way better

Mateusz Caban says:

Price ???

Perverted Alchemist says:

They basically went back in the past to create their receiver of the future. Also, if they have a phono output on there, they need to bring back their brand of legendary turntables. Technics (and Panasonic, being that you own them), do right by your consumers and bring back the 1200! It’s only right.

massimo tardiola says:

in soldoni niente di buono dal sor levante!!!! e ha noi che siamo figli del sor ponente non c”e ne frega niente!!!!

1959Berre says:

As a Technics fan since the early seventies, this makes my heartbeat speeding.  In fact I should not watch this for too long.

WC HEAD. says:

currys will be their main dealer.

Alex Anderson says:

this amp is not going to last long and is stupid
no fan for cooling
no inputs proper sources
no tone controls on the front

this is just a paper weight
its a bit much that i would be a better audiophile using a sony ta ax 35 which is a proper amp compaired to this
i am a big fan of technics but this is rubbish and i dont think it is good.

dynaudio8vs says:

That’s a really nice looking amplifier

Jeremy Clayton-Travis says:

I would happily swap my collection of vintage technics for a new system.

AudiophileTubes says:

LOVE analog power meters on an amplifier!

ryry998 says:

class D = yuck.

daniel peberdy says:

why’s not made in Japan ?

Gaming Palooza Empire says:

i wish technics was in USA still

Destaye says:

What about us DJ’s!  

ady adrian says:

73 Watt Power Consumption???How much power can you get out of this??Nothing!!

Shri Krama Lei says:

I hate these fingernails, pure aggression of the eyes, this SU–C700 SUCKS, pure aggression of the ears…

peter day says:

only one line in?


Pff 8 kg, my preamp alone weighs 10 kg

Secrets&Lies says:

I must say that I more watched your tits than the still interesting amp….

blacknight7919 says:

Technics means history, means the beautiful combination between clarity and power.
The best EVER!!

ki flex says:

Glad to see Technic’s  back in the HiFi  game

Phil Jones says:

Looks beautiful excited for the review

Nick Kay says:

You can buy any Technics amp from 1979-1985 for a fraction of the price an it will destroy this POS.

This is an insult to the Technics brand name. An SU-V3 will murder this and they’re still (at the moment) cheap as chips.


alfredo jeffery says:

Hi!! What about the turntable sl 1200mkII? you need to produce more!! thanks for your time!!

Electone_Guy says:

Doesn’t anybody manufacture in Japan anymore?  Noticed this was made in Malaysia.

mariscal justin says:

I love technics but This amplifier is an insult to tehcnics .
Classe D for an amplifier audiophile is totally bad. Which audiophile will invest in this new amplifier ?
Why do not reissue turntable techncis SL-1200 mk2 or (and) the legend SU – A1 amplifier and SU – A2 preamplifier

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