Tube Valve HiFi Amp – Oh YES!

Finally got an amp for the retro setup – and it’s a beauty! This clip is a bit of fun by way of dramatic intro – enjoy.
I’ll do a proper demo later on.


Vintage Electronics Geek says:

And the Emmy goes to…..John! 🙂

AMStationEngineer says:

John failed to mentioned that Jeff Lynne’s ELO will be appearing in his (John’s) basement next week, for purposes of performing a side-by-side comparison of the PrimaLuna versus that four-valve Chinese filament flicker-thingy demonstrated in a previous video….

Bob Claypool says:

I have an old long dresser type General Electric stereo from the early 60’s. The kind with 3 inch legs on the bottom, a speaker at each end and the phonograph in the middle. Very high quality cherry wood. It needs some electrytic caps. I should probably fix it….lol.

Zone1242 says:

For anyone keen to see the tech specs on the amp you’ll find them here –
Cheers, John

27trains says:

More chips

Rick Zolla says:

Lovely Prima Luna. I have two of their ProLogue Five amplifiers, and I love them with my KEF LS50s.

Bobby Tectalabyss says:

Beautiful Amp John. I bet it sounds killer ! Glad you found one and can’t wait till you show it hooked up.
All my best.

joernone says:

Ok, John, I feel cheated once again.  Shooooooooow Meeeeeeeeee the Ammmmmmmmmp!  Regards,  John


Unfortunately it’s only a tube pre amp the power amp is solid state

John Schroeder says:

Spectacular Opening segment.
lol made me laugh.

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