Vintage Tungsram Tube vs Modern Chinese Tube Nobsound Hybrid Tube Amplifier Review


Carlos Pinto says:

The stock seemed clearer and the vintage punchier. That’s my opinion. I would choose the stock ones.

wilson wangsa says:

anybody can tell me pliz.whats song…i liked thats song…thx

mozzy3663 says:

Kermit the frog with a brain injury

Italiano Siciliano Mistro says:

Stock sounds more natural

knobber420 says:

Stock sounds pretty good. I’m surprised and impressed.

Italiano Siciliano Mistro says:

Tubes make speakers sing

Gord Thor says:

Both together gives me instant listening fatigue and I think vintage is much sweeter and better all around.

chiging says:

i like soft silky vocals but i like rock and electronica music are these ms 10d for dynamics and punch..plz reply thanks

Naufal Hikmat says:

OMG.. vintage Tungsram was made with heart!

Valentin Zaharia says:

How you can live knowing is empty chinese black box up?:)
Is fake tube amp! No transformers inside.

Aron Gatt says:

vintage sound more fuller and warmer but stock is not bad either just a tad flat next to the vintage

Ryan Fuller says:

huge difference! vintage all the way.

Chris Cunningham says:

Look under the shroud of the Nobsound. I bet there’s no output transformer. The power transformer under the chassis does not have an output for tube “B” voltage either. Just a small solid state amp board and heat sink and the tubes aren’t doing anything except lighting up. Look and see!

Lampie lampie says:

Chinese Tube Nobsound Hybrid Tube Amplifier
What is this for Amp a real tube amp or a real Hybrid if i search for schematic its a Hybrid and the lamps are for show
max there are 10 passive components used on the bord

назар назаров says:


Fernando Gadala-Maria says:

Hello how do you identify what vintage tube to buy? I would like to get some and this amp

jag co says:

wow thanks for posting this. i have the nodsound ms-10d mkii i was look to roll tubes to. ebay here i come. speakers i”m using are baltic s-400 with these speakers i also run a volume nob power-amp type hook up to the ear phone plug for out side sound parties. the 25 watts is enough for in side the house. with s-400 speakers. super nice little amp.

TechBaron, Cameras and more! says:

why the hell do ppl always play vocals ….sup with the bass response wtf play some drake

김민교 says:

Good Job

ken ken says:

Speakers ?

Fernando Muñoz says:

vintage wins

Gavin Hunter says:

Psycho-acoustics strikes again. I just picked one of these up at a thrift shop and dismantled it to see how is made. Solid state outputs the tubes are decoration only. Talk about bulldust!

sean barrasin says:

sounds cool mate i just connected tow valvs to my amp on sa-pt560

Alex Smith says:

I got it working with another phone for BT. There’s another thing about it. When you turn it on the sound comes from one speaker and then in 3 seconds it comes from the second speaker. The same thing if I listen it from my headphones. What could the reason be for that? Can it be fixed?

ThePencil901 says:

Modern wins. Vintage adds an artificial low end while the modern tubes sound infinitely more clear and detailed.

Adrian Massi says:

hmmm no guitars? wtf

Larkenfield says:

The vintage is noticeably better to my ears… clearer with better bass. Less clear bass response with the stock Chinese tubes. Nice video!

TechBaron, Cameras and more! says:

i bought this and NOS russ tubes i wanna know if it gone slap even at all in a small bedroom

Electronics For Fun says:

ohh… the cone on your right speaker looks damaged.

sandwah9 says:

This is a fake amp – there is nothing there, no transformer etc. LOL

Bronson Osborne says:

thats not a true tube amp those tubes dont really do anything other than light up

solounat arkadia says:


Tampatec says:

thx for sound demo, most reviews just talk about the sound but you played the amp in the video. liked

Андрей Иванов says:

vintage sounds way more deeper, wider and more interesting

Massiel Arredondo says:

what song is this?

Daniel K says:

yes, vintage tube does sound fuller… albeit the chinese sounds more airy. It all depends on your setup, surroundings, and the type of outcome you’re looking for.

adrian mixit says:

what is this song and by who?

taief miah says:

this is skewed by the fact that the stock gave the more traditional klipsch should with really sharp highs and upper mids

umac76 says:

This comarison has little value unless both tubes are very close in strength. The only way to know this is if you tested them on a tube tester. I would expect the Tungsram to trash the Chinese tube, which it pretty much does here, but it’s impossible to know if that’s from the inherent quality of the Tungsram, or if the Chinese tube is just worn out. Additionally, the same signal should be sent to both speakers. How did you do that with this stereo amp?

Jessica Atkins says:

this is a solid state amp not tube

Maxim Mee says:

stock tube is clearer, spacious
next time you might like to Title the point it changes over

shameem evans says:

Vintage WIN

Pandit Kunte says:

you should be able to notice it yourself…that vintage is better…forget chinese…

Dick Evans says:

Not a real tube amp. An autopsy was done and the tube do nothing at all. Wired to make you believe they are working. Save your money.

Samuel Zavala says:

no one here mentioned that not only did the tungsram sound more robust but it in fact produces “less distortion” than the chinese that comes with the unit.

Trex1268 says:

NOS is clearly a better sounding tube. More volume, much clearer vocals.

Alex Smith says:

Hi there,
I’ve received the amp today but can’t make the bluetooth work. I press down the input selector and the light does not flash. What is wrong? I have two different smart phones. None of them can see the amp.

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