Yamaha A-S2100 integrated amp

These days, you can get an excellent-sounding stereo integrated amplifier for about $1,000 — the Peachtree Nova65se is a great example, as is the NAD D 7050, both of which offer digital inputs, on-board DACs and a respectable amount of power. So why in the world would one entertain the idea of investing four times that — $4,000 — into an integrated amp like Yamaha’s A-S2100, which doesn’t even have any digital inputs or Bluetooth for wireless music streaming?

Simply put: Because it is Bad. Ass.

We’re not fooling around here, folks. What the A-S2100 lacks in modern conveniences and all-in-wonder appeal, it makes for with bullet-proof build quality, wicked-smart design, and a healthy dose of good-God-I’ve-just-gotta-have-that allure.

The A-S2100 is is 51.6 pounds of lean, mean, gorgeous audio-making machine. If you don’t feel a surge of pride in ownership when you pull it from its box, then you’re involved in the wrong hobby, my friend. This is a gear-nut’s integrated amp; a music-lover’s integrated amp; and yes, an audiophile’s integrated amp. It has no on-board DAC, because the person who buys it is going to purchase a separate DAC anyway. It doesn’t come with Bluetooth because the person who buys it would use a high-end network media receiver for that sort of thing, never a tossed-in add-on feature.



I want to buy a new amp, i currently have a luxman laboratory reference series pre and power amp but because of it’s age it’s starts to have it’s problems will a new amp like this match the quality? I’m not looking to get as good quality but i also don’t want to be disappointed.

Secrets&Lies says:

Of course the silver version is MUCH more classy and beautiful. Black just looks like a black plastic brick in most ambient lighting situations. Not to mention the ugly white letters on the black version. Silver with darkbrown wood panels is the best.

noble jose says:

I’m trying to get a Yamaha A-S2100..
Hope it will be a good upgrade over my Marantz PM-7004.
I’ve KEF R300 speakers.. anyone tried this Yamaha A-S2100 with KEF R series speakers?

Christopher John Bridgman says:

How about a video of a nice companion loudspeaker – Kingdom Royale perhaps?

Raymond Leggs says:

Yamaha gear is good but i prefer the sound of an onkyo

animesh ghose says:

Hi i am thinking of getting one in near future. How much of an improvement do you think it would be over my creek evo 50a? Thanks

David Clarke says:

I picked up a Yamaha “Natural sound” stereo amp for $20 from (I think) the late 80’s and I was surprised how nice it sounded. I forget which model. I think it was about 80 watt per channel. I wish I hadn’t sold it on now.

Mike Hydropneumatic says:

And it sounds like what?

On what source and speakers?

irisfailsafe says:

The companion CD player, the CD-S2100 comes with a DAC so that’s why they didn’t put one in the Amp.

Home Theater Junky says:

This is a beautiful piece, if only this quality would return to AVR’s.

doomtomb3 says:

Can I connect my Logitech speakers to this?

Ty says:

I had AS 1000 and I was tempted to buy this. But at the last moment decided to buy a Rotel power + control amplifier combo to drive my B & W CM8S2 speakers. I’m glad I didn’t buy a Yamaha. The build quality is great but too bright to my liking.

tigerbalm says:

overpriced cheap components….

ipreferns says:

2:14 thats what she said

Barbara Mida says:

those controls are plastic or metal ?

Lorenzo A says:

I bought the A-S 2100 recently, construction it’s bullet-proof, it’s a dual-mono construction and completely balanced, and sounds great!

SED71 says:

beautiful amplifier. $1000 bucks. HA good joke!! here in australia it costs $4000. But our dollar is weak as piss

Bork. EXE says:

for what I’m paying I could buy a McIntosh tosh or a tube works. but I agree it does look nice

daniel hwakim says:

It performed well beyond many more expensive amps. I purchased it and it performs wonderfully well. Readlly this amplifier is a superb instrument! Read more helpfull reviews and get big discount at Amazon Black Friday Deals US : http://www.amzn.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B001KZDTVG/edteid-20

Vic G says:

I have had the AS2100 and CDS2100 now for 5 months, and it is awesome. I have AB tested with B&W 804 at my vendors shop with Rotel, Accuphase, Macintosh integrated, and separate amp and Tube pre. The Yamaha beats Rotel, and all Macintosh integrated amps, and sounds like the Accuphase amp, yet falls short of the Macintosh separates in soundstage and volume. I have several videos posted with Axiom audio M60 speakers.

MrIordaches says:

Black just looks great!! Superb amplif

Vic G says:

NAD is low end. I have demo’d many models. I would compare the Yamaha to a Rotel, but really the sound is more to that of Mcintosh, but at half the cost.
Build quality is solid but not Mcintosh solid.

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