Yamaha A-S501 stereo amplifier – unboxing video

We unbox the new A-S501 stereo amplifier from Yamaha, and see what’s changed since the A-S500.

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RANT says:

those plastic knobs and dials look cheap AF. looks like they’re gonna fall apart at any moment

AudiophileTubes says:

I like tubed integrated amps much better!  This is a good Yamaha amp, but I have an inexpensive Yaqin tubed amp that blows this away in sound quality!

praszu says:

This amp sounds very dull, do not buy. My previous Marantz PM6002 sounded way better. And it was smaller. There are many small details which make this Yamaha a bad amp. With Marantz PM6002 apart from great sound, there are these little details which make it a great amp.
The only thing the PM6002 is missing for me is subwoofer pre out.
Having used the Yamaha for a few days I know I am going to return it by the end of next week.

Steve Carlsson says:

This is cool amp, and it will outperform almost any AV receiver.
For almost half price of Marantz PM6002 it offers good sound and almost hi-end bass.
It is great amp for rock music.

Yomka Hassan says:

This or Marantz 6005?

praszu says:

This remote control is really bad! Volume buttons positioned at the bottom of the remote, I am tired of this after a few months of usage.

Comenerg SRL says:

will WHF  also review the 701?

Vic G says:

I have the A-S301 and it is an awesome entry level HiFi amp. Get over the shape and plastic material of the dials. All the money is inside. This thing weighs 23Kg and Sounds beautiful. I have both my vintage Turntable and Bluetooth devices connected and at 60 watts RMS it drives my 3way 8 and 4 ohms speakers with ease. Better amp for the money, you wont find. This amp kicks the butt of many 1K amps.

Epiphany K says:

over a year, and still got no review lol…

john melv says:

wish it was slimmer. It’s like a suitcase…think i’ll give it a miss.

nikemac84 says:

What kind of Transformer does it have???????    EI Laminate or Toroidal????

Andreyxiv says:

who are interested this amp have pcm1501a dac by Texas Instruments

Jeff Price says:

They got rid of the tape loop. Why?

Gudjon Gudmundsson says:

Yamaha built like a tank , like in the old days. No light fake plastic junk. I like them

t103Ninja says:

anybody got one of these? im thinking about buying one to pair up with wharfedale diamond 220 speakers and wondering if its any good

barrie says:

nice vid..id like to see more unboxings from yourselves..

Zimba's Doom Corner says:

LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!! where is the review?

aqwgreenhairedsayian says:

Yamaha As501 or the Marantz PM6006 for the Wharfedale Diamond 220 if I can get both at the same price

Mark Hall says:

What does it sound like?

mandeepsekhon says:

what’s her name? for research purposes of course

Marble Grimes says:

When I first bought a good starter hifi It was a Rega 3 Creek 4040 and Haybrook 1’s .How come stereo amps now look like receivers ?

Tengacazzimm Cazzimm says:

cari amici è lettori di questo messaggio se devo trovare un disappunto di questo ottimo yamaha e l assenza di un segnale luminoso nella manopola del volume che disastro non averlo messo mi auguro che nelle prossime serie prendano provvedimento ciao

Raymond Leggs says:

Tape loops means you can use bose 901s!

Mai Cambodia Tours Driver says:

Sorry, How much is it?

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