Yamaha A-S801 Integrated Amplifier Review

http://www.audioholics.com – Yamaha A-S801 Integrated Amplifier Review: In this video Gene and Hugo review the Yamaha A-S801 Integrated Amplifier. Yamaha has come out with a solid lineup of integrated amplifiers geared towards soothing the two-channel audiophile in all of us. If you think that these integrated amplifiers are your father’s or grandfather’s integrated, you’d be sorely mistaken. Yamaha has gone to great pains to outline the company’s rich heritage in the integrated amplifier market and show how today’s integrated amps link tradition to tomorrow.

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Joe Palau says:

After looking around and asking a slew of audio advisors for tips, I decided that this is the amp for me. I am a two channel guy and I plan to drive Elac Uni-Fi Bookshelf speakers on stands with their entry-level subwoofer. I stream the majority of my content from You Tube. So, I plan to use the Focal Bluetooth adapter with my iPhone 7. My aim is to buy a basic, no-frills, high-quality stereo system that performs at the top of its class. Yamaha and Elac are the cornerstones of my plan. Thanks for you excellent review.

shrodingersman says:

Hi, thanks for the video. I’m thinking of getting a new amplifier so this was very helpful. My question is should I get a second hand Cyrus 7 amplifier and PSX-R power supply or this the Yamaha A-S801? How do they compare in terms of power, audio quality etc. I was thinking the Cyrus costs about the same here in the UK when secondhand or I could just get the Yamaha New! Thoughts appreciated guys, thanks again.

alexherget says:

Simply wrong information and misunderstood electronics on your part regarding the impedance switch. Before the amp starts clipping it is extremely loud,
and you will most probably will never seriously listen that loud !

You will probably never listen to anything more than 25 watts 😉

Set the correct impedance and the amp wil run cooler and within spec.

This wil ensure the amps internal components wil not slowly be damaged due to heat stress.

Guys you are great but you have evidently very limited understanding of electronics. Giving out false information to unsuspected users is not ok IMHO.

Zimba's Doom Corner says:

Will the amp send FULL range to the speakers even when a subwoofer is connected?

advsoft says:

For me personally Stereo is the way! Actually stereo + sub (2.1 i shall say). I’ve done 5.1 previously but I think we are not quite there yet. So yeah.. a receiver and an active sub with book-shelf speakers makes my years happy

Mario Galicia says:

80 % music – 2 channel or 2.1 (depends on amp and speaker used)
20% movies – 5.1

Current set up 5.1 Marantz SR 6010 with def tech SM 65 at fronts. Thinking to add an integrated pre amp from pre out of SR 6010. Choosing between Marantz PM 8005 or yamaha AS801 (any advise highly appreciated)

Is this worth a jump to enjoy the 2 or 2.1 channel? Is it a big difference in tone quality if I do this? rather using my Marantz 6010 on my stereo sound?

Appreciate your advise on this.

NuclearCowboy says:

2 Channel all day

Anthony Pierre says:

Thanks for the review. I’ve been thinking of getting an integrated amp but wasn’t sure which way to turn. You guys made it much easier now. I do have a HT and a dedicated very decent 2channel system. For music, it’s the 2 channel. For movies or causal listening with company, no sense in turning on the “other” system. HT is what I use.

Joe Fuentez says:

Do you guys think this amp will ever get updated with built in Bluetooth anytime soon? I’d hate to drop the cash on it today and then Yamaha come out with an updated version thereafter…

ducksonetime says:

I have a R-S500 driving my fronts and all my music goes directly to this receiver/amp. I have an RX-V663 for the surrounds and center channel but this only gets powered on for movies. I’m still a 2 channel guy at heart.

Eric says:

Hey guys. Is this a better option than the S1000 or 2000? I don’t need a DAC. Wondering about sound and build quality.

Frank Miller says:

2 channels

nikemac84 says:

Hi guys. Could you please tell me if this amplifier uses a toroidal or EI laminate transformer????


Hey guys can you do a review on the A 701 amp? I just bought one and Would do like to know if the A 801 sounds better than A 701 ? They have the same power I believe the only difference is the DAC thing I don’t care to plug my pç or laptop on it I’m only wants to know for the other things like phono turner cd DVD will sound better on the A801? Please let me know thanks guys

Alan Ross says:

I got it working . Reinstall and set up foobar again. Must have missed a step first time. Amp sounds great

OG Wavy says:

I’m buying the s501 to use my CD/minidisc unit and cassette deck and buying a receiver for surround, I think I’m gonna have to get a speaker switch box for the fronts.you guys didn’t mention the subout feature, the main reason I bought it

Benny says:

Myeah, it seems cool. the a-s1100 is even cooler with the VU-metres and stuff hehe……..

I listen to music 80%, TV 20% – all goes through my stereo system and a dac. I honestly dont miss surround sound in movies

Filipe Gomes says:

awesome we just got these in my store. Sounds awesome and powerfull!! very excited

mystique says:

Yamaha vs Hercules

James Chant says:

Thanks for the info guys ! This amp is available locally and thanks to your video it’s a real option for my next two-channel amp. I believe it sells for $1000 so it is very cost effective. The main priority in choosing an amp however is it’s ability to play vinyl well which got me thinking about a tube amp. It’s unlikely that a AVR is in the cards as a future acquisition given the limited space of the living room. Cheers !

sanchezzz1 says:

I thought integrated meant more like preamp and amp all in one.

Nob Ogasawara says:

Your review convinced me to grab one for my office.
I use it to drive a pair of KEF LS50 bookshelves + some ancient Yamaha twin 8-inch sub.
Mostly used for Spotify Premium, regular YouTube, and TV, I love the crystal clarity and depth of sound with a ton of power to spare.
This is a great product. Thanks!

Mr Grape says:

Thanks guys I just bought one.

Zimba's Doom Corner says:

where can I find more info on dealing with the 120hz crossover issue?

Mike Chivy says:

I was always told that an amp can get ruined if you don’t switch it to 4 ohms when driving 4 ohm speakers. So you would suggest even if I’m driving a 4 ohm speaker like the Elac Unifi UB5 when it comes out, to leave it on the regular setting and not the low impedance one?

watchmore says:

If I plug a subwoofer, all the bass will be played ONLY by the sub? or the bass from the sub, will be added to the low frequencies of your main speakers?

Darrin Buchta says:

since you asked about what people are doing home theater or 2 channel. I am about to get into hi fi and what I want is kick ass 2 channel stereo and a great home theater. I am thinking about a Parasound integrated amp which has home theater bypass so my 2 channel speakers can also be my home theater front left and right. anybody want to suggest a pair of speakers for the parasound – i am all ears.

Charles Clifton says:

You guys offer clean, honest, easy to understand reviews and I, for one, appreciate it.
I’ve done it all; tubes, buffers, Classe Cd players, Paradigm, B&W – there was always something better (and more expensive). Can’t say it wasn’t a ton of fun. Now I am older
and it is time to downsize and get into some basic but very good 2 channel sound. This
AS 801 sounds (pun intended) like just the ticket. I may even consider the higher end with the Mosfets. The bottom line is I would not even be aware of these Yamaha products if not for Audioholics. You’ve educated me regarding other products as well. If only you guys were around in the 60’s when I first started with a Dual turntable, Harmon Kardon 50plus and a set of Altec Boleros. I was 19 and making too much money. My friends said I was nuts so to screw them over I bought a new Volvo. Thanks guys…. Yamaha is back

Adrian D says:

Running Kef q300 bookshelf (2.1) and a second system with pair of the Kef LS50s (2.0)… what are your thoughts on upgrading to the Yamaha A-S801 with these speakers? My the kef q300 produce a bright sound and im looking for an amp to balance out by bringing out some more warmth, could this potentially do the trick considering the tone control? I l have also given thought to the Cambridge CXA80, the Rotel RA-1570, and the Marantz PM7005 and HD-AMP1. Any suggestions?

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