Yaqin MC-10T integrated tube stereo amp review – How to achieve good sound with cheap gear series

My quick review on the Yaqin MC-10T integrated tube amp. The amp can be a bit bright and lack bass but it is a very good sounding integrated amp. I had a lot of fun with it and if you would like to experience the tube world, this is a good place to start.

Dynaco A25 speakers
Yaqin MC-10T
scott 299c
Infinity Performance series model 9 speakers (very harsh, try at your own risk!)
Philips 150 cdrom


jacklucien says:

I tried to do a video on my own nx300. Didn’t look as good as yours! 😛

tawilk says:

Will this work with Wharfedale Diamond 10.2 speakers? They are 6 ohm at 86db. I’m looking for a different feel to various types of rock coming from vinyl.

Dave says:

Right ? Right.

Audio Drill says:

No need to change to NOS tubes. Most EL34 available today sounds decent with this amp.
The power cord makes a day and night difference.

morenazo952 says:

Is anyone gonna actually make a video so we can hear some audio examples??

Vic G says:

Please do a sound clip.

Perts Onvelts says:

Thanks for sharing!

lord darmok says:

you can shake your house with 5 watts.if you own Klipschorns.

Felix xia says:

hi thomas! i have a lot of request for your future episodes.

1- please make a facebook group for your channel so that you can post articles as reference. For example, i appreciate your video about differences in cables. Also the video where you reviewed focal speaker. In those videos you mentioned that there are bright and not so bright cables / speakers, and we should do system matching to get the best results. How about documenting your findings and post it on your facebook group? Make a list of bright sounding cables, bright sounding speakers… speakers for audiophile, speakers that are musical… and this list should grow and updated regularly as your channel matures. It would help people like me who dont have the time or the means to experiment the way you do up there in canada.

2- please review more dacs, especially the ones connected via usb to laptop. i need to learn how to choose dacs, and please explain the differences between dacs on different price brackets. when you mentioned “exasound” you used with the focal speaker, i am so curious. questions like, is it worth it to buy super expensive dac like that, or a would a chord hugo your friends use with the verity parcifal be more than enough for average systems?

3- hugs to your kids from me. i love it when they bump on your camera and you keep the show going as if nothing happened.

btw i live in jakarta, indonesia. i want you to know that your video is watched by someone half a planet away from where you live. i am chinese too.

thanks and please keep making these informative videos.

Andrew Colombus Colombus says:

So many complications and contradictions with what you are saying; Though you are right on so many levels, you are also very wrong.

Hari Prasad says:

Hi Thomas,
I’m planning to buy Yamaha R N803 and marantz cd6006. Please advise is it a good combination?


Aron Gatt says:

Focal are way bright for my liking

Tube audio says:

You want to get good sound , change to good 1 ecc 82 and 83. Try using telsa e83cc.

Alex Tomlins says:

My vintage Canary Audio CA608 is also tube and 40 watts. It gives killer bass to my ProAc speakers (though these are 91 db/w/m efficient). So tube amps CAN do bass if you pay some money on a good design.

Andrew Crain says:

You have a lot of Experience in hi fi I see love it

Joe Sugarman says:

Just wondering: Which tubes did your friend think were the best in this unit? You mentioned he got good sound of them, but neglected to mention the brand. Thank you!

Michael Beeny says:

I think 40 watts class A is a little optimistic for a pair of EL34s. Mullard who made the original EL34s gave a rating of 20 watts at low distortion.I guess at 10% THD you might get 40 watts.

t lech says:

Last several years I’ve been building tube amplifiers and transistor based amplifiers and hybrid tube. If you have a set of good speakers that you could bi-amp especially speakers at the high-end notes are just a little too crisp to penetrating too high use the low wattage tube amp for your high mids and use the transistor based higher wattage amplifier with a higher dampening factor for your base or subs. Also search the used market for a higher wattage transistor based amplifier would make a great low budget complementing bi-amp system

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