YAQIN MC-13S Stereo Tube Amplifier – Setup, Tube Change, and How-To Bias The Amp

This video features the YAQIN MC-13S Stereo Tube Amp. In this video I perform a:

Tube Change
How-To Bias The Amp

Along the way I add my thoughts on the amp itself. It’s a great amplifier especially if you’re looking to enter into the world of HI-Fi tube amps.


Scott Lowell says:

Mullard El-34 FTW o

peace2014 says:

I have basically the same amp. I will be upgrading my tubes shortly and this video helps. Thanks. One thing I noticed. Your interconnects and speaker cable appears to be standard consumer stuff. Not a problem if you are happy with the sound. However when I improved my interconnects and speaker cable I noticed a huge improvement in my systems sound. I also have two other higher priced tube amps as well. To me tubes are the only way to go, especially playing vinyl records. Regards.

53patsfan says:

What is the fuse size/name that is needed. I am ordering a Yaqin mc-13s and want to have them on hand. THANKS

Thomas Hartwell says:

Thanks!! Short, sweet and informative!

Robert Jakobek says:

Great video, but I have a genuine question. I have set of q acoustics 3050s which is 6ohm, where should I plug them? 8 or 4 ohm?

Jupiter Eye says:

How is your video being rejected because of the music, but then I see a lot of other videos that are still on YT with music being played? I’ve noticed it’s really hard to find anything from Depeche Mode on YT anyway, maybe that was the reason…

Club Soda says:

The soft cloth he’s using is Hanes socks. I know that brand

fpgrind says:

Thanks for the video. Very helpful. I have vintage Marantz 2238B and also NAD components in another room. Would you say this amp’s sound is as good or better? Just trying to figure out if I should buy this or just put my money toward another vintage amp or receiver. Thanks in advance for any help.

The Doctor says:

12au7s and 12ax7s are actually the same type and are interchangeable, but if it it is marked then it is probably configured that way

Joey says:

i have 6 ohm speakers which would i plug into?

sayers1984 says:

I had a yaqin phono stage it was awful no riaa at all replaced it with project tube and it’s night and day difference, it would put me off buying yaqin projects, they look great but not great sounding.

McgarickWAstate says:

Have one, EXCELLENT amp!

Michel Linschoten says:

That whole amp is a China made one you could have bought the same one for lot less on AliExpress and chinahifi.com

James Collins says:

Is it possible to plug 6 ohm speakers into this?

Nizo Dizo says:

Hey, John I have Yaqin amp that picks up my computer modem have you ever run into this with your amp?

Dave Watson says:

Thanks – no waffle just the facts you need to know. Btw I have this amp and its superb!

tawilk says:

what type of fuses are they exactly? link to product description?

Romeo Bored says:

Thanks Johnny. Very well articulated………very helpful video. One quick question – how is the amp performing now? It is almost a year since you uploaded this video after tube rolling.



Mufasa says:

What’s the power output per channels?

Ian Hilpus says:

Great video! You explained Bias really well and in the near future I am buying the same model as you demonstrated and found it useful. Many years ago I had a pair of UK built Quad II second hand mono block 15 watt amps second hand and just loved the sound on everything from classical to rock! I can’t wait to order it and take your point about Valve (Tube) upgrades. Thank you.

improbable says:

At 6:19, why is your multimeter set to the “diode” setting ? Shouldn’t it be set to the VDC setting ?

RcCadTeam says:


tawilk says:

any pre-amp / phono stage tube amp you’d recommend?

Col Francis says:

cant understand why it would lack a phono stage. surely playing vinyl is its main intended use.

sman222222 says:

Great vid!

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