Z Review – Audio-GD NFB-1AMP [Top Tier Hi-Fi Head-Amp]

1AMP — [https://goo.gl/bPYnq6]
Bas-X — [http://amzn.to/2uo4a8z]

NOTE: Input 3 on the 1amp, its a ACSS input, which is a current bias input that only Krell and AGD use. Dont plug a normal balanced signal into it.

3M RED Repair Film — [http://amzn.to/2sVbieO]
$900 Scissors — [http://amzn.to/2sVqvfA]

9500s — [http://amzn.to/2unymRe
HD579 — [http://amzn.to/2sqX9T3]

FLIRC — [http://amzn.to/2slwStW]

Soul Coughing – Miss the Girl https://open.spotify.com/track/77L5focCczJxvEOxMuOf7x

Wallpaper : http://i.imgur.com/iaELEpq.jpg

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monkoosbob0 says:

I love my NFB28. I just wish it had h/m/l gain because the low setting on mine isn’t low enough for sensitive BA IEMs. Zeos, you always test how high amps can go but I’d love to hear how amps can handle sensitive headphones.

Frank Stallone says:

@1:22 — Chewy!!!!!!!!!

slaQ83 says:

Hey Z reviews, can you recommend me a dac/amp combo for use with my desktop pc driving 250+ ohm headphones?

darren ideson says:

@Z Reviews, man thats a lot of waffling. on and on but not getting much info. been subbed for ages and this is one of your worse vids/reviews i have seen. focus mr zeos.

Michael Larsen says:

When are you gonna review the Onkyo A-9010?

Lane William says:

the shp9500’s on the desk
bought them after watching the video
love them

Christopher Morton says:

Just got the NFB 28.38 this week. Might be redundant, but if you want to review it as well we can make that happen.

mehutolkki3232 says:

Wheres the sony mdr-1000x review?

Clinton L says:

Looking for a new amp/dac, using a nfb-11 with the lcd-x’s. Could you recommend one around $600. Thinking the jotunheim to try balanced?

John Flatt says:

Soul Coughing has changed my life. You fantastic man you.

BAD Ben says:

How are the SHPs at AC/DC and hard rock in general?

spookanide says:

As an engineer I really hope they picked the right spec relays for that volume control. Otherwise it’ll be very wonky in a year or 2. The popping you’re describing could be from the tiny arcing, which will eventually soot up the contacts.

ImWagon says:

Im still kinda confused on the whole wall thing. Are the Top 2 Shelves the actual “Z Wall”, and the bottom is just headphones that are waiting to be reviewed?

eug3nius says:

By the time the Chinese get the ergonomics and the quality right, their prices will be unimpressive

teddyshapedsoap says:

Hey Z, Love the videos, and have a quick question, what are the BEST headphones(in your opinion of course, because your opinion means more to me than ANYONE elses) that I can get as of now, for up to 300 USD?

Damon Adrian says:

plz review the ifi nano idsd or the nano ican

Jack Moser says:

Emotiva amp is cleaner than x7s?

bleedy13 says:

when I saw John Wick 2, I wasn’t expecting to see Neo and Morphious together again ❤

iBeInspire says:

When you turned that volume knob and the relays started clicking I got a weird feeling in my nether regions. That’s awesome.

no.0221 says:

Prolly will consider this when I am ready to upgrade my HD650 to something better. But for right now, I am happy with my jutunheim. And I love my HD650 gosh…

C Ab says:

Of all of the headphones that you have had experience with, if you had to choose 2 of them to live with the rest of your life, which ones would they be, and why?

kapil busawah says:

Hey Z, have you ever done a balanced vs non-balanced video? You sneak it in a balanced wire review

Roy T says:

I have about 10K worth of headphone in my collection, and I’ve heard about 50 pairs of high end headphone including owning a pair of stax, and I’m telling you, every
NEUTRAL headphone up to $1500 should be scared shitless for how the shp9500 can come close to them. the separation, details, sound stage, softness of the sound…
price to performance is insane. these are the real giant killers. a true unicorn.

Baikeng Zhang says:

I start to wonder how long your videos hold list has become, Zeos. 😀

MrDannydjmix2 says:

thats neutrik connector tho made in germany 😀

spookanide says:

I like the 3k / sub 100 shoot-out.

Evan Viggiano says:

Hey Z, just got the SHP-9500S. Love them! Do they differ from the original SHP-9500?

Javier Arce says:

Quick question, I hope you can help me. What over the ear, closed back, earphones will you buy for daily use at work? Ideal price range is no more than 150, tops 200 if it really, really does a big difference.

Master K says:

Casual user, just looking for some good gaming pc/ps4/android headphones. I been looking around YouTube your video had so many people buying those damn shp9500s lol. I tried the 688b’s but I don’t have a amp their volume is so weak. My shp9500 almost here…….I hope they’re not full of shit lol

Michael Chen says:

Somebody pls get this man a … like

manny 1621 says:

watching z is the way to go if you want to piss of your mom

James Kleison says:

Thoughts on the KEFs?(at least tell me if you like them or not so far)

Eric says:

Off topic. Any suggestions on what I can use to keep my cat from scratching the top of my speakers when she jumps up on them? Looking for some sort of speaker protection.

GrandHeresiarch says:

Well that’s one nice amp, no question.

SmirGel says:

“I cant wait to send them back” you said about LCD4 I would guess that means you didnt like them or was disappointed.

Drum8888 says:

I watch all of your videos imagining you are Jack Black, they’re all really entertaining and informative.

Hyper Media says:

I use audio gd nfb28 it has a high end ESS dac and insanely amount of Watts with balanced output. is the best amp I ever have/had! the remote works too

Essential EDM says:

13:56 Was that a John wick reference? 😉

mcmalden says:

Why is this amp or the emotiva a-100 not recommended on the subreddit? Also, if the a-100 is the best amp ever, why would anybody ever recommend anything else (considering that it is dirt cheap)?

General Direction says:

It’s the Ol Dac btw, not the El Dac.

GregLH0 says:

I like zeo’s videos. Hes basically the new strong bad except of people asking “How do you type with boxing gloves on?” it’s “How do you listen to music with your speakers upside down?”

David Nickel says:

but i like the blue

Husni Haron says:

But blue is an interesting and cool colour…

TheUrbanHippie says:

Damn, zeos. The slight buzzing in the right channel of the recording was making me think my headphones were kroninberged. Looks like a nice amp though!

digitalbert says:

Can you also please review Sony TA-ZH1ES? Looking forward to your honest words 🙂

Speed Smith says:

I brought my 9500 on your review of them. Been very happy with them. Thanks.

alphanumerix1 says:

Release the swan mk200iii review lol i already ordered mine before the zeos tax comes in.

Linh L says:

Love the quote from John Wick 2!

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