Z Review – Monoprice “Tube Amp” with Bluetooth and…………………………………………

Monoprice Tube Amp [http://amzn.to/2vIk693]
Emotiva A-100 Amp [http://amzn.to/2fQsu0K]
Stuffed Grilled Cheese [http://amzn.to/2vIejQJ]

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Mickxal says:

You fucker !!! I was searching for this and was in happy wonderland when I found out you reviewed it.

Rehan Khan says:

Nier: Automata! 2B 🙂 ♥

michael Oberb says:

“tubes don´t get that hot” 😀 well… 150°C aren´t uncommon for output tubes.

realChris Fidelio says:

I just got the 25 watt version, Have it hooked up to my pc’s soundblaster zxr. It has RCA’s out, so i figured this would be perfect. But it hisses and pops and is annoying on line in. But bluetooth it works perfect. What do i need to do to get ride of the hissing and whatnot?

Bl3s5in says:

Holy shit those speakers sound amazing. Can I send you my house mates to review so I can buy some?

Clay deGoede says:

Just picked this up from monoprice refurbished for 55ish with promo code 25watt for shits and giggles, we’ll see how it does.

27trains says:

Fat boy

Krishan S says:

this vs Tube Cube 7/Gemtune PA1501?

d lorusso says:

Which vr. Is this? Mrk1 or 2?.
Ive had mine apart (mrk2), and can see that the preamp does indeed only run through the tubes. I also don’t have the issue with the volume knob at all.
I only use the preamp section and have powered speakers, and for the price its really bettet then it should be. (Speaking of, what emotive is the same price as this? Any i see, in canada at least is 4x more expensive)
I removed the stupid guard rings and dimmed the power light… But the vu meter is indeed useless.

Calvin Setham says:

do quad PA One review

Nico Ras says:

You are technically challenged and should not review audio products.

Gavin Walsh says:

What kind of speaker stands are you using on your desk?

Martuss Der says:

Hi Zreview. Have you already tested the 25 watts model? 3 days left for the “hot sale” and i need to know hahahahhahahahh…. What about heaphone jack and the quality speaker sound? Best regards!!

Don Rutter says:

You should reference with reference speakers, and reference recordings, not modern garbage noise “music” that isnt even music. You are better off recapping a 1970s receiver when the manufacturers were competing for hifi, not hi corporate profits.Then your sound will be much closer to audiophile quality than these fake units.

Mickxal says:

Zeos could you review the Nobsound MS-10D Mkii ? It’s very similar to this and might be better… Or worse.

Bill Ridge says:

Maybe the new digital tubes. But if you had experience with an original tube amp yes you can burn your fingers

Jason Chen says:


bronson osborne says:

this is not a true tube amp at all

Jimmy Rogers says:

I saw this on amazon and it just looked like shit to me. I am glad I didn’t buy it. If I want a tube amp, I’ll just get a Darkvoice and use it as a preamp if I want it.

Steve Thompson says:

Are you kidding me? a $148 amp??? Tubes don’t get hot!!!!!! Bye

Neal W says:

I see you are using the Schiit Jotunheim for your gaming.
When you play FPS, how is the Jotunheim for pinpointing the enemy?
And do you use balanced cables while gaming or just while listening to music?

Jared says:

he should review the razer kraken pro’s just to take a crap on them

kimbalxyz2 says:

I really believe you are doing a disservice with your comments starting at 1:40. You are entitled to your opinions but not to your own facts. Giving negative statements about tube preamps never doing enough and no magic is just pure bullsh*t ! If you are judging tube preamps by this item and the other low cost items you review is just wrong. You really need to listen to and review some better quality tube preamps before you make such broad negative comments. What is bad, your audience is mostly youngsters that don’t know any better and won’t with you planting erroneous information in their minds such as this.

sloblo says:

Zeos… You’re danger around hot danger (to my wallet)

Виктор says:

Один пиздёж, дебил)))

FoxAndRoses says:

The Stock Tubes in these things are Chinese, according to a few owners, they noticed a dramatic Difference in sound switching to ECC85 and EL84 Russian Tubes.

Bill Ridge says:

So there is no Center detent Notch he’s well

David E.S. says:

What is the name, LP/CD that Sledgehammer remix is on or from? I couldn’t make out what you said.

Ali Farhat says:

less than half way through this video and my head hurts like ***k

Hersey Berry says:

I am glad I saw this review,I was about to buy this amp.

Paparazzi says:

Z, if possible make reviews of the tube amplifiers of the companies Garage 1217 and Bottlehead.

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