Z Review – Onkyo A9010 [The Return of Real Amplifiers]

[https://amzn.to/2KPa4Yi] — Onkyo 9010
[https://amzn.to/2JcdMOH] — FLIRC IR CONTROL
[https://amzn.to/2LoYFzU] — Little Dot MkIII
[https://amzn.to/2J9vW3t] — MPOW BT adapter
[https://amzn.to/2s4pGQV] — U-Turn Orbit
[https://amzn.to/2s3bUhy] — DTA-120BT
[https://amzn.to/2LoM1Ra] — Kef R300

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Fred Gandt says:

_”… it has multiple inputs _*_and a DAC_*_ …”_ – No it doesn’t; it has no DAC.
EDIT: Good job Onkyo *facepalm* – different piece of equipment with the same model number. For fuck’s sake.

abnorm77 says:

Is it good enough to drive SVS Ultras?

Electronics For Fun says:

101K good job.

SandCube says:

Got Onkyo A-22. Fun to see how things have changed over past 35 years 😛

Yannick Khong says:

vs emotiva a100?

Wino says:

I’ve had the Onkyo 9010 for about 2 years. It’s the best sounding integrated I’ve ever had. I keep trying to find something better, but no go yet. I got a Marantz PM7005, but sent it back after two weeks, because the Onkyo had a better sound for me. It has a very lively sound, but it isn’t overly revealing, which is the highest importance for me. I’ve owned more expensive amps that try to amplify stuff in the background that should stay in the background, and I hate that shit. Just ordered a Schiit Saga and Vidar, and I’ll see if it sounds better than the Onkyo. I run either KEF Q300’s or Wharfedale Diamond 225’s, and this little Onkyo can play loud as I want it in my living room. Anybody wanting a beautiful sounding lively and smooth int amp that doesn’t cost much, I’d recommend the Onkyo 9010 for sure. Don’t know what magic they put into this little thing, but it’s got it. I had a 100wpc PS Audio class D amp, and it sucked, It was a dead fish. If the Schiit Saga and Vidar work out, next I’d like to upgrade my speakers to JBL Studio 580 or 590. I get the Schiit Saga/Vidar in a couple of days. I’m starting to lean now to getting a pair of Dynaudio Emit M20’s to go with it.

Roberto Rodríguez says:

i bet nobody, but nobody here can tell this onkyo and that yamaha apart in a blind test; numbers aren’t everything, and frequently they ARE the marketing gimmick.

Camdex says:

Looking for a few quick recommendations. I’m getting back into audio and have got my old Sony ES VA333ES reciever back out just need some bookshelf speakers and a sub on a budget for now. Room is a 14 x 16 bedroom, mainly for music occasional movie, have no interest in surround only 2 or 2.1 setups. I was looking at the Dayton SUB1200 and seems like a good deal just need some ideas on bookshelf speakers for $150 or less used or new.

killroy123 says:

Thanks Zeos. Just to warn those watching this review in the UK, the Onkyo A-9010 in the UK does not come with a DAC. I made this mixup when I purchased this amp. That said, an SMSL sanskrit 6 works perfectly with it so it shouldn’t be a problem. (yay to upgrading all the things)

For those then saying that a Yamaha AS301 / AS501 is a better value, I did an A/B test with it and the A-9010. The Yamahas couldn’t drive Elac Debut 5 speakers for a number of songs. The A-9010 handled it without breaking a sweat.

Now to figure out a good subwoofer in the UK for a computer desk setup… :/

Various Styles says:

Listening on Sanskrit 6th to Yamaha AS 301 into Sony core sscs 5 sound “fuckin amaz ballz” as Zeos would say.

Tin Wong says:

I always enjoy zreviews but on this video I feel very disappointed. Reason is that you think that listening to the unit using headphone you are evaluate the DAC. This is quite a misinformation. This is considered a entry level DAC and speaker amp, it most probably does not have a delicate headphone amp. The headphone output is most probably speaker output through resistor (which seriously degrade the sound quality). What you are listening though the headphone out is the DAC and sound quality of degraded speaker amplification.

Desmondos says:

There is a monitor stand that fits EXACTLY on top of this amp. I use it to place my various other audio appliances, that are usually smaller, into it. If you want that nice setup, here is the link to it (z feel free to make it an affiliate link for yourself): https://www.amazon.com/TAVR-Computer-Monitor-Shelves-Desktop/dp/B06XVYJ48W/

Here is my setup currently: https://imgur.com/a/gBDNZer
And oh yeah, I cover most of the blue LED with black tape, just enough to know it’s on.

Vox Populi says:

Just got a refub Onkyo 9050. Really enjoying so far, noticeable upgrade in the headphone output from the Dac X6.

Tom Seb says:

You could probably use the headphone jack as a sub out

asscass2 says:

Yamaha S 301, Onkyo 9010 or the pioneer A20. Which one will be better suited to power 2 Elac ub5?

Got memes? says:

44 real watts is enough for most people, my luxman 5m21 has 100 watts a channel and if i turn it up half way it’s uncomfortably loud, not bad sounding just too loud

Rene Stanneveld says:

Bought a AD18 after your review and a set of Yamaha NS-B330’s for my desktop pc.
Actually wanted the yamaha’s for my rears on my home cinema with my NS-777’s and Yamaha RX-v667
But at 114,- for a pair i thought lets try them as PC speaker first 😛

Прохор Рыбкин says:

Recently, new models (A-9110 and A-9130) were announced. I’m already waiting for a review from Z Reviews.

iegy gin says:

This or Denon pma 720ae?

Cat Herder says:

I’m kicking my ass for buying an Emotiva A-100 over this last year

anjinsan1977 says:

The return of real amplifiers? Real amps haven’t gone anywhere, you must have been looking in the wrong places.

Meme Machine says:

You could set any remote up as a gaming controller lol

juliangst says:

How good is the build in Dac? Should I connect my PC via spdif or use the line out of my Aune x1s (saber 9018)?

David Guzman says:

would this do the business with a pair of kef q350’s or ls50’s??

Michael Turner says:

would you use this to power jamo c93s?

Solar Eclipse says:

So, why can’t you use line out for an active sub?

Russ Pawis says:

Was just looking at the Onkyo 9050….it’s on my wish list! Paired with the Kef Q100’s and possibly a Regards turntable…I’m just starting my collection!

Tom J says:

Yo Zeos, is the headphone output of the A9101 on the same level as page 11 BasX A100? Thanks

The Truman Show says:

The last Onkyo receiver i had was a POS. $400 7.2ch 4k crap that had tons of software issues. At least this is a dumb amp without any fancy software to get wrong.

Kenn Sanders says:

loose the head camera it makes watching this unsettling.

Demonetized ! says:

Say it isn’t so VINYL!!! At least please just use Rain X 2 in 1 glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to clean those records (my dad does as he listens to hardcore Mexican polka music about Narco-traffickers).

Analog Looney says:

Thanks for the review. Good, down to earth opinion on affordable, well made kit. The volume control marker thing does get on my tits too.

F6yQyL says:

I owned Behringer a500 that sounded great to me but both channels failed in a short time while driving 8-ohm bookshelves at light loads :S Repairs have failed so it’s a write off.
I’d get another but poor reliability of the a500 left me with somewhat of a sour taste.

Subjectively speaking, how would this onkyo compare sound wise? (both have plenty power for my needs)

gideon hiscock says:

Bigger is better, ask your gf or mom. The shit u say!! LMFAO.. You rock Zeos. I just ordered that Onkyo. And it is a STEAL!!

Ali Sharif says:

Yamaha fanbois need to listen to Z. All the wattage on Earth / amped up specs do not equate to musicality and audio pleasure. Listen to the amp next to a Yamaha or any other midprice amp… and you’ll hear music and audio heritage, not marketing-friendly spec sheets.

ENI says:

The Sixes Powered Speak – can you review if possable

Just Weird says:

I bought it for my self made speakers. Thanks for this its great!

Aaron Smith says:

Z looking at the A-9050 it has more wattage all for like $20 bucks more.

Archie Bunker says:

If Mr. Plinkett did audio reviews…

Y.P. says:

Guys tell me please which speakers should I buy to this amplifier?

mrAKkiller says:

Can you power STAX well with it using the energizer adapter?

Nico Ras says:

TJ&S now that is music. Plush it a little so we can hear it.

P W says:

Nice review. Used to have some Onkyo pieces years ago and its nice to see them offering affordable quality.

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