Z Review – SMSL AD18 (King of the Desktop / Soundbar Killer)

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MaddoxInc says:

How are you recording your videos? I love the perspective. Are you using a head mount gopro? What camera and mic are you using?

Trainypooh says:

is the bluetooth decent on this?

Randy G Jackson says:

NFC should be for the IR remote.

P Gladding says:

Is this a better and cheaper alternative to a Sonos Connect AMP for powering two wired bookshelf speakers to improve TV sound quality and offer wireless music streaming via mobile phone source?

John Butner says:

@7:42 Is that your excuse for buying it? You can’t afford anything else?

Happy Rics says:

You did a review on a SMSL M2 mini amp, Was the size of a credit card, Some months ago, Is SMSL AD18 a massive upgrade from something like the M2, Mainly for headphone use, My M2 still works fine , Was wondering if its worth upgrading Thanks

Harinath Bingi says:

Got this it the latest one I guess, money well spent thank Z for suggestion

Jack Moser says:

Is the DAC good enough to run to a headphone amp (Aune X7s for example)?

Tiago Neves says:

Hi Zeos, can this push a pair of Klipsch RP-150M?

fpsintelligence says:

Zeos’ videos are like waiting therapy, once you ordered something.

SnakePlissken says:

My Q5 Pro got crushed during my recent move. AD18 ordered!!

Sérgio Ferreira says:

Name of the music at 20:30 please

cybertron2600 says:

I just ordered this from Amazon, and it has a black remote. I’m a bit worried i got an old model 🙁

David RoBa says:

I was reading in the smsl site and it seems there is a way to connect a powered sub other that the annoying cable option you explained. http://www.smsl-audio.com/productshow.asp?id=95

Ritchie Baxter says:

Is this better then the smls m6?
I want a set up that will connect my headphones to my ps4 via optical and also use it as bedside amp to be used with my Samsung s7. Both are portable for in house.
Is this better then m6 for my use?

Karim Shawky says:

Mr.Zeos I don’t have any desktop Amp or DAC at the moment . knowing that I will get one of your recommended Planars “Hifiman or M1060”
would you recommend this for me?

1lapmagic says:

Take a second to organize your thoughts before hitting record. You seem like some guy who is good at your job but smells

Jas says:

Can you go back to this and try connecting a subwoofer, as it says you can but i’m not fully sure how

Speed Smith says:

Hi all, I just purchased this unit on the AliExpress 11.11 sale. Very happy. Moving from a Creative sound card to a proper (all be it small) amp. Much improved sound quality. Thanks Zeos.

Luddy33 says:

If you hook up a Clip Sport MP3 player using Micro-USB out to AD18 USB in, will you have playback controls through the MP3 player (no computer involved)? If this works, would the sound quality be any different than hooking up the MP3 player from headphone out to Aux in? Can the AD18 USB play music files off a flash drive?

Sidney Michelle says:

Wrong remote?

Chris Langley says:

It does have a subwoofer output. The 3.5mm coaxial/optical input can be is also a subwoofer output when using a 3.5mm to dual RCA (white and red connectors) cable. The left (white) connector becomes the coaxial input, and the red (right) connector becomes the subwoofer out. There is a diagram on their website for the AD18. It seems that the AD13s do not have this function.

vipergod2000 says:

What AMP+DAC combo should I look for with a subwoofer preout? I like this, but I wanna upgrade my current setup. Currently PC Audio (Realtek) 3.5mm out > RCA IN SVS-SB2000 > RCA (80hz low pass filter output) to RCA Input Audioengine A5+. Sub LPF set about 105hz after subcrawl. Also, how much better would the SVS Ultra Bookshelves be compared to the Audioengine A5+s ?

11 1 says:

столько льет воды

Paul Mainwaring says:

Got on my nerves

jevchance says:

Don’t know if its something they added but the AD18 now has subwoofer output. The COAX port is 3-in-1.

hilow0090 says:

how would you compare these to the TEAC AI-101DA for use as a headphone amp for an HD 6xx?

DRthirdLEGGED says:

I wish it had an internal crossover. A lot of subwoofers are being built without high/low level I/O terminals. Please tell SMSL frequency crossover feature would be golden.

Edgar Palma Murillo says:

How can i plug a subwoofer to this? Does it have a built in crossover in it?

Murad Shawar says:

buying this it should work nice with my m40x and my logitech speaker sub.

Sidney Michelle says:

It has a sub out. Muti plug.

How_To says:

Do you think 80w per channel is enough for unifi ub5

YapoTM says:

Z, Does this unit get hot at all? Thanks.

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