Z Review – Yamaha A-S301 [The Return of Real Amp Problems]

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Troy Bateson says:

I have a very old jvc amplifier that has the red led and also moves mechanically.

Leonis Bacher says:

Zeos. When the fuck are you gonna release the damn T5V review dude … I’m waiting on that review… I sold my LS50’s and have no speakers until this gets uploaded !

Just Weird says:

Im just gonna ask this because I cannot find it myself. I want an amplifier like this but only need 60W per channel. I don’t really have much money and could do max 150-200 euro’s. Either just spend it or spend a year a design one myself. Which is not impossible for my eductation.

Keystone says:

Review the Topping DX7S


Emil Hammarstedt says:

I would love a review of the NAD 326 as a continuation on the series of old school style amps

Bill Ridge says:

I like that your idea of vintage equipment still has HDMI plugs on it sorry I predate that mine still thumps if I had Stern mine up like you just did on yours but the speakers I have in my house the police would be here can you imagine if I put a sub on it and this Moran dates back to about 75 and I can put whatever I want on it CD players MP3 players 8-track Dex if I wanted to type with me that was the worst piece of shit known to man open-wheel deck which I still have one two turntables and a set of carpeted vintage dual 15-inch 3-way Tower speakers four of them actually

Into The Void says:

The loudness function should only mess with the low end, so i guess you’re upset that the loudness control is working like it should?

Bastian Ullr says:

Sorry, there is benefit to bi wire. Sometimes you have a hot Tweeter, thus you throw copper at the tweets and silver wire to the bass, bass becomes predominant. Stuff like that, so you can toy around with the wires to balance speakers.

Also, I use quite a bit the off functionality of speakers when flipping through without having to constantly turn on and off the amp. Could it very well be changing inputs, or else… It does do its job sometimes. Better to have it than not to Imo.

Regarding a+b, you can play an array with it. You can put speakers on 2 areas. Arrays are very interesting, and as long as you run true 8ohm speakers, you’re fine.

Loudness on yamaha does not mean you bump the V shape cuz that’s adding gain and that adds distortion. What yamaha does is decreasing the mids so you push the amp, not add gain. What you are also supposed to do is set a flat volume and adjust the loudness anytime you want less volume… Volume should be a constant in a place for your listening room. That’s what I know.

Tim Wynn says:

i just can’t stand watching this video, gives me a migraine from the motionsickness.

Gary M says:

Always leave amps in 8 ohm mode. The lower settings just rob the power supply to “protect” the amp from overheating. Unnecessary nanny controls probably designed by lawyers.

Geerladenlad says:

Yamaha has done the loudness control this way as far back as the early 90s maybe even before.

Eddy Lam says:

Holy shit, Zeos… Following u for > 3 wonderful years already. I hate to see you crushed to death by the growing collection of audio babies.

Mufasa says:

Never liked Yamaha products. The treble suffers.

Alex Burnaz says:

I have the yamaha a-s201 which is fully digital and it has a screen so a lot of issues doesn’t apply to mine.But the sound quality does kinda of sucks is just feels dead.So what I did was just eq the shit out of it with bass and highs and it actually sounds good now xd.

Michael Nager says:

You need to ask WHY Zeos???

The answer is obvious and universal – women are the reason why men can’t have nice things 😀

SplatoonTwo says:

Jesus Christ Almighty…why the F does the volume knob need an indicator on it? Are you f’n deaf?

Bill Ridge says:

That was misrepresented you basically have two volume knobs you have a master volume that you can set to whatever level you want and then use that little one for your kids or whoever you don’t want turning it all the way up you can pre-designated volume for them I had a vintage receiver I still have a Pioneer it has a Reverb Center in it and the volume knob I can set to whatever volume I want cuz it was a ring on the back that I could turn it down so it won’t go off if somebody grabs the volume and turns it all the way up it’ll only go a quarter of the way unless they knew about the ring in the back I also had one that actually had a master volume in the very back of the unit or all the patch cords go near the bottom so I could turn it all the way up and weed out the Distortion so it doesn’t actually get full volume out of it

Desmondos says:

Mute should MUTE the sound. That mute function on this amp should be called DIM, or something. Glad I went with the Onkyo 9010 last year. Paid €190 for it.

Steven W says:

i have a rotel A10, i got it for its simplicity in that its just an amp and all the controls have nice solid feels to them. it packs a punch for its 40w per channel much like the A-9010, it lacks the DAC and remote if those are features you want, but benefits in that its only 1/2 – 2/3 the height of the onkyo and has A/B speaker outputs.

Bill Ridge says:

I still wish I had kept my Pioneer SX 1980 took up the whole top of my dresser but instead of 56 watts per Channel like my 828 it was about 160 / Channel and it had a whole lot more hookups and stuff on it but it had the same frequency response and that’s same warm sound that Pioneers used to have prior to the 90s ship they came up with I have yet to hear a newer digital system that impresses me enough to buy it that I would like to see on your desk of vintage Pioneer SX 1980 most of the stuff you see today goes from 20 to 20000 the older stuff was rated from 10 to 30000 if you got good stuff sometimes they would go lower but that’s what the paper said it was rated at and before you start with this bullshit of you can’t hear below 20 Hertz wrong ears somebody lied to you just like your dentist telling you fluoride is great for your teeth and sugar is bad for your teeth then why is there sugar in toothpaste fluoride in your water to make you stupid

Jose Luis Hdez says:

I have this amp, and its perfect, enough power and quality, had previously the onkyo and the volume knob goes crazy. Also no leakage and it also has a very neutral sound, it depends on your preferences.

Cuentos de la Cripta says:

Someone gave me a yamaha dsp a1000 from 1991, the thing has no digital out. Would i be able to connect an external dac to use the receiver as an amplifier?

iknowyounaut says:

What song were you listening too while ranting about the dumb loudness feature at 18:40?

Verum Audio says:

Zeos, please respond my emails!

Scott Lowell says:

Unlike the bullshit ratings for their a/v receivers, this at least has an honest 60wpc, 20hz-20khz.

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