$200 Subwoofer EXPOSED w/ 12″ Deaf Bonce APOCALYPSE Free Air Excursion | Bugdet BANGING Test Review

Let’s check out another budget friendly series of subwoofer from Deaf Bonce! Today we’ll expose all the secrets of their 12 inch Apocalypse subwoofers, with free air excursion included 😀 Stick around for the FREE SUB GIVEAWAY. Thanks For Watching & Subscribing!!!

Check Out These Budget Bangin’ Woofers!
https://goo.gl/7CGH3b (26 Series, 1300 Watts)
https://goo.gl/F4s2vA (27 Series, 1700 Watts)
(Accidently said 1500w for the 26)

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Music By: YouTube Library
Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org)

Subs EXPOSED: DB-SA2612 & DB-SA2712
(DB-SA26 & DB-SA27 Dual 2 ohm Voice Coils)

More CRAZY car audio videos coming up!

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daniel longoria says:

What i like about your videos is that you’re real smart about your work and have a passion for bass such as me

William Tesene says:

You are without a doubt, my favorite car audio, you tube mad scientist personality BY FAR! Your videos are down to earth, yet contain all the expert advice a sound freak could use in real world applications. Plus, your attitude towards everything is spot on. As for the subs by default bounce, the smaller one of the two would be a fine addition to my system, due to my 16 year old Polk audio 12’s having walked they’re last mile this month! Anyway, as always, great video EXO!

Justin Staton says:

Bro I never won anything..I watch all ur vids and I’d like to link up ..

Joe says:

@EXOcontralto please do some demos and reviews, if you haven’t already, of some dark audio subs and the EXM AUDIO subs. I found both of these newer brands while shopping on eBay and have seen a few not so great “demos” of the dark audio dki series here on YouTube but I’d like to see someone like yourself demo and review them with an honest and knowledgeable demo. They look very beastly for $179 and $210 subs (I could be off a few dollars give or take) but price wise they definitely look worthy of a good legit review bud. Please please please

drucifer210 says:

Keep up the great work let the sparks fly brotha.

Vladvlad 29 says:

Whats the app you use????

Dean Malinko says:

Could use a single 12 for my impala SS. Sleeper special 550 hp with 200 shot of nitrous. Just needs the audio finishing car now and it’s got me broke!!!! HELP!!!!

ka maro says:

Best sound channel ever brooo :)!

EXOcontralto says:

Want to win a FREE 12″ SUBWOOFER!?!?

Simply follow the instructions and you’re ENTERED!!! 😀

jas ten says:

you look like an ISIS man…and you are surrounded with landmines..

hispls says:

1500W rating on 2.5″ coil, robbing that much cone area for a big surround for 16MM x-max, and using that heavy cone and surround. All show and no go. It’s shameful that the consumer market rewards companies for this sort of thing.

Edward Baker says:

Visit Alaska EXO

Ken Coykendall says:

Exo I need some advice on a box for two americanbass hd’s on a crescendo 3k

Micah Ramsaran says:

Where i am that sup would cost $2000 for the least

Гришин Влад says:

Review the Russian acoustic system manufacturer PRIDE CAR AUDIO. Greetings from Russia

Костя Горин says:

Кто после Мишы М? =))) Го хуесосить Альфард

Fede Reynolds says:

Hello , what subwoffer of 15 do you recommend.. Saludos desde Argentina

Shaun Jacobsen says:

This outperform a Fi X12?

Shaun Kruck says:

Dude, make a vid where you blow the sub and then remove the parts explaining that the soft parts will be replaced or actually replace it so all the “people” can see what you mean. Lol I mean that’s what it will take I guess. Keep it up buddy, luv the vids!!!

craig blackwood says:

Haven’t seen this many commenters in a long time, it means you are really convincing peoples to do car audio in a fun & interesting way. The extreme vids show the limitless potential of imagination applied to what some people take for granted. (MUSIC)

CaHb4e3 says:


Angela Monk says:


Nathan L says:

First off love the channel, you have got me excited about car audio again. What frequency generator phone app are you using in this video ?
Have you thought about reviewing some frequency generator phone app’s ?

Bibhuti Mallik says:

I want this

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