Alto Professional Black 18SUB 18S Powered Subwoofer Review Video

The Alto Professional team expands its powered speaker range with their new top-of-the-line speakers called the Black Series. The new Alto Professional Black series subwoofers come in 15-inch and 18-inch woofer configurations and they all include wireless iOS connectivity and an internal amplifier that’s good for 1200 watts of continuous power. Check out our Video review of the Alto Black 18S powered subwoofer. Click the link at the top of this video description for more information.


Rocky Falcone says:

can i use this like its a regular bluetooth speaker for music on my phone?

Robdigo says:

I have the ts215 speakers I wanna use alto sub which one should I go with

tablatom tablatom says:

Trust me, if you want BONKERS deep bass, with the tightest sound for under £1000.00 this is it!!! 1200RMS!! yup, i demoed it at a festival, incredible. 2 of them would be awesome for up to 500 people. It weight around 42kg though and for me it hurt my back moving it around. But its very small.
Not many people are talking about this sub, if you love quality deep bass, check it out.

Awal K. Dafirst says:

Which will you recommend. Alto 12″ and Electro Voice 12″ . I am currently using Gemini 15″ subwoofer. My living is small and i don’t feel the Bass but the sound is very clean. I’m Using an Emotiva UPA-500 , 5 channel amp. Which subwoofer will you recommend. Not boomy but deep bass. I have a noisy neighbor to silence him.

Dj Pipe says:

qsc kw181 or alto black 18sp ? alto black all day. 2 years not one problem. but warranty qsc. sound alto black or very good warranty qsc .

Brian Barry says:

Wassup Kareem!!!! Thanks for the review. I recently hear the Alto Black 18 inch sub at the Guitar Center. The lows from that thing were impressive. The sales associate fired up the QSC K181, JBL EON’s and few others that I can’t remember but what I do remember was that he did not have the Cerwin-Vega P1800SX. The Alto in my humble opinion waxed them all in power and depth of sound. It was more booming than the QSC but with the adjustments on the Alto, I’m sure it can be tuned. In your opinion which one would you roll with? Alto or Cerwin Vega????   Inquiring minds want to know!!!


Tyler Truitt says:

Is it louder than the jbl prx718s-xlf? And what’s the max dB on the alto black sub

kuna dread says:

too  much talk give us a listen.

Anthony Acosta says:

I have the new 15″ mackie thump and im thinking buy a sub but i don’t know wich one to buy between Alto’s black sub or the mackie thump sub. What do you recommend?

Top Rocket Company says:

hey, do you have a review on the yamaha dxs12?

vestaxpmc17 says:

Alto Black All day. I have a set of the 18″s and 15″ tops. Killer. Black series is the real deal. Silky smooth sounding (virtually NONE of that 2k ear stab..) and stupid loud. They aren’t cheap, but they’re worth every penny. I make my living running sound for bands, and I use Alto Black series 2-3 times a week. Looking for a sub that will shake a room? You just found it.

Tim Lewis says:

It seems like these have a decent port area which would make them superior to entry level JBLs. It’s usually about port area, sufficient box size and a speaker with a low enough electrical Q. I like building my own subwoofer boxes and buying the drivers. I built my own tops too although buying a pair of active would be simpler.

Ron Ardron says:

Another winner !

soiceyboy33 says:

It’s about time someone reviewed this thing! I wish this came out before the summer. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place deciding between this and the QSC kw181. I tested them side by side and ultimately I thought this sounded better than the kw181 but I still went with the Kw181 because I wasn’t sure how reliable this will be in the long run. Ultimately, the warranty on the kw181 is what sold me. I hope Alto reads this and decides to match QSC so they can be competitive. If they do match QSC, I’ll sell mine and cop this one because it really sounds better!

ruben avila says:

Hello kareem… I have one alto tssub18 i was thinking of either getting another sub would you go with two tssu18 or trade the ts and get one alto black 18?

avecka says:

Hey! I need a new bass, and since the former is broke, rain. I have checked on your channel but wondering what to choose. I watch Alto black sub 18s ($ 1700) but it is expensive when compared to Alto ts sub 18 or B1800D-PRO, cost $ 650 apiece. it is better to choose two pieces of TS or PRO instead of black? and then, what? Alto TS 18sub or B1800D-PRO?

kev zumak says:

This or the qsc kw181?

STAGING & LIGHTING SensatioN says:


Tyler Truitt says:

should i buy 2 alto tssub18’s or one of the alto black 18SUB?

patk2 says:

I don’t like this subwooferbecause this subwoofer has very small bass port also those type of bass port are very bad my polk psw10 subwoofer is a lot better then all other subwoofers

Just Me says:

ALTO has done a great job on thier subs..
.Remember it is a SUB speaker so its not gonning  be that  prominent in sound but adds a depth  to sound…Ever been to a live concert….?
And on these subs… I have 4, added wheels and away we go..

Irie Lion says:

He wanted you to scratch your bar counter top by turning and flipping the woofer,,

5nak says:

Does it hit the really low lows? I got a 18inch PA sub once and I didn’t get a very low response from it (which was disappointing)

Reji poulose says:

You didn’t even play it…… We need practical evidence not your knowledge.

David CPro says:

this one against the cerwin vega p1800sx? I think go for the cerwin vega…. and it has wheels… I think. right?

shinta201 says:

your talking but not showing! you lost me 3 minutes into the review.

Jammin Dave says:

I love the on/off logo button . Big and bulky just like the sound that they produced, make sure you get some Daly’s.

ruben avila says:

Thanks for your feedback i think i will go with two tssub 18 since i already have one and that way i can match my 4 alto ts pa speakers

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