Amazon Echo Sub – Hands On Review

Amazon’s Echo Sub can pair with an Echo to provide the room-filling bass that little speakers just can’t muster on their own. And at $130, all that bass won’t break the bank, either.



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Jiamin Zhu says:

cannot play movie from the setup. SO SAD

Vatsalya Verma says:

two echo speaker the middle height one and the sub perfect wireless 2.1 sound across the working table

Mark Kendall says:

that sound system setup is shit

Life Improvements says:

I’m gonna need to hear a comparison between this and the home pod and the home max but all recorded with binaural microphones

Imperial Executioner says:

Appreciate the detailed review, demo, and setup walk through. Very helpful.

Lagendy says:

how does it compare to the sonos sub?

Mark Kendall says:

google home max sounds 1000 times better than the sub connected to the echos

ZenBrane says:

Let my Fire TV output sound through the Echo Plus + Bass 2.1 setup and I’m sold.

Geoffrey Braddock says:


Scott travis says:

The sound is horrible

MauriceNL says:

1:09 A big motor, WTF you talking about. You mean magnet and voice coil

Keith Williamson says:

Mine was delivered yesterday and I agree with you, it’s worth the money for the upgrade.

A.J. McNeill says:

hold up… was he listening to brown sugar by D’Angelo ?

The Gentleman Raptor says:

If this was able to connect to my Fire TV I would buy this in a heartbeat. I’m not an audiophile but I do like to fill the house with music from time to time. I would be way more impressed if I could listen to my television through this system. Hopefully Amazon updates this.

JollyJeepers says:

Another great review by Caleb

patrick jackson says:

i feel only google and amazon are the only true layers in the smart home game. they have many differences prive ranged devices unlike apple. some with better sound other for just simple voice control where you may not listen to music often and its cheap again unlike apple. i have an iphone but google and amazon just do it way better than apple.

Ritesh Gupta says:

Nice review. It better to buy separate Bluetooth speaker instead of this sub.

z! !z says:

That’s too big

Aye Bee says:

Thumbs up simply for playing brown sugar

Mark Kendall says:

google home max sounds 1000 times better than the sub connected to the echos

DJ Southpaw says:

Thanks much for the review, I was thinking about getting this, but the lack of Bluetooth streaming makes it a pass for me.

Victor Guzman says:

Dude. Let the echos play, hardly had a chanse to hear the diference with you talking allll the time through the video…

Jon Smith says:

Would rather just hook up an echo to Logitech Z623.

Carl G says:

Too big.

Arnav Saxena says:

Very good review. So comprehensive & very well compared with different setups.

GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee) says:

D’Angelo. Nice song choice.

Sharma 409 says:

Not that big of a difference.

pleasantcrew says:

Kudos for having Brown Sugar by D’Angelo on standby

Scott Bynon says:

To be honest it’s just way too big I mean if you want bass that badly then you can go with a lot smaller than that

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