Audiopipe txx bd 3 15 Subwoofer review effort.

This is my quick review of the audiopipe txx bd 3 15 subwoofer. I bought it after getting enough input online from other users. Others have said they doubt I will be disappointed, and after seeing this subwoofer first hand in person, I must agree. I may post more comments after i break her in after a few weeks and start to crank her up a bit more.


Eric Bostick says:

i have 2 txx bd2 12s one finally blew it was 10 months old but that side of the box came apart 3 times so not sure i can blame the sub had them wired to an audiopipe apcl 1500d

Bird and audio channel says:

Not to worry, you will still hit everything above your port tuning point. With subwoofers you want maximum displacement for bigger louder lower bass, so in general you want the biggest subwoofer you can fit, and then of course the more the merrier. 35 hz is actually a fairly high tuning so you will be booming all right, I like 32 and 30 hz tuning myself. 

If you choosing between the 12 and the 10, the 12 will blow the ten out of the water.

If your using in the car of course you will also have extreme cabin gain at that frequency so no worries lol.

With dual four ohm coils you can put an amplifier on each coil. If you want good adjustable bass you need to incorporate
parametric equalizer into your system. This will allow you to double the power going to certain frequencies.

Also the higher your tuning point the more critical is the availability of a infrasonic filter. I usually set mine 4 hz below tuning, so the port can still fully function, but block out needless over excursion.

david moss says:

nice video, I’m about to get 2 10″ db3’s…can’t wait to to beat the heck out of them!!!


i must say i slept on audiopipe until i went over their catalog and started buying some of their products the stuff is made very well they put alot of thinking in design so far i got some of the tweets and two of the txx 12s cant wait to put em in a box…i will be using and suggesting these speakers to my customers.. still gotta try the amps

Wilson Frias Gil says:

dime las audiopipe que tengo de perfil es original

Bird and audio channel says:

I have hooked these up with each in a 4 cubic foot box tuned to 32 hz. and have each hooked up to 2200 watts into 8 ohms. I was very impressed with these from the second I hooked them up. Highly unlikely anyone would ever be disappointed with these. The SQ is awesome. 

Wilson Frias Gil says:


keke joseph says:

hi nice video,so do you think they are better sub than the power acoustik mofo’s? is so can you say why.

keke joseph says:

thanks alot for your honest reply,ive already order a pair of the audiopipe,it actually took me 2 week before i could made up my mind on which sub to choose between the mofo’s or the audiopipe,thanks again

BrothaRobMusic says:

I had a few of these subs. They’re pretty good for the money, reminds me of kicker. But a better sub would be from a company called Quantum Audio, their sub’s are harder to blow, sound about the same but slightly louder but not any deeper. I tested them side by side

Cameron Canant says:

I have a question, I want loud boomy bass, but I do not know if I should buy an Audiopipe TXXBD2 10 rated at 600W RMS, or an Audiopipe TXXBD1 12 rated at 600W RMS? Whatever subwoofer I choose, I plan on putting in a box tuned at 35hz. I am scared that since the box is tuned so low, that the subwoofer wont be able to hit 65hz?

Alberto Alvarez says:

Dose this sub hits better or dose the kicker l7 12″ is better ? Plz someone help wont one but dont know whats better

MazdaBass971 says:

They are a good speaker for the price.

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