Bazooka Tube ( BTA6100) review and sound test – compact subwoofer

I absolutely love this little subwoofer and I have had it for over 5 years so I thought I would make an in depth review on it. I also go into detail on how I installed it. The specific model is BTA6100 and costs around $150. I hope you enjoy the video, thanks for watching!

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Hands Way Up – Gunnar Olsen (intro)
Creepin – MK2
Chicago – Joe Bagale
Brown Bag – Silent Partner (SOUND TEST)


Ale Wu says:

10 years ago my best friend popped one of these things in the back of his Audi A3. That was the first time I ever heard a song with amplified bass. At that time, (I can’t truly remember all the details of the sound) I was overwhelmed that additional bass can add so much to the music experience. Now, 10 years later, after I got some cash I invested in my own sound system and I have a Rockford Fosgate P3 12 inch that produces 600 w rms. Even though I just love the way dubstep sounds in my car now, I can’t shake off the feeling of not being able to compare the tubes to the subwoofer boxes. Could you provide a comment on that, if a same wattage tube and box was compared, what would be the main differences?

chistosok5 says:


Dustin Shifflett says:

Thanks for the informative video, but my word that electric tape makes me cringe a bit. Shrink tube man. Shrink tube.

joestack78 says:

What’s the simplest way to get TaiLopez off my fucking ad screen?

cexar120 says:

I saw this video and the video for the Kenwood amplified subwoofer. Which one would you say was louder or better?

Muffinfreak2 says:

why the fuck is there steam comming out of the port at 0:32 ??

Thuro F.A.R. says:

I have a Veloster and I need something like this. I don’t think the stereo is loud enough. Would the amp in the sub help bump up the volume of my factory studio. Thanks in advance.

Nay Stort says:


Noah Peach says:

does it come with a fuse and fuse holder?

Richard K. says:

as a ford fan that was embarrassing.. few will see it

Rickey Brown says:

How does it sound outside the car? A lot of vibration?

Will Davis says:

good video man!

Aldo Mandujano says:

lol sounds the same

Mahmod Mokhtar says:

hi. would you recommend this over an underseat sub? i want my car to look very clean

Earl Alexander says:

sounds shit

Stef says:

Why is there a ghost coming out your sub at 0:31?

RichieRich7896 says:

whats that song?

Kevin Keefer says:

For 9 more dollars im buying 2 mtx terminators with an amp package deal from amazon

ORANGE BOY 714 says:

my homie gots one and it sounds and hits good bass not bad for starter sub woofer . 🙂 nice sub woofer .

aimanwhat says:

hey therem, are the sound better than the Kenwood KSC-SW11 that you reviewed? Looking for a nice low & deep bass.

thatKingKong says:

@bassisgood – Nice video.  I’m thinking about putting an 8″ 100W BTA8100FHC in my car.  It has a Trailer fuse 15A.  Do you think I could use the Trailer fuse for the power source and Daytime Running Light fuse 10A for the control cable (blue)?  There is also an Accessory Power Socket 20A fuse. Maybe it’s better to use the Accessory Power Socket 20A for the blue cable?  Thank you.

Jdub78 jdub78 says:

what are the rest of your components? seemed crystal clear without the lows of the bazooka of course… lastly, what was your volume? good video thx

Keelee Evans says:

Do you have to get a new head unit before getting this or does it work with a stock system?

bassisgood says:

you can find this exact subwoofer here:

junkyardhemi says:

My friend back in high school put the 8″ amplified version in the back of an old VW Beetle. It hit pretty hard. I was impressed.

That One Ford Guy says:

Holy crap. I wonder how 2 of the 12’s would sound? I might look at these. By the way, I love the song you use for testing!

cold proxy says:

is this enough to piss people off at red lights thats trying to talk on a cell phone ?

Havel The Wall says:

you can tell alot of work went into this video. well worth the effort.

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