Best CHEAP Subwoofer! $109 1200WATTS RMS | American Bass E-1244 Review

Link to Sub:

Link to Amp:


Philip Moye says:

Those ain’t cheap bro I was on the phone with American bass yesterday and they say those are equivalent to the xfls bro so they aint cheap just 80$ less bruh bruh know your stuff SMH…

J Dog says:

I have the 10″ TNT and it’s a great sub.

BrothaRobMusic says:

American Bass is one of my favorite company!!!

_1_ says:


Geovanni Medrano says:

Can u please subscribe to my channel for support

LaneWarrior Ill Ridez says:

How do these subs compare to the Alpine Type R SWR 12D4 subs?

Paull LLC says:

I guess 55mm x-max is good for $109.00

Automotive Guru says:

My Dual 12 is on 300 watts rms just a SVC but trust me I made a custom box tuned to 32 HZ and it prolly slams just as hard as that sub a Built box will make a difference man should get one for that sub

EmElGee says:

Picked one of these up a few months ago, it’s an absolute monster for the money and I’m super happy with my choice 🙂

billy Johnson says:

Great vid I’d definitely buy their subs but i would never get their amps because their amps don’t even dyno CLOSE to their rms rated power. Check out some vids. Audiopipe amps are suprisingly good.

Jayhoop Hoopjay says:

It does matter…and second to be 1k rms the motor would need to be at least 160 ounces

ruffypoo says:

Try the Rockville V2 and do a comparison. Both about the same price. I think the Rockville will be better

rpk gonzalez says:

Not bad, the sorround looks like the new dds

Audio-Bass-phile says:

very nice sub!

realflow100 says:

I got a dual 12-inch MTX Terminator subwoofer setup.
very low power subs. not much excursion even at their rated power of about 100 to 250 watts RMS
I dont know if the box is too small or what. but it is a ported/vented enclosure.
each sub is 4 ohms.
they reach thermal limit before they reach mechanical limit even when free air at 20hz. I think the coils are just undersized with undersized coil wire awg making them have poor power handling.

they still get very loud though! using a 2x250W RMS amplifier to power them each at 4 ohms. amp is bridged from 4 channel down to 2 channel to power each sub individually
I dont know why they dont move much between 30 and 60hz. i can put my hand on them and my hand doesnt move much
they only start moving at 25hz and below really. at 14 and 18hz they move quite a bit

Candle Wick says:

Looks just like the soundqubed hds3 series

john polaski says:

Your link to the subwoofer is not the same subwoofer I have not been able to find that subwoofer for that price and I have not been able to find that subwoofer on eBay or Amazon only on American bass website if I think 200 plus the same subwoofer that is being linked is the older model not the 2019 model that you have

nacdude09 says:

This sub performs like an American Bass XFL but it’s made out of cheaper material but still bangs though.. I would get a custom box tuned to 32htz

Jeremy Wilson says:

Question?what amp did you use?im having hard time finding one for a 4ohm 1300 w rms

bassinyourface says:

D2 or D4 dont matter lol yes it does

Michael Langerman says:

Not a bad sub for the money tho. But the only time you would upgrade your 4 gauge power wire is if you were upgradeing your amp then youd go 0 gauge because theres more power comeing from that amp if you upgraded.

starship 4000 says:

I just bought a new subwoofer this video made my day hahahahah

Iamgladhe8her says:

Ribbed…. for her pleasure!

MC Production Garage says:

Dang this dude a cutie;)

billy Johnson says:

Nice. Is that your favorite budget sub so far ?

Jamal Cole says:

I might just buy one if they have 15’s.

Massive21 says:

They sold out because of you lol

clent warren says:

name all the songs you played and artist

Travis Gulley says:

I have a question how much rms power is needed to blow out a windshield because not every car subwoofer can break a window

Swee Pee says:

Dam. I wonder what 2 would sound like.

Random Tube says:

Not a bad sub at all.

Justin McGinley says:

The best budget amp on the market is the Taramps hd3000 for $179 and it puts out clamping power at 14.4 volts 2676 Watts at 2 ohm

Alejandro Alvarez says:

Fuck. I gotta get one asap for my commuter. Too cheap to pass up

Travis Jones says:

Which subs do you think hit hardest?
Power Acoustic
American Bass
My money is on the American Bass.
Which do ya think is best bargain?

Jesus Chavez says:

Which one out of these subs you think would be my best match for my audiopipe apcle1800
skar audio ddx d2
Audiopipe txxbd4
American bass E1244
Or any other sub that it’s in the price range from 100 to 180
Thanks in advance


Are these a better value than the XRs or XFLs? I think I remember seeing the XFLs having the largest magnet of the 3. I’m not a fan of the basket on these.

big lion says:

wow just my luck sold out


Excellent sub

Cruz Chavez says:

interesting way to filter buyers to your own eBay page ? possibly but the price is decent I don’t know about the amp considering true ratings could only be seen if tested on a dyno I mean it can say what ever numbers it likes on the box anyhow I think that sub could really benefit from a proper enclosure … decent for some cheap bump

Stan TheObserver says:

Who makes a Subwoofer that sounds like 1,200 watts are coming out instead of the 20 watts amp you have. Ok,maybe 50 watt Pioneer?

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