Best Powered Subwoofers 2017
If you enjoy a deep, room-filling sound, then this best powered subwoofer review is for you! Avid audiophiles know that the surround sound is impossible without a high-performance subwoofer generating powerful basses. So, we have decided to help you build a great home cinema by selecting the 5 best powered subwoofers from such reputed manufacturers as Polk Audio, Yamaha, and others.


denchik smirnov says:

The subwoofer is great , the quality of the music should be excellent.

Alex Ivanov says:

Wanted to see their work

Елена says:

Powerful subwoofers with a good design.The sound is probably like in a cinema.

Nikita Ivanovskiy says:

Lovers of quality music, this review will be interesting. Most people like music with a good subwoofer.

Chriswell Jack says:

Lol omg

Назар Пундяк Fin says:

very grateful for qualitative description of the music column


The technique is super. thanks for video/ very interesting and cool.

Olga Kirilovich says:

The technique is super! Commendable!!

Багини из Кирилловки says:

its vide so cool and interesting!

nastya ball says:

Good video. Always only topical topics! I love your channel 🙂

Ольга Озеран says:

cool video.Very high quality shot.I really liked it.super

Mlnco Mlnco says:

Excellent equipment for home theater. A good musical sound for a cozy atmosphere.

Frank Hill says:

This girls voice fucking irritating

Vvv Vvv says:

Best Subwoofers!good video review!

Avrai says:

get a pop filter, jesus

Владимир Киселёв says:

Everything is “very” in it. It is very large, very powerful and very expensive!

Matthew Berard says:

Out of all of them the BIC F12 is the best or loudest. For a little bit more money$ got for the BIC pl200 it’s the F12 on steroids. I have the Pl200 it has a peak power output of 1000 watts to accompany My 7.1 Klipsch Reference Primer series home theater

Şahlar Kərimov says:

Good technique. The design is impressive.The technique is super. thanks for video

Matthew Berard says:

These are not the best subwoofers of 2017… THESE ARE THE “BEST OF THE CHEAP SUBWOOFERS”… the title should be renamed “2017 Best Value Subwoofers” or “2017 Best subwoofers for small rooms”

M CH says:

Good video. It is interesting

Елена Гужва says:

Good technique. The design is impressive. It was interesting to see.

Domnica Totaru says:

Excellent presentation of subwoofers. Thank you for helping you navigate with the choice.

Заработок в интернете says:

Very good video. The girl is a good fellow, very professionally poses. Such equipment in the apartment-music will listen to the whole house!

China Mall (Китайский магазинчик) says:

Interesting subwoofer. If you add a quality amplifiers, we get high-quality sound. This sound like music fans.

Color Safe Bleach says:

lol, most of the comments are comically fake. They are all like “my knowledge of them has increased significantly” or “Lovers of quality music, this review will be interesting”. And they keep talking about how super your technique is… WTF

Ольга Воляк says:

Powerful subwoofers with a good design.The sound is probably like in a cinema. Drive! I liked it!

Мария Беляшева says:

Very useful for me and interesting informative video

Артур Григорян says:

Good interesting video,good quality speakers,useful information,thanks for the video,learned a lot

Nataly Маj says:

its vide so cool and interesting!

Aleksandra Ivanova says:

Useful video about subwoofers. My knowledge of them has increased significantly.

TheTigerGamer says:

the Yamaha YST-SW012 is 100Wrms..

Наталья Шушара says:

Excellent subwoofer speakers! Every year the best and best models leave the year. Progress does not stand still 🙂

Michael Last says:

I just got a wintal powered subwoofer sw4500.. lets just say neighbours hate me.

Sick of yamaha and there cheap components that only last 12 months.

Alla Kotova says:

Drive! I liked it!

Александр Корнилов says:

Amazing subwoofers. Such devices are expencive, but quality costs money.

Анна Прокопенко says:

Nice video. I like videos like that.

Максим Булишин says:

Thank you for the video, very nice subwoofer, great sound and acoustics

Dean Mindock says:

Yamaha has a bigger sub that is not much more expensive. Their secret sauce is their servo controlled subs that they’ve been making for a long long time. Other companies, like Rythmik Audio and Velodyne are using servo amps. IMO, Rythmik makes the best bang for the buck subs at the moment. To see how a sub performs, a site called has analyzed a bunch of subs and produced lots of data on each sub. One needs to know what the terms used mean. He lets the graphs do the talking. So, do some research and learn what group delay, harmonic distortion, low pass filter, room equalization, etc. mean and why they’re all important.

katerina says:

A great home subwoofer. I also want this myself.

Юрий Горб says:

A good review of the best subwoofers. And the design is interesting. You can choose your liking.

Натали Деева says:

now rarely where you will find a good technique but the Best Powered
Subwoofers 2017 differs from is evident that the quality and the
sound probably bomb.perhaps many people dream about this))super

KiKi TV says:

Expensive speakers. I really like high-quality sound and bass

Lior1973 says:

No SVS, no HSU , no Klipsch,
The narration was recorded with a Toy microphone.
This is a disgrace.

Danny Matthews says:


Алена Лазоренко says:

Thanks to the author, for a good selection of quality sub-buffers. I enjoyed the video.

Андрей Дашко says:

very cool, the speakers,and the sound is clear,I really liked it!))

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