BLOWING a $1000 SUBWOOFER… in 3 Minutes?? RARE 18″ Sub BLOWOUT | BASS Speaker TEARDOWN!!!

Ever wonder what a $1,000 woofer can handle on just one voice coil? What about looking at the GUTS inside? This rare 18″ subwoofer makes 7 out of 8 for our huge car audio install… And what better way to welcome a new XXX than with some extreme basshead EXCURSION and TEARDOWN :p

Nothing to see here… Just blowing up the most expensive subs I own 🙂

Music By: Cultivata, Kevin Macleod, BenSound & Purple-Planet
Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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Bass Speakers Rule My World 😀

Bassheads Unite 2017


Timo Freund says:

der Subwoofer ist gut den tut man nicht zerstören

Kasperi Vaisto says:

Whats that frequency app that you use?

Shailendra Yadav says:

How will you recover so huge loss??

Darill Fowler says:

Wow, spends 1,000 dollars on a speaker, only to tear it up? Just wow! Must be nice to be a millionaire who can throw money away in the trash? Jeez!

TheFatRat says:

I don’t get what is so good about those subs. Get a sundown nsv4

Mark Kukoba says:


Memphiscuber says:

5:43 and 6:07 imagine his mom walks past his room

Carlo akihiro says:

Sit on dude…

Joshua Adank says:

Do you know what was causing that rattling sound twoards the end because my brand new sub has started to do something similar ☹️☹️☹️

TowmaX says:

5:25 sounds like a coffee maker after is finishes brewing

Pardeep Kumar says:

Rs kya hai iska

Caoo Henrique says:

app ?

Tyler Gsell says:

you need to watch your mouth

LoSt LaNdEs says:

Y would u do that im sorry but ur just an idiot for doin that just fix it then love it dont let it smoke up like a hotbox

EXOcontralto says:

Cook It Up!!! 😀

Brian Martinez says:


Stunts4Days 777 says:

8:30 I saw that then I subbed idk it’s so funny!!!

Rizwan Mohammed says:

What app are you using

Stunts4Days 777 says:

2:00 Whaaaaaa?

Fafa Zaj says:

What’s with the Pooja and ahhhsss? Kinda annoyin

Karsten Jeschke says:

Can I buy one from you for a $100

One Pumped says:

fucking crackhead

ASantora - Clips says:

That was so fucking anti-climatic

Shoe Baller says:

Turn your hat around

Kalell 9887 says:

I’m scared to turn the volume up

M Khosirin says:

OMG its dead…… To much mony….

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