Budget BANGIN Subwoofers! 10″ 12″ & 15 inch Deaf Bonce MACHETE | Cheap Car Audio Subwoofer Review

Looking for good sounding bass without breaking the bank? Check out these budget subwoofers! Formerly Alphard Audio, the new Machete series subs from Deaf Bonce is looking pretty impressive! And at only a little over $100, these woofers will make a great choice for all those budget friendly car audio installs. Thanks For Watching 😀


Check Out The Machete Series Subwoofer Below!
(M10D2, M12D2, M15D2 Dual 2 Ohm Voice Coil Subs)

Biggest Thank To: Cultivata Beats & YouTube Music Library
Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org)

More Cheap Car Audio Sub Woofers Coming Soon!

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RockTheCat Gaming says:

I wish I had one!!! If anyone knows where I can get a cheephigh quality subwoofer plz tell me!!! (Or u could give me one (or 2) for free! Btw I heard ur selling some of ur subs. I’d love to buy one!

Craig Ellington says:

i would love to buy one!

Scilla Brew2 says:

I have a 02 LS tahoe. Boss stereo, with all around kickers in the door and as rear woofer. My dilemma is the 8in woofer had been replaced. But has blown unfortunately. I want to replace it with another 8in woofer while keeping my 3rd row seating. It’s been mentioned that I may need an amp. But not sure who to proceed…..can you suggest anything that you would think would help?

DanielRichards644 says:

I’ve got a pair of Planet Audio BB212D’s that are some pretty fucking awesome budget woofers, planning to upgrade to some 15’s so those are up for sale now

Nathaniel Rada says:

Is that 14mm xmax 1 way or total peak to peak?

Jason McQueen says:

I think I’d use the 10s or maybe the 12s but idk what amp I’d use. I’m new to all this lol

I JumpShot says:

Wanna give one away????

Ryan Moore says:

These look nice but then 300rms vs sundowns E series at 500rms and at the same price point…

Skywtaker Is here says:

The Machete 10s are so cute and 100 is a good price i should buy one but I don’t have enough money

Chris Cape says:

Any idea on how they compare to Rockford p3s?

Chase Rhone says:

subwoofer 15

StormX9000 says:

Australia ¿

Matt's Shop says:

The rms power handling is really low for a 15???


great video for me i cheep

MeatPopsycle says:

“I don’t know why I get so excited when I check out new subwoofers….”
I got ya. It’s because SUBWOOFER. Full stop.

Вадим Кортунов says:

Как сабы братух?

every1likesr20mike says:

I want those 10s …. get them in a t line or something EXO!

Clay Scott says:

I’ll buy the tens

Randol Stancil says:

EXO I didn’t see any specs for box volume on their site. What would the sealed box size for the 10″ subs?

gmauto s says:

I count 7 subs.not 6

chancy blain says:

awesome, looks like all 3 sizes would work in a low tuned tapped horn for theater

EL CAYENNE el cayenne says:

Name ls. Machete

Moto 99 says:

Dude love your vids, can’t wait till i get my first car to put a sweet system in

Richard Trujillo says:

Sell my the set of tens

Canada Kid says:

I bet exo is going to have fun with that book of his( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙) ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)

Mc Rem says:

Is a dual 2 ohm sub 2 ohm or 4 ohm?

Peighton Mcgary says:

Let me get a 12 exo

D4RK says:

what amplifier should i get if i get 2 of the 12 inch subs

Atergia says:

they look nice but i always worry with 10s like this because there is so little cone that the sq wont be great

Leopoldo Perez says:

Christmas all over again

konfyoused says:

Do something different, build a vehicle wall with all 6, each pair subdivided in it’s own enclosure.

Aj Pitts says:

how much would two 12’s run??

torxxx says:

fuckin lay off the meth bro. Every video of yours you look spun as fuck

Gabe says:

those 15″s be nice in my mustang !!

norman evans says:

Q power u want some bang for the low q power super deluxe or deluxe

Nick Games says:

Can you use this in a house?

Hersch Peeps says:

I think i heard you say your from Maine?? If so thats awesome i lived in South Portland SOPO for 4 years and i regret ever moving back to Indiana!

Austin payne says:

i Neeeeeeeed it

Chris Dorr says:

fuck look at that surround, it reminds me of the old splw series!

roy jones says:

You know whats alot better? More wattage and bigger coil the audiopipe BD2 15in 900rms $130 this man will say anything when offered free stuff lol. The 15in for this is 350rms and 2.5 coil for $129

EXOcontralto says:

Bangin’ on a budget!!!

PolishFLEX says:

Exo im from poland
watching your video everyday BTW IM 12 YO KID BUT I LOVE BASS 🙂 AND I REALY WANNA HAVE A 10′ SUBWOOFER 🙂

James stranger says:

I would love to get some sub’s. my 18w6’s went up in smoke. when my house burnt down! no insurance. so no funds to buy more. it will likely be years before I can buy any. but I’m still looking. I like it low and loud. and prefer sub’s not so power hungry. about 2-400 RMS and about 1000-1500 watts total. for the sub’s. about 6-800 for mids and highs total . maybe I can get something like the GAB amp 1600, I have mids and highs amps. I have a box for 3, 15″
I’d like someday to get a small hatch car. build a stereo on wheels. cram about 6- 15″ sub’s. and about 1k watts each. brace everything. so nothing moves. I know… I sound like a 15 yr old kid. but its just mid life thing happening I guess. being disabled gives to much time in your own head. great video. I’d like to meet some time. since you moved so close. I’d like to hear your systems! every one around here has gotten out of the bass thing. there isn’t a dealer near here. thanks

brian mank says:

put the 12 in your girlfriends car?

Mad Uzi says:

better than porn

QKwoep says:

if i order 1 of the 15s, is it a pair? or would i have to pay $260 for both of them?

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