CHEAP $100 Subwoofer TEST w/ 12″ Rockville K9 Car Audio Sub | Aero-Ported Box SPL Bass Testing

Let’s see what the HYPE is about, shall we!?!? Today we’re testing out the infamous Rockville K9 subwoofer while explaining the aftermath of the “Repair Shop Blew My Sound System” video. Hope you enjoy and Thanks For Watching 🙂

“Repair Shop Blew My Sound System” Video

My Girlfriend’s Cheap Car Audio BASS System!
Single 12 Inch Rockville W12K9D2
NVX XPLD3k Bass Amplifier
BIGASSPORTS 6″ Aeroport Tuned to 40hz

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Tye's trucksNthings says:

You can’t even hear Tha fucking music

Jeff Gilbert says:

Love the “dinger” in the cop’s lip!!!!!

Alan Clark says:

A wanna be American Bass sub but AB subs can take more then 1500w and will not get hot I mean sure they are not only 100$ but they loud af when u get some power on them

Nate Avery says:

You are crazy dude. But keep it up. Nice vid.

Johns Crazy Curbs says:

Though I am curios how a $1400 Focal (plain jane looking) 10 inch sub sounds like . I only use their separates in any system i build . Inferior sound.

Cedric Brown says:


Manuel Valencia says:

Would you recommend any other types of subs for close to the same price, wouldn’t mind spending $300.

bass boosted says:

i watch all your videos

EXOcontralto says:

Explaining The Aftermath & Testing a Cheapo!!! 😀

MLawrence Jonesj says:

LOL. some people like fruit loops others like fruit rings. I like the fruit Rings. not bad for a 100$ bucks.

Thomas Miller says:

Flip the speaker facing the trunk lid it will hit 3 X harder I promise u will love it… trust me. Just try it

Alejandro Espinoza says:

Thank you EXO.

Joey ToFlee says:

Cant find this sub anywhere anyone got a link?

bwd1963 says:

What about a lanzar pro 15 inch for 50$

JohnClautVanDamm says:

Rockville w12k9d2

pg86131314 says:

Ur to funy bro thats shady they blew ur sub probably boss son who blew your sub lol

Rico Casarez says:

Hey exo I was just wondering how come u never made a video of a sundown sub?

Clinton Spears says:

You should of took that shop to court you just let them fuck up your shit and get away with it

Dani King says:

Who’s ever heard of scubi dubi dooo

Nikko Allen says:

Should have at least spray painted the speaker box black, or same color as car. You had all that time in between uses right?
Least that’s what I would have done for my gf…just saying.

Ray Madore says:

Can a speaker like that sound good on less power. I use to sware by pyle pounders, because they rock on like 400 watts, at 4 ohm too so i font need high output alternatpr snd all that jazz.

Did this in 90s though. Not done in 20 years plus

You Tube says:

i never liked ported enclosures.. i love the hard hitting deep bone rattling bass.. which is why sealed was always my preference

Raw Tekneek says:

@EXOcontralto where can you purchase 2 of these subs at

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