Cheap ass subwoofer review/8″ subwoofer / lanzar dct84d /Mockman reviews

Here it is guys .
Lanzar dct84d 8″ subwoofer test .
Ran off a skar. 150.4 with channels 1-2 ran into a 4ohm bridged load . Skar recommends it bridged at 4ohms or above . 2 ohm stereo .
Music test on lows .
Burp tests .
XMAX tests .
All bottoming out is done on purpose.
The subwoofer still plays. Enclosure is sealed .
.72 cube before displacements.
Cost was 30 dollars off eBay .


Chris Walker says:

Interested to see termlab numbers.

Jonathan Pinder S.R. says:

I’ve notice the dust caps have acctually flexed in the center and cause the pooping other than that there not bad. Those I think are more of a pre fab bandpass. Just my opinion

Deezildennis says:

What was the name of the song at the beginning of the video?

Realdude rec says:

nice for 30bucks

Alpha Omega says:

Yeah have like 20 of them on 100rms each it would sound like something 🙂

PSE Mentalist says:

Holy crap that’s a whole lot of hitting the hard lows… Man that little sub is really moving

lil negroBoi says:

damn lanzar > Mockville.

Matt Starking says:

You try a massive audio hippo8. Cheap and high quality all on one

M T says:

Wow !!!

Its Cole says:

Lanzar was the brand that actually won the IASCA world championship decibal rating in 1995 😉

Daniel Fox says:

Im getting 2 for wifes suv

Bass Rookie says:

Mockman is my hero!

sterr1 says:

I have this sub in a t-line box. Hits the lows really good.

Matt Starking says:


sound life dirt says:

Real testing right there! Bottom out yeah!

euphorikfay says:

good vid!!

b1782w says:

Possibly a nice center console factory sub replacement..

Tyc music says:

Im about to get the 15s

Robert Smith says:

Check out the opti drive 12, nasty lil fucker

Christopher Manabat says:

I guess Rockville is just a fancy looking low grade magnet version of a Boss or planet audio subwoofer lol. From my experience with cheap subs like Pyle, Boss and lanzar, the 6”-8” and some 10” subs are pretty decent. It’s when you start going bigger like 12-18” that they start to lack on expectation. Most ppl who buy cheap woofers usually have cheap amps with dirty signals. Car audio noobs mostly and that gives them even worse reputation. Higher end subs are just a little better but more durable to abuse while the cheap stuff have little tolerance for abuse. The cheapest subs can sound good with clean power and clean signal just don’t expect it to do double it’s rated power like sundown or crescendo. Just my two cents.

David Lilley says:

Lol I love it!


How much wattage you had on it and was the box sealed.

Mark Orr says:

I’m about to do a small budget build in my wife’s car and was wondering if you think the lanzar maxpro 8 would be a good cheap choice for sq?

Tony Gui says:

More durable than a k9 lol

Daniel Fox says:

How many watts was you hitting that thing with bro

Gary Poole says:

I beat the hell out of mine everyday mine bottoms out too if you give it too much on the lows. Im getn a 146 db from 2 dct15d4 on about 1500 watts definately a budget gem.

Alpha Omega says:

Yeah you’re right a home theater would be great for these.

Daniel Fox says:

Hell ya man

Like Clockwork64 says:

I’d imagine two of these in a 6th order bandpass would slam for little money

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