CONTRALTO SUBS EXPOSED! EXO’s BIGGEST Crescendo Audio Subwoofer UnBoxing / Review EVER!

The wait is finally over! The CONTRALTO series subwoofers are officially here! Come check out all the sexiness with 4 brand new subs from Crescendo Audio!

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Daniel Evans says:

Awesome, congrats man 🙂

John Barr says:

i love the way they look but i been goin with the menace subs and i would love to see how they match up

spencer staniland says:

Do you know where I can find 4 15inch forte subs in Canada I can’t even find any where online in the US that will shit to Canada I love the forte 15,s and have my build all done and in my truck all I need is the subs and these are the only ones I want please help me thank you for your time

Jorge Aviles says:

Do the Sundown ZV5 vs the Crescendo Exo’s. Everyone think Sundown is all that.

Matthew Pierce says:

I just blew my re audio sx18 I only had since February like I had it on 2k and The sub is rated at 1k I wanna purchase the forte 18″ but I want it to last at least twice as long any input?

Submuzik Boss says:

I’ll be ordering 2 15’s

charles hodges says:

60fps video man…even my cellphone does it

Kyle Kearns says:

man I would love to have 1of them 15s….. your my favorite car audio man man wish I could chat with you….

negativezero says:

sweet subs, still went with the zv5’s though. do love the carbon fiber coating and nice baskets but i think the sundowns prob blow the doors off em. deeper and larger motor, but those are pretty, and fantastic price for that quality. down to how much you wanna spend. those are def top notch and i love thier amps

jeff hulbert says:

the cone materials likely glass fiber and can be tested with a dmm. overlay does nothing for strength, especially when its not epoxy coated. ive seen one that was getting a recone (the 10″) and the gap is so wide you can almost fit your finger in it. the 3rd slug on the motor isnt used causing it to be heavier then needed as the coils wind height wont allow the sub to even throw far enough to bottom it out. if they would have used the 12 spoke basket they could have used an 8″ spider/3″ coil combo but they used this basket which only has a 7.25″ spider on the 10’s hence why a 2.5 was used. food for thought.

Michael Thaxton says:

congrats on the subs EXO

Ian Bailey says:

Wait!!… These subs are named after you? Well congratulations

matt daughtry says:

Sick dude

DodgeCity111 says:

Let’s go ahead and go ahead.

Jon Wells says:

he said he name was on the box I didn’t see penis face on the box

FixKicks Earl says:

damn exo,, that was a great video men! I was interested literally the entire video. Thanks man, I’m going to get the 10s

carlos mendez says:

awww yea

Rene A. says:

they copy from HCCAs …smh

Justin Parker says:

is the forte 18 any good?

BAD Ben says:

Where can you get the Contralto 18″ subs? They aren’t listed on their website

Sterling Yox says:

where can i get my hands on a couple of these 18s?

Austin Adams says:

why no 8’s?

Sal Lopez says:

wooooow!!! can I have one 😉

KlipnotiK says:

2,300th like
I’m picking up 2 FS 10’S

jackson jones says:

I have a question for exo I am really considering getting 2 of the contralto 18’s I know cresendo isn’t famous for subs but how well are these built I don’t wanna spend almost $1100 and have them take a poop on me can you tell me more about the 18’s of this sub thanks

earl kenneth Jera says:

exo where i can order that subwoofer 18. im in Philippines. hahaha

Samuel Sanchez says:

Why do these 10’s have small voice coils? The Rockford power hx2 10 inch sub had a 4 inch voice coil

bobwatters says:

So which Sundowns would these compete with? The RMS and price seem around the X level.

Matthew19002 says:

I love those, especially the 10s 10″ is my favorite speaker size though admittedly after buying a bit of subs my go to for 10s was not being able to enclose other sizes so I never got to handle very serious subs of other sizes

Vincent Guillet says:

Can i buy this subwoofer in swiss ??

puletasi44 says:

Holy shit

The Custom Ranger Channel says:

Do u still work with them?

logan walsh says:


Kurloz Soriano says:

What kind of music is this? ……. I like it lol probably bc I’m a bass head too

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