Dayton Audio SUB-1200 Subwoofer Review


JoshHinderShield says:

Thank you for the informative video. I appreciate it. I subscribed to your channel and I hope to see you make more content. It’s nice to know you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get a nice sounding home theater setup.

Michael Janssen says:

You did a good job, keep it up. You might want to rehearsal more next time to drops some of the umms and uhhs but you had a solid narrative. I also decided to get a Dayton Audio sub for my first real subwoofer this Christmas and couldn’t be happier. I went with the 1500 model and it is smooth and very controlled. I haven’t noticed any audio defects from it and as you said, you can’t bet the price.

Regular Guy Audio Tests And Reviews says:

Nice review. Only a couple things i can say as a former 1500 owner. #1 the amp soft clips. They dont allow themselves to be over driven. #2 loud rap music used in my videos for excursion purposes isn’t a dumb teenager thing…. its a torture test that provides visual stimuli when i make a video showcasing a speakers limit. Have a nice day and nice setup.

Timothy Allen says:

how would the dayton 15oo 15inch sub be for home theatre room would it be better than 1200

tetman74 000 says:

can we see the home theater tour

Alex Diluzio says:

Needs a center channel bro!

LevelGapGaming says:

Murica is such a feminized country. Only here you can hear phrases like “I need to ask my wife”. American men got pussified to the point that their gender role in the family shifted. I think you should start wearing a skirt.

Bradley Poth says:

Thank you for your review, wish you would of cranked it up so we could see it in action. But anyways I found one used online and wanted to know more about before I decided to make the purchase and $50 I decided it was well worth it. I’ll post my feed back once I get it hooked up

Mike O says:

Good natural review, thumbs up. I liked when you said you had only seen videos of this sub with teenagers showing it play rap to show speaker travel with everything rattling and that it was annoying. Lol, I can relate dude. Fucking teenagers, I forget sometimes that I used to be one. Every review I’ve seen of this sub has been really positive. If I get one, I will get this one.

Mark8801 says:

Subscribed and thanks for the review. I just ordered one. Since you’ve had it a little while are you happy with it? Also, how’s the cat doing?

Elite Exposure says:

Lmao, the lantern at 3:06

Mr. Reviewer says:

Come on where’s the music man?

Orlando Flores says:

Hey, thanks for the review. I can’t agree more about the teens (and others) posting videos where all we see is the excursion on the driver. I especially detest the videos with that stupid “bass I love you” track. I’m always looking for videos that highlight the features of an item and the thoughts and opinions (feedback) of owners who purchased said items. I have the 10″ version of this sub and like it so much I’m going to get the 12″ one. Heck, I may even get two for the home theater setup. Cheers!

Murrell Miles says:

Demonstrating a sub on youtube. Okkaaayyyy

Doug Rohrer says:

Thanks Jake. Just hooked up using your tips but I get a ‘W-1 Out of Phase’. Ideas on
what that is?

ziggy8757 says:

do a demo…

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