Dual 10″ Kicker Subwoofer & 1200W Kicker Amp Review

Hey guys, so I recently purchased a 1000$ sound system from future shop.. I got a Dual 10″ kicker subwoofer, and a 1200 watt kicker amplifier. There were some bundles where you get an amp and a subwoofer for around 250-350$ however if your looking for that outstanding sound, that will really impress people, kicker and alpine are the brands you wanna look for. Your cheaper option would be MTX. You can get a dual 12″ subwoofer with an amp for around 350$ and will still produce great bass. However once you get to those top levels the quality will go down and you may notice some vibrations. If you have any questions feel free to message me, and if your wanting to look this stuff up yourself visit the futureshop website or on amazon or ebay.

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karsen butler says:

“Ya I wanted to go big or go home so I got the Walmart kicker and box with a cheap amp I found” “ya it’s pretty bassy” lol

Timothy Gonzales says:

did he just say he spent a grand ?… I can get 2 sundown sa with an amp to run me and still have change .

vulkan deathgrip says:

He spent 1000$ dollars for this system ? Wtf ? Should be 500$ at the most ! Those are the comp bottom line subs and the amp and wiring kit with the converter should cost much either.

K10 says:

Lmao $100 for a 20 minute install.

Shawn Singh says:

My 2 10 inch Rockford Punch subs and 1000 watt amp. 75 bucks.

Soavi Ralifo says:

hi guys,

I was thinking of buying a 200 watts amp if it can work on my 800watts subwoofer..,what do you guys think of its sound? I have no idea the difference between amp and woofer . which of the two gives a better sound.


J Moe says:

duals suck but i blew my 12 long time ago

Ascap 850 says:

you got ripped off homie lol, I have a fosgate R1200.1 powering two fosgate p3’s 10″ and only paid $500 and that’s a much better system than yours

Stefan Patterson says:

C’mon guys, we were all 16!

DesignerNicheHunter says:

Finally a video that lets me hear regular non-car rattling music with subs. Now I can really hear how a dual 10in setup sounds. So many videos just want to show off how bad their car rattles but yours shows how much the setup makes the music sound better. Now I know I want the dual 10s. Thank you!

Dylan Hubbard says:

kinda have to say my two tens would rip your shit apart

WOLFxBOY says:

when i saw the kickers i was like wtf xD kickers? i was expecting some Jl audio’s or sundowns

Cameron McKee says:

I spend around 700 on two sundown 2000 wat 12s

Shawn Singh says:

I hope his car shut off because his battery while the car is off can’t handle the power. This guy is a nugget.

cole orlesky says:

Kickers are about the same as MTX, and pioneer doesn’t come close to either of them…

PunOne says:

apparently $1000 is “some change lying around”

Coreybear says:

Hahahahahahaha you like to go big or go home?!?!?? Dude you bought kicker 10s… For less then $1000 you coulda bought a dc 18 and a dc amp to knock that screw in you head back in place

Grant Wehrhahn says:

Kicker isn’t bad but 1000$ for those starting line kicker subs and an amp plus install? That’s a rip sadly.

YouAintSeenNothingYet says:

kicker really are shit & that amp is a good one but for 8″ subs. suppose having some bass makes it ok tho better than newt

Dakota shamburg says:

Where did u get the installation at? Or what place

Boosted Cheo says:

u gotta sell thoze kickers upgrade your stock headunit, look into sundown audio American bass ct sounds etc get tuned ported box to specs of whichever sub u get and it will slap

Vaulty101 says:

DUDE Extra change!?

Jose Garcia says:

these are comps 10s from kicker…from experience i would highly highly recommend getting the kicker 300.1 because you can wire them up on a 2 ohm load giving them 300 w rms to both..working tougether while getting great qualoty and output as well as sound. 1200 watts will completely destroy them and you basically throw your life savings out the window…trust me buddy, when it comes to car audio i know what im talking about 🙂 message me to know more and maybe ill teach you what i know

Blisstivity says:

complete ripoff bro

Monster 6689 says:

Mtx is so much louder and better

R. A. says:

1st, put after market Head unit , 2nd use ported box, 3rd change amp and your good to play loud spl

julius balliah says:

the old cvr kicker subs are better

CarJacks The Clown says:

MTX Terminators have a higher RMS rating compared to kicker Comp. So how do they have less power? Second kicker Comps are nowhere near the best in the low budget range. You Sir know nothing but at least your happy

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