ECHO Subwoofer – New Product Review – Amazon Enabled Music #gearshorts

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Silver Scythe says:

Not a bad review, but I can’t imagine myself just walking around my house yelling stuff, my neighbors would think I’m crazy.

Knight hawk says:


gaming with egoon says:

wow a review after only 2 days?

dont get me wrong the video is great but 2 days seems very short for any device to show hikups Etc.

Ross Carlson says:

As a big Echo fan I’ve been considering these so thanks for the timely review. I thought they could be used with the new 3rd gen Dots, is that not true? That said I have the first gen Dots anyway (and a few first gen Echos) and I don’t care enough about the sound where the Echos are so I’ll have to wait until I upgrade my current Dots (if I do anytime soon)

the hot tuna says:

is that a massive Sabre poster??

kaedron17 says:


scott simo says:

I come here for the Star Citizen. But this was a good and informative review.

DK Jens says:

WTF Big Joysticks 😀

TheRealYann says:

Some variation in terms of content is always nice!

Bob Delew says:

Looking forward to this new series.

j Cadence says:

I’m curious about your opinion, Noob. I find it an interesting paradox to think of outfitting home sound with speakers made by a computer/tech company and not a sound company. I would imagine a trade-off between convenient interlinking vs universally quality sound.

It seems weird to me to go with a set of speakers that only link with X products Versions Y.A to Y.K – versus getting better quality speakers that have no OS reliance and setting up the intelligent brain in an alternative way.

Why this way versus something more universal? Or maybe my thinking is just too antiquated? =)

Craig Holden says:

Great video and nice to see the diversification as well, especially following the same succinct style – love the new amazon sub, really brings the echo range into a more mature and competitive solution. Oh also was that a Commodore VIC-20 on your shelf :-O ?

Synthetic2802 says:

i thought it was just your work space thats baller AF 😉

Bladescorpion83 says:

Wiretap, play x playlist

Mark Morales says:

I have a google home and it is surprisingly loud but lacks the bass I like. My only option is to get the $400 google home that has more sound to it. It is awesome that amazon offers smaller products to fill in what’s missing and not just require the user to upgrade the entire system. This is making me consider replacing the google home with a series of amazon products. Most of the people I know have amazon smart speakers and I’m the only one with the google one, alone this thing is better but it was also a lot more expensive, perhaps multiple spread out products could beat a single one in a good spot.

I have research to do. Thank you for this video and for making me get off my chair to do some science.

Russell Johnson says:

I’ll stick with the Sonos – sounds better, though you do pay more for it.

Gregory Mullen says:

So all of noob’s house is hackable… Interesting…

Detached Pixel says:


JohnnyKanuk says:

I have been sitting on the fence about going all out on the Amazon side. Just worried about security and how hardened it is to outside intrusions. I was at a friends place that has Hue and it really was impressive. Thanks for posting I may just pull the trigger.

Lichachron says:

Thanks for the review, mate

GingerPersonView says:

0:43 Thats my cat! you can keep it though. its like gollum, gremlins and manut bol all rolled into one.

Snowbrawler says:

Amazon Alexa: “AHAHAH, You’re CIA property now”

Chief Gully says:


Button Fox says:


Bob Delew says:

You have a nice house

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