EV ETX18SP Review – LOUD subwoofer!

EV ETX18SP Review – LOUD subwoofer!


dj hustleman says:

The speaker that is by you right ear at 10 seconds into the clip? Is that a sub or a full range on the pole? I can see that it is a ev

megasound says:

hey man great review !!! i have one question do you use these with a driverack better processing and what you think of using these with a driverack? thanks!!

Frank Pirolo says:

I wish I had $1500 to blow, a bigger car, and super strength!

Limin says:

Hey Arnoldo. I just got two etx-15sp. Now what is the easiest way to load them into your trunk (In my case, a Honda CRV) did you load them in with a ramp? Thanks 🙂

Jorge Ardon says:

any idea how these compare with the new jbl SRX series?

John Lackner says:

What was the idea of having a “live” and “music” setting? When you are working at live gigs, aren’t you most likely mixing music?

Noel Serrato says:

Just an FYI. Con regarding this sub. I need to tighten all of the screws every 4 gigs or so. At first, I didn’t notice the rattling of the sub until my 9th gig of using it. But now, every 4 gigs or so to make sure there’s no rattling. Another con, the DSP levels of protection can be a bit annoying if you don’t have two of these subs. I only use one of these subs and the bass will drop off at some point later in the night because it’s protecting itself. But I guess it would be worse if my speaker didn’t do that and got ruined. I suggest getting two of these behemoths, if you have the room to transport them. Another minor gripe, the wheel placement. When I lay the sub down on the floor in the position for use of the sub, the wheel kinda lifts the speaker because it’s not flush. Small gripes, otherwise, great speaker for all occasions.

maizesoft says:

review the EKX18SP please

armada173 says:

Hi Arnoldo , I really like you lighting software both case have you done any reviews on it ? Or pic will be nice I like that idea .
Thank you

Switch Ireland says:

Great review!

Antonio Price says:

I just watched your video and I couldn’t read the DSP. So, my question is; does the ETV 18SP DSP have a setting to use the EKX 15P as your top?

stevempro331 says:

This is certainly a great bang for the buck subwoofer. I’m just curious how it will hold up 5-10 years down the road?Same thing

Variance Within says:

not everybody knows everything. probably better not to assume “we all know what…. …. is.”

DJ-SpecializED Mixes says:

Arnoldo thanks for the vid, i value your input. i know you gave the Yamaha DXS12 a great review. im trying to decide on the two. i know its two completely two different sized speakers but what do you think between the two?

Antonio Price says:

Also, what’s your comparison to the Cerwin-Vega SX?

dj hustleman says:

What tops (mains) would you buy on a 1500 dollar budget?

Todd Barber says:

Thanks Arnoldo. I appreciate all the informative videos you post. You’re a great resource to the DJ community.

heysuesdadon says:

which pair would you recommend? Pair of these or pair of yamaha DXS18?

antonio mendoza says:

I have seen a lot of reviews about the subwoofers. My problem is a Dj never does these products justice.. Not like a live band situation and the problems that come with it….how about a review on that

Jaime Torres says:

do you use dbx driverack ?

Worrell York says:

can you use double inputs with this sub

dj hustleman says:

I got one and its about to tear a building apart

Ahmed Ariez says:

Hi Arnoldo,how are you?anyways do u knw how do i pair this etx18sp sub to a zlx15p?do i need to loop from the top to the sub or isit from the sub to the top?and where will it goes to the mixer?and what is the crossover unit number?80hz,or 120hz?

Paul Goegebeur says:

what is your opinion on the 18sp with a set of Mackie 1530’s used with V- Drums….thank you.

Slick Moranis says:

SICK explaination B|

Cameron Leonard says:

Will cardioid mode still function properly if these subs are next to each other rather than stacked?

Kevin Yuliawan Music says:

SQL: structured query language?

breedsauce101 says:

Great reviews! I like how thorough you are..

So I have to ask….EV ETX18SP or YAMAHA DXS18..

I play drums in 9 bands and I am trying to get the best subs and PA mains.

Or is there some other company you like?

Fizyx says:

not great subs. you never hear anyone rave about them

DJ OLY Hernandez says:

i have two of these with 2 15p tops I’m looking to get a subwoofer speaker pole an having a hard time deciding wanted to get a PCL35 pole what would you recommend?

antonio mendoza says:

How would they hold up with a live setup for a band..having monitors and speaker placements near walls and microphone.

Richard Velazquez says:

awesome, Im looking at getting some right now, I own the ETX 15″ tops and they are awesome! I can’t wait to get the subs! do you still recommend?

Mario Lambert says:

Great Video!

The plug Entertainment says:

I have the 2 15 top and 2 18 subs etx . I feel like I’m not getting a lot out the tops . I go from mixer to sub the to tops . You have any pionters on setting the speakers or something I’m doing wrong .

ramiro garza says:

Awesome review. Thank you!!

DJNexuz1 says:

Hi, would i be able to use the ETX subs with ELX tops? If so how can the subs be configured? Thanks

Llamas Sound says:

How would this compare to the JBL VRX918SP?

Devon Marley says:

Does anyone have any go to vids where i can hear a live band using the ETX TOPS and BOTTOMS any combo,thanks…

Sergiu Rad says:

hy if i have 2 ev zlx15 and 1 ELX 118 P is enough for a 200 people weding

dj hustleman says:

1500 for the pair what would be suitable or better than passive peavey sp2s?

Eye Of Deception says:

Good in-depth and informative video….. as always! You always produce excellent videos that myself as a fellow DJ appreciates! Keep up the good work!!!!

DJ J Tech says:

Arnoldo do you think these would sound ok with two Mackie Srm 550’s? I don’t want to upgrade the entire system. I’m looking for a good sub.

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