How bad is the $70 subwoofer from Walmart? Install | Review

My cheap sound system lacks bass. Can this off the shelf subwoofer and amp provide that?

Sub wiring kit:

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Larry Maynard says:

Everyone is talking crap on this video but it actually helps people an i found it very help full

SpyderRios says:

I am be paying $180 for someone to run all the wires to the trunk. I am a then buy my own quality subs and fit them as best as possible so they look like they came like that from factory.

Adrian G.Skillz says:

instructions unclear… dick stuck in subwoofer

cali west says:

That song at the end lmao

Joseanarr says:

I use two of these speakers in my single cab GMC Sierra stepside

Cutter Kelley says:

Replace the turbo for a sub

El_De_La_Lobo says:

If only you wired the 3 rotor this way the first time

Prakash Roy says:

Would love to see a jl w7 next in this baby. Would cost more than the car. But hey when do car mods ever make financial sense.

dwayne Wilcott says:

Dual subs are not that bad for what u pay for I have one for a boom box project i did on a 120watt rms amp dose the job

DJ George says:

Just buy a single 8 and have it installed professionally. Then that shit goin be slappin

all the boost says:

Rob dahm you’ve always done car videos about boosted RX7. what happened your channel has taken a turn for the worst.. you are now making videos about Wally World stereo systems in a Honda Insight. Bro plz let’s get back to the boosted rotary stuff.

Chris Tamez says:

Gain on the amp isnt a volume knob. It should never be on max.

atcdan133 says:

Aren’t you always supposed to disconnect the negative terminal first?

Franky CheifSosa says:

Whats that outro song???

German Elite Tuning says:

Dude you now have the most bad ass Honda insite ever!!!!! LOL.

Michael Bacon says:

Next upgrade is to put speakers in those empty spaces where speakers can go behind the seats. Do it Rob Dahm do it!!!!!

Dylan McIntire says:

Are you related to mike the cop on YouTube

B007 says:

Zip ties Rob, zip ties!

Ben Porter says:

Are you going to get a wrap for the honda. do they sell it at walmart?

DareToBeDeviant says:

Thanks for the reminder. Seriously. After doing a 2000watt/2-12s setup a few years ago I said no more. Since then I done did forgotted howsta hook up amp/sub. Having to daisy chain power cells to the main battery (fuck capacitors!) made me short out.


Rob, I’ve been into insights for a long time. If you’re ever bored while pooping, check out lots of cool insight info and projects on there

jose joe says:

Hey rob, behind the driver and passenger seat are cut outs for two more speakers. Behind the carpet. Look in to it!

Babyblue1992 says:

this was waay cleaner than my sub install hahaha

Careless Creations says:

Well first off that speaker box is for a truck and is junk.

StreatBeatsAudio Subwoofers says:

just a speakerguy passing through hehe

Jake Burton says:

Never watching your vids again..u do all that and no proper test for us to see…lame

P51 Sleeper says:

Well, at least you routed the rca cables on the other side of the car. Otherwise it would have sounded even worse

Jovanye Cerna says:

Ground should always be thicker

UnleashedSoldier says:

As someone who loves car audio and has thousands invested in my system I must say ive enjoyed this little series of budget stuff and shows that anyone can get into car stereo and have a good listening experience! Nice work!

Careless Creations says:

Never use electric tape. Doesn’t make a good connection.

That Guy says:

How to install a cheap 4 rotor? Not this channel !!

Jarek Nowak says:

Rob, its 2018 and we all have YT, we know what subwoofer is.

Contractor Millionaire says:

Hey, Rob is awesome love this vid

blindman0Y0 says:

So how did you setup the input level and crossover point without access to the speaker wire from the amp? And did you leave the phase at 180? Because if it is out of phase with your other speakers it will sound like crap regardless.

Patrick Pedigo says:

Funny I actual have this in my truck. Kinda proof of concept. My newer truck had integrated sound/nav/controls so I can’t run aftermarket stereo. Went cheap with sub to not waste money and bought lc2 line converter to have rca and amp turn on. Tell the truth, little sub will get down. Was impressed what it would do. Now that I know it’ll work, a custom ported enclosure 4 10’s and a cab 1600 are coming. Can’t wait

Jack Hoffmen says:

Spaghetti is watching this video and is angry he didn’t think of this first

Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH' says:

I’ll take that screaming kid in the background anyday to get on other motorists nerves

Vanilla Gorilla says:

Wow dude….u have zero clue what ur doing running that power wire thru the fender. Have u EVER done this before?

jackson p says:

it can be placed anywhere it will still have the bass efect
and just a tip if you do this again you van just bridge the remote wire with the pozitive wire its much easyer
AND DONT MESS WITH the gain, it can resalt in clipping the amp and sub

Dapinder Sandhu says:

The way you placed is good as in have one in my car and is placed same as you placed yours subwoofer but i have little different subwoofer as it has amp different and amp is not in subwoofer

Ryan Wolfe says:

that is actually a pretty cool compact all in one unit. i may have to pick one up.

Vanilla Gorilla says:

Make sure not to solder any connections…or even use connectors….or even tape them.properly. just twist them together loosely and place some tape lightly over it. Jeeeeesus.

J Cortes says:

I’m doing the exact same set up for my shop truck lol

Payton cole says:

I have the same unit in my current car got it on sale for about 50$
It over heats during long drives and shuts off

zack ems says:

Should face the trunk for a better experience but duals junk Orion’s better

Hoekuu Bass says:

Towards the back and facing away

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