How Do You Match Car Subwoofers and Amplifiers?

We explain the process of correctly matching car subwoofers and amplifiers. If it’s a subject you find confusing, tune in and learn how to do it!

QMV Subwoofer Wiring Wizard:


0:47 Main Points: RMS Rating, Impedance(Ohms), Amplifier, Enclosure
1:09 RMS Power Ratings (Thermal Power Handling) – What is it?
1:35 RMS vs MAX(Peak) power
2:05 Match RMS Input of Subwoofer to RMS Output of Amplifier
2:20 Mulitple Subwoofer RMS Ratings
3:06 Distortion – What does it sound like?
3:30 Amplifier Headroom
3:52 Impedance (Ohms) – What is it?
4:30 Matching RMS and Impedance(Ohms)
5:00 Ohms vs Power Outputs
5:45 Example: Wiring 2 Ohm Single Voice Subwoofers
6:10 Power Headroom
6:35 Dual Voice Coil Subwoofers
6:40 Parallel Wiring: 4 Ohms becomes 2 Ohms, 2 Ohms becomes 1 Ohm
7:00 Selecting an Amplifier
7:05 Monoblocks
7:14 Two Channel and Four Channel Amps
7:30 Bridging Amplifiers
7:55 Monoblocks: How Many Subs can they Power?
8:03 Wire 3 DVC 2 Ohm Subs to 1.34 Ohm or 3 Ohm Impedance
8:13 Match RMS Input and RMS Output
8:24 CEA Compliant
8:32 Build a System from Scratch
8:38 Selecting Amplifier: Rockford Fosgate P1000X1BD
9:07 Selecting 4 Subwoofers for Amplifier: P1S4-12
9:23 Selecting 3 Subwoofers for Amplifier: P2D2 or P2D4?
10:07 What Kind of System is Best For You?
10:27 Subwoofer Enclsoures
10:43 Common Questions

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Cesar Llanos says:

Hey I need some suggestions for an audio set up for my car.i have a 2007 Honda accord and everything is stock. I’m getting the sony XAVAX3000 for my new head unit and a 12 inch kicker L7 with an included ported in closure. I need some help with figuring out some speakers and amp for my car. I want I nice clean sound with great thumping bass that won’t be to hard to install and upkeep. The more simple the better. Love to hear vocals! Like in r&b, hiphop, alternate rock, and pop. I get a discount at best buy so money isn’t too much of an issue. Also installing a back up cam

Sean Bruce says:

My amp is rated for 500 watts RMS at 2ohms does that mean each speaker should be 500 watt RMS or at 250 rms?

Maverick Morvant says:

HELP PLS. i have a tundra crew max and i want to put some subs in it. either 2 10s or maybe 4 8s. but i want some high quality stuff. i’ll have a custom box made to the speakers and to the truck, but i need help with speaker and amp choice. i listen to metal/ rock and a lot of rap.

Sir-Dab-Alot Na says:

If you dont know what hes talking about. You probably own a Kicker.

Skibble Dazzle says:

He might as well have a gun to my head: “ learn mothaf****” …. btw that’s how all professors should teach “e=mc yo momma”

AlphaLope says:

Im lost. What amp do I need for two kicker compS 12in?

4200cg says:

Duhhhhh Fak!

Trokeros El Paso Tx says:

Fried and now im worst …i mean good explain but …too much info

4200cg says:

I forgot why the fuk I came here for!

Isidro Mendez says:

the music at 11:09
That person listened to a lot of progress rock/metal
Just that we did it better

Benjamin Ward says:

Okay what if I’m trying to use an amp on my door speakers? I have 4 speakers that each have an rms rating of 75w at 4 ohms

Renesh Moolchand says:

Hi what’s the rms on targa venom 2d subwoofer

Jose Garcia says:

He can’t even fucking speak right .. he don’t know shit

Jen Kasama says:

i think im going crazy about the numbers.

Håkon T. says:

Eh, I usually go with an amplifier with a higher rated output than the power handling of the subwoofer. The first couple hours of playing I find the point where the subs sound like they’re about to start bottoming out and stay below that point. I also regularly check if the subs are about to overheat, so far I have blown exactly zero subwoofers with this method. You don’t blow speakers with an overpowered amp, you blow them by playing at a higher volume than they’re built for.

Enting bhetoy Colags says:

I have 2, 12″sub woofers, 4ohms, 250W RMS in 1200watts max each said by the manual, how many watts of Amplifier do i have to use?
Hope you can help me… thanks…

GZack says:

So…if someone got it…what kind of amp i need for alpine swt 12s4 =]]]]]] i found something but im not sure if its ok lol

George Burns says:

Will an alpine 400watt amp work well with an alpine 500w rms sub?

Crucible777 says:

This guy talks at 1 ohm and now my brain is overheated.

Dimo Green says:

my amp has two bridgeable channels that push 200 Watts at 4 Ohms, 300 watts at 2 ohms & 600 watts at 4 Ohms bridged.

one channel is burned out.

I just want to hook up one big ass subwoofer. just blew my memphis 12″s

can the negative on the burn Channel still be used for a bridge?

so I can get a 600w sub run bridged or do I have to go with a 300 at 2 ohms or my math wrong?

should I just get a 200 watt sub? whats ohms would that be out of one channel not bridged?

somebody help me understand this

Matt Morse NZ says:

Great video

manuel sotelo says:

You guys should make an app that calculates everything for you

Derock Tyler says:

Can i wire up my subwoofers with ramen noodles

Kool Breeze says:

Great video!!

Nic Rod says:

I still don’t know what tf you’re talking about

Adam st.amour says:

I need a good sub and amp match I have t680 kenworth.two speaker only what do I get I like heavy bass music

Ocarvio Rolle says:

Could use your help in find the right amp for my speakers man

ylija benagua says:

How about 300 watt speaker dual voice coil. I means, 150watt in a single coil??

Elle Shah says:

Ok what does mono mean on amp?
I got a Pioneer 2-channel bridgeable amp with a thousand Watts 480 Watts RMS at 2 ohms. 480 RMS is that the total Watts I can run from two subs? What kind of Subs am I looking for?

Patrick Peterman says:

Well you did a fine job on this video-“inspite of yourself” !!

Murkin MurDock says:

How do I find max volume?

Josh G says:

Brain fried too much to fast lol now time to let it sink in and watch it again a couple times. He’s talking about 1.37 and 3 ohms I’m like umm I thought their was only 1,2,4. Time to read some more. Train this retarded brain

Elle Shah says:

Very helpful i knew zip till i watched this.. Thanks

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