Infinity Kappa 120.9w review (subwoofer shootout)

The first subwoofer in the shootout! The Infinity 120.9w was ran @2ohms on the CT Sounds M750.1 with roughly 600 watts. See what I think of it and let me know how you think the others will do in the comments. ALSO please check out the new podcast I do with BigDWiz @ 12v talk on Youtube, Soundcloud, iTunes, Google play

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eric dudley says:

could have 4 8ohm coils? or could have just a single 2ohm and a single 4ohm coil it’s a mystery.

HifiVega says:

Did you think the Infinity would do better? What’s your top pick now? Let’s discuss in the comments!

Mike Watkins says:

I’m excited to see what your opinion is on the pioneer sub. But thats no surprise to you im sure.

Electronics For Fun says:

that’s a nice looking woofer.

Ramon R. says:

Are you going to run all the subs at 2ohms? I never had any infinity products. I would also like just a quick 5 second bass line I could hear from each but if not that’s np. Great start to the shoot out

Rob Land says:

I still think it’s bad far the nicest looking sub u have in the line up.

PSE Mentalist says:

Oh heck that’s an old school sub woofer 2009 . There’s a lot of of school bassheads who are into old car audio that love the older equipment compared to the newer stuff

Suazzz says:

Looking forward to the vids because there’s a lot of amp dyno vids but not much subwoofer test

Eric Perry says:

I feel like you did this sub a huge disservice. I have this same sub and in a 1cuft box with 800 watts rms I killed my friends RF p3 12″. Also you didn’t show this sub playing music in the suburban like the other subs. But I do enjoy these videos and appreciate the time and effort and I look forward to that pioneer premier 12″ sub!

Casey Cross says:

Its no fair using the same box for each subwoofer. It would be proper to do it using manufacturer recommended specs for each driver. You could build a box thats the biggest the group recommends snd then have blocks to reduce volume and have a panel that is a quick swap panel that contains the port.

tommy hodges says:

Pretty sweet sub

bondovwvw says:

I really like my original image dynamic speakers. I have a couple tens and twelves I don’t want to ever get rid of. They have great sound quality. I also have some older Boston 12 and 15s that sound pretty good.

Fresh55n9ne says:

Great review

Joaquin Juarez says:

I think the rf is not gonna sound as good as the infinity, but will be louder.
I’m predicting a C rating out of the rf driver due to more output for the dollar but lower wow factor and sq.
Great review, looking forward for more!

04titanss says:

What DB app do you use?

Tater T.V. says:

The winner is in the next video, my 2 picks are the Rockford p3, and the pioneer impp for sure hands down these 2 will be the best.Back in the day my buddy had 4 of those pionner impp in his Probe!! Thats right i said a probe!! Lol remember them rides? I used to think they were so fresh!! But for a build car.they are perfect with that hatch in the back!! Well cant wait for the rest of the shootout!!

Edward Autrey says:

Nice video as usual !!!!

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