JL Audio e112 Subwoofer Review by Upscale Audio’s Kevin Deal

A subwoofer isn’t about getting more bass, but giving you a sense of the space. A good subwoofer set-up transforms your system–not just the lows, but the mids, the highs, the dynamics, the soundstaging…


Cypherdude1 says:

$1900+tax=$2047 = Yikes. Thanks for the offer but no thanks. I’ll have to stick with my computer 2.1 speakers. LOL

Charlie Williams says:

First time I heard Aqua lung, I was in Torremolinos, Spain, about 15 years old at the time, vacationing with my parents. Later that night, I was in a “clip joint” buying some girl “Champagne Cocktails” and ran out of money. This older guy from Texas covered my tab and said – “you don’t want to run out of money in this place, boy”. I still thank that man for that advice/help. Love that album and Thick as a Brick.

poserwanabe says:

“A subwoofer isn’t about getting more bass”….I’m sorry, I’m out……

dublin innis says:

He lost me at Alpha…

RCs By A Dummy says:

I’m pretty happy with my old Miller and Kreisel MX-125 MKII.

Arthur Watts says:

Can we just avoid mentioning JL’s car audio business completely when talking about their home audio subs ? If you check the backstory, JL poached someone with a documented history in home audio subwoofers for another brand to ensure that they got it right. I see some truly idiotic claims in every review of a JL Audio home subwoofer – it’s just sad to think they don’t get the difference between the home environment and the cabin effect they have to work with in a car : this isnt K-Mart.

Freddy Genao says:

How should you compare this with the SVS 4000sb?

Taylor Vancoillie says:

I herd the SB4000 is better in most aspects? Im considering 2 of these of 2 SB4000s


JL Audio is the bomb!

noel wood says:

You have a jl sub in you car but for car audio jl makes speakers and not just subs. So for what you are saying you shouldnt have a jl sub for your car since they make more than just subs. So only true for home audio? This blanket statement really doesnt work.

mrpositronia says:

Are there supertweeters that are available which integrate with any setup, too?

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