JL Audio e112 Subwoofer Review

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Gena and Hugo review the powerful JL Audio e112 Subwoofer.

For the full written review of the JL Audio E-Sub e112 Subwoofer, please visit:

For the JL Audio e112 Full Body Subwoofer Workout check out this video: http://youtu.be/rEk9U2Ak1xo






pr0jectSkyneT says:

love the video reviews guys, keep em coming

aztekkthundergod says:

Could you guys give a fair comparison between the SVS-SB13 Ultra and the JL e112 ? I have heard it said the JL has more detail, is it significantly more detailed and accurate/musical than the SVS?

I also heard the SVS is has more output and extension. Is this by a wide margin?

Which do you prefer and why?

I just bought a JL e112 and its getting delivered very soon. I am going to run it with the Paradigm Monitor 11 V.4. Which woofer do you think would blend better with these speakers?


andy stevenson says:

I have 2 of the 10″ and im very happy with them. The only thing I find is that the auto on/off setting isn’t very sensitive and I have to turn up the sound loud just so they come on, then I turn It down, so I just turn them on and off instead..Still wish i got the 12s tho..

Dalton16ish says:

JL Audio is legite shit

SYCO Miami FLow GROW says:

Is the rhythmic audio F 25 better than that sub ????

Funky_bottoms says:

Hi Guyz,
I have 2ch amp and want to buy this sub. Although I would have preferred the SVS PB12 to match my SVS Ultra bookshelf speakers. The SVS sub doesn’t appear to be compatible with my Teac AX-501 due to it’s connectivity. So my option seems to be that I use a ”Shotgun” speaker cable configuration, 1 split from the the speaker terminal into 2 pairs. 1 pair connected a Ultra speaker and the other to the JL-E112.

My quest is will this work?

Sincerely, thank you for your expert advice.

oldschool823 says:

50mm vc?

Terje E says:

not believe that there will be an earthquake but very good sound . first time I heard a jl 13.5 ” I was disappointed but realize that it is he who has the best sound and in small box.

J. García says:

Hugo is a like a rookie actor that has just learned his lines. But, he gets the job done when he is spontaneous. BTW, who is the guitar player?

ErikT595 says:

Hey guys, did you ever tested the Velodyne SPL 1200Ultra?
My experience is that it’s also a very good 12″ woofer.

judaspreistvlct says:

It has good sound quality BUT you cannot turn it up past 1/4 of the way! Also, I already returned one e110 woofer because it blew its dustcap (there is a cap on the inner cone) and now the new one I got back has a bad problem with the gain control (scratchy) ! When I turned it on, and I always set volumes to zero when I am done listening to music, it came on FULL BLAST and almost blew the woofer!!! JUNK DO NOT BUY *EVER* !!!!

Howard Jawarski says:

Luuuuuccy, Im hooooome…weed my nu sabwooofer…baba lu.

MIke Mike says:

Hugo, Why are your jeans tighter than your shirt?

jrco1010 says:

my room is 13.45x 20.66×8.5 in feet. this is proposed by my home theater contractor. however another contractor suggested me to get 2 subs. is one of this enough? thanks

SQcaliboy 1 says:

does anyone else think Hugo sounds like Fez??

pbkoenigsegg says:

Sorry if this is a newbie question but how come the speaker cone is moving even though i can’t hear anything? Are they running some kind of test program?

JKfive100 says:

Great review guys! 
I have the e110 in my media room. The room is small (about 200 sq. ft.) I have carpeted floors and place the sub near the front wall. I ran Audyssey, and it had me lower the volume knob to about 1/3 from the min. volume. The base didn’t have much punch. Raising the volume knob just causes the base to get really loud and hurt my ears without shaking the room. Is there any way make the base shake the room like you said in the review, without blowing out my ears?

Mike E says:

How do these compare to the svs ultra 13″?

Michael Anderson says:

Thanks for this outstanding video review.  It informed my purchasing decision.

DA Master says:

Hmmm , I doubt JL created a new sub , this has to be the same as their car version, Id like to see the whole sub to compare.
Id love to see you guys make  DIY subwoofer video. Grab a JBL 18″ 2268 make your own box around 6.5ft 35hz and see what you can come up with in terms of box design.

JakesOnline says:

You’ve got a 60 Hz hum in this video

Audfile says:

hopefully you guys aren’t too sponsored up and can answer this honestly. Without getting drawn into little details, which sub is more musical, SVS Sealed Ultra 13, or the E 110?

George Pg says:

I am using jl e112 and klipsch r112 for my theater. I am facing some hissing sound is coming from jl e112.
Without any input also am getting the sound. The switch is in the ground position.
This is a common problem or my subwoofer having any issue.

Kaytay23 says:

I totally agree with this review of JL audio home subwoofer, this sub is a win win if you can afford it at around $1300, in my opinion it is as smooth powerful and detailed as you will find on the market, but for me I’m hoping jl audio will make a home subwoofer in the $400 to $500 range that will surpass current subs like jbl, infinity, Polk, klipsch etc.

NONO lazik says:

right guy is hulk bruh

Eddie says:

will the e110 beat a velodyne dd+ ???

rick scholte says:

You should try the Rel Quake mk2. Its a little 8 inch subwoofer but its really, REALLY impressiv for its seize and does real 25hrtz. Tell me what you guys thinks about the Rel brand or the Rel Quake mk2 on its own. Sorry for the bad English grammer….im dutch

Chris Wilson says:

so what is better the svs or this ? and where does the super cube 6000 stand

James Galligan says:


Alpha Auto Detailing Chico CA says:

I used a 13w6 in a 3.5 cup box tuned to 20hz and it will blow you away. JL is top notch period. I use there HD amps in car audio with Mosconi 6to8v8 processor and I cant tell you how amazing JL still is. Most car audio brand and went to shit but JL. Made in USA as well.

kelvinrandolph1 says:

Woodie!!!!!!!! NOOOOO!! HAHAHAHA!!

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