JL Audio W3 Car Subwoofer Review

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Check out the JL Audio W3 subwoofer. In this video, we use the 12W3v3-4 to show off JL Audio’s advanced subwoofer technology. These subs play deep bass that is loud and clear. Despite the simple design, the W3 is a feature packed subwoofer. These features include DMA-optimized motor, FCAM Floating Cone Attach Method, Elevated frame-cooling, and much more!

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Sonic Electronix says:

Yes, if each sub gets a 500.1 then you would have no problems.

Destroyerzx1 says:

go to caraudio.com and sign up in the forums if you have questions they helped my find a decent set of speakers to replace my old jl xr

Sonic Electronix says:

They are exactly the same. The ohms are different to allow for different wiring options to different amplifiers.

L. James says:

Honestly, JL audio are great speakers, the build quality is next to non, sound quiality is awesome but honestly, they out price themselves vs the competition out there offering the same specs for about half the price sadly

jtexas21 says:

Whats better 4ohm or 2ohm for this subwoofer

Chandler Cockle says:

I have 2 12″ JL Audio W3v4 subs in a ported box. I’m currently running a Memphis SRX 500/1 amp for the subs. What would be a better amp for these subs?? Something with a little more power??

Abraham Lopez says:

can you fit these in a truck?

metallifuk1970 says:

Wrong, 500 RMS, 1000 peak, at least my 12W3v3-4’s are. Wired to 2 ohm final impedence with a hifonics brutus 1200.1 amp, they are slightly underpowered with 450w per sub, yet they slam hard with all kinds of different music genres.

Fox250R says:

Well i got the W3’s today. Just had the W1’s replaced in the same box…Its a Down firing non ported box that i had built for my Tacoma…The bass does sound cleaner then the W1’s. Maybe ill look into another amp…Thank you

ricky lee says:

Hello SonicElectronixTV I have 2 12″ JL w3d-2 thinking on getting 2 of these W3V3-2 as as just got another JL J2 500.1 So they only running at 340 RMS so would these amps be ok for 2 W3V3-2 or should I get 2 Alpine SWR-12D4

Sonic Electronix says:

If you are new to car audio, you should spend some time reviewing our videos more and reading our Knowledge Base. Car Audio is actually very complicated, it is not as easy as connecting wires and then everything works. Consider giving us a call, it makes it a lot easier to explain to you the basic concepts of car audio over the phone. (1-877-289-7664)

Fox250R says:

HI, Im running 2 10inch W1’s off a HD900/5.. Bass is good but i would like more.. If i swapped the w1’s for w3’s would i notice any difference? Thank you

Sonic Electronix says:

The more power you give a sub (to a certain limit) the better it will sound during the dynamic peaks of your music. As long as your gain is set correctly and you don’t clip the woofer, give them more power.

rome seveneightsixnine says:

Unless they redesigned it it looks like the eBay fake. Doesn’t jl weave their wires into the spiders? And have a removable trim ring for adding grills……. Just sayin…….
Never mind, I stand corrected.

Dj Smiley of las Vegas says:

I just got the 12w3v3 2ohm in custom jl audio box in pawn for 100 bucks it bumped at 125 watts rms i want to see how good it sounds in 400 to 500 rms.they sell online for 420 so i got a good deal

Sonic Electronix says:

The box you have is a little big but it will work for this woofer.

remzsti says:

i have been running the same JL audio 12 w3v3 for 9 years next year will be 10 year old sub going strong.  i bought another one for more bass it blew with in 6 months. I just got it back from JL refurbished an got it all hooked up man these subs are stupid loud. Even though i had a blown sub i still love these subs. Its build to last while other brands would have failed to work years ago. JL’s are expensive because you will never have to buy another speaker for at least ten years. you get what you pay for.

Sonic Electronix says:

Any sub that matches the power rating of the amp. The sound comes more from the enclosure construction then the amp.

olbnortex4 says:

i was told the jl’s with the tensil leads not woven in the spider was a counterfeit along with the jl w3 logo i was told was not pressed in the cone but rather have a 3d one on it im not sure if this is true or not anybody have any ideas

Sal Norton says:

I don’t know what Power bass is but just got 2 13W3v3 on jx1000x1 and my sh*t is breaking in my car and it’s only 500watts to each….and if it’s 200$ thats a steal…bAsSSaL…

stringbreaker6 says:

i run two on a jbl 1200.1 at 2 ohms in the jl box they came in . if you screw up the box too big or too small u mess up the sound. get the jl box. the sound quality is next to none. kickers have cone noise these do not you just hear the music not the subs.

Just Saint #BO3 Comeback says:

I bought a this Sub and a JL Audio amp jx250
About to connect it later today idk what to expect 🙂

Sonic Electronix says:

Both subs would be fine on the J2, but we recommend sticking with JL. As for locations in the UK, we can’t answer that question you will need to talk to JL.

brandon halsey says:

what amp would you recommend to push 2 jl audio 12 inch w3v3s???

Sonic Electronix says:

Maybe louder depending on the box but not cleaner.

Darth Raider says:

Getting these installed tomorrow l, don’t know what to expect. Can’t wait

EasyBakeKing says:

I have 3 jl w3v3s. I hit a 145.6. amp power Acoustik 6000

Peter Ridriguez says:

2 15s power bass or 2 12s jl w3 what should I get both are 200$

David Flores says:

What’s the rms on the w3?

Sonic Electronix says:

If they are Single 2 ohm subwoofers, you will need to wire them to a monoblock amplifier that outputs 1000W RMS or slightly more at a 1 Ohm load. The subs will wire together in parallel to produce 1 ohm final impedance. If you are new to car audio we recommend you call us so we can explain the concepts to you better.

darthlopezrl says:

Hello . Can anyone please recommend which is the best Jl enclosed subwoofer sistem? Thanks

R as in ReKoiL says:

Seth that one you have there looks like counterfeit copy. lol

def8732 says:

May be a silly question, but will 2 of these go good with 1 jl 1000/1?

Joe John says:

I just bought 2 12 JL w3v3. They are both 2ohm each. I’m looking at amps and confused. What do I need to power both subs,??

jtexas21 says:

What kind of jl audio amp will i need for two of these

Alex Tovar says:

Can I run a zx750.1 kicker amp with a single 12″ ?

jldude84 says:

Think I’m gonna build a cabinet for the back seat area in my Ranger and load it with 2 10W3s and about 1200 watts.

Retalak says:

The sub featured in this video is fake.

chickydogbreath1 says:

Anyone have any idea what JL Audio charges to repair my two 12w3v3 subs. My speakers got toasted and I’m out of warranty.

Sonic Electronix says:

You would need a stronger amplifier to run JL W3 woofer as they each take 500W. There would be a difference in sound if you changed the woofers out but the biggest difference in sound will come if you get a custom box made for them.

rami dawood says:

why does he say the word technology a million times? The design has been the same since the 1860s.

butjust diee says:

How much could it cost to buy 2 of these subwoofers? im new to the car audio set up and im planning on hooking up my 01 olds bravada with 2 of these, any idea of what kind of wires i should use and what kind of amps?

Sonic Electronix says:

Any JL Amp that outputs 1000W at either 2 ohm or 1 ohm. If you get the Single 4 ohm version, the amp needs to output 1000W at 2 ohms. If you get the Single 2 ohm version, the amp needs to output 1000W at 1 ohm.

StevesSwift says:

I had just one of these (10″ at 300 RMS) and it was more than enough. I don’t understand when people say “it’s ight” or “it’s too over priced”. You guys are out of your mind. You get what you pay for. I paid $130 for a sub that killed.

ricky lee says:

cheers for the replay. where can I get w3v3-2 in the uk? what subs would be better on j2 500.1 alpine type r or jl?

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