Kicker Comp 12″ 4-Ohm Subwoofer Review


Angel Scene says:

No Mediocre…..

Danny Wean says:

Not hating on the video nice subs and sounds ok but ive noticed alot of people running pencil dick power wire and that alone will make a nice set up like this suck and wont be loud as it could be .. with this set up id run no less then 2G wire or 0G and that will allow the amps to deliver the bass you want. My buddy had a 900 watt system with some cheap power wire and was not loud so I installed a new power wire that was 2G and holy hell that fucking thing was 50% louder

#Listen to this Please says:

JL or kicker which is best?

Enrique Benavides says:

aslong as you dont buy planet audio amps your good bro lol

Jacob Goff says:


Timothy Hinton says:

I was willing to see what the Kicker’s could do in this video just because they were loud in the 90’s…then I saw the Boss amp on them as talked you in to buying this crap?..not trying to hate it is just bad advise that some one gave you to buy that crap..sorry man

Tater Tot says:

I have cx600.1 mono amp & 2 12″ svc 4ohm 300rms system willing to sell or trade. My trunk is to big for these. 06 Grand Marquis I want a 15″ sub

watchthisusa says:

Do you have full range going to them. Sounds a little too high????

ORANGE BOY 714 says:

good sub’s for 10s but can’t handle to much watts .

phillip shevchenko says:

I had a bad experience with boss. I don’t understand why you bought a high rated watt amplifier that runs low watt subs. I would have recommend a “Mtx 500.1” amplifier. Small and reliable

Juniorbriceno says:

need more power

dylan speer says:

@ anyone saying Boss Amps lie about RMS: on their OWN WEBSITE, they state the RM1100 (1100 watt peak) puts out an RMS of 825 watts. There is no “ahh dude they’re really 125 watts”, as inaccurate information about a product is called “False Advertising”. This is, according to GLOBAL business guidelines, extremely illegal. (Think of what happened to the people who advertised falsely in Wolf of Walstreet). SO… if a company’s own product description states 825 watts RMS, no matter how bass-knowledgeable you may be, the amp LEGALLY MUST put out 825 watts, which it does, as Boss is still a legal business. FYI

Eddie Andreyev says:

i love kicker its my favorite brand but your amp is complete shit

Timothy Hinton says:

My system is ghetto but I have 4 gauge on a Rockford Fosgate 500xd..2 Sundown Audio Ev2’s …and I probably paid not much more than ..a little over $400 for what I listed

Jacob Goff says:

You should get a hifonic bruts amp

sanchezjohn98 says:

there is no such thing as entry level subs if they’re good they’re good if they aren’t they aren’t you guys are stupid you get what you pay for its not like you queers are buying a entry level vape its a fucking subwoofer dipshit

El Chino E. V. says:

I Have a Question….Is S.S.L. FR1500.1 Class A/B Power Amp a Good Amp For The Same Speakers Shown In This Video ?

Allen Beasley says:

I had to Andy hooked up in a ported box to a Fosgate BD 1000.1 Class D monoblock wired up at 2 ohms 4 gauge wire in the back of my 1990 Bronco beating the block down

Josh Martinez says:

Hey brad what’s the name of this song?

redbaron2448 says:

Are those Dual voice coil or Single

Jacob Goff says:

Them boss amps suck bro

LiLDeMoN8I8 says:

How are you pushing that many watts on a 300 watts subwoofer…

sailortrash55 says:

Hey what was the peak wattage on the dual 12″ in the back? I was just wondering because 1500 is a ton (then again I have a 1100 watt max amp on a 600 max watt sub lol)

Ryan Dibble says:

Like he said, these are good ENTRY LEVEL subs……don’t compare them to higher end subs just sayin. My cousin has the same 2 kicker 12s and they fuckin punch hard. He loves em

SuperiorRedneck says:

You still mess with subs or no? Would like to see your current system

Galcala909 says:

.what’s the second song

Chris Soden says:

no such thing of to much bass 🙂

ClassicMan 1980 says:

I have the same subs checkout my channel Lakeigh Dawson

Don Heston says:

im no hater but boss Amps suck dude get fosgate

uhZeny says:

I have a question. These require a min of 1.25 cubic feet. If I were to put 2 of them into a sealed box with 2 cubic feet would that be enough or how does that work? Would I need 2.5 cubic feet?

It's Maui says:

I have the same subwoofers as you do but its hooked up to a sony 800 watt amp and it still loud

thisisapplecentral says:

As soon as he said he had a 1500w BOSS amp, my first thought was “I bet it’s under $100.” In fact, it was. First of all, it’s BOSS and i assumed it was over advertising, and second those are kickers cheapest subs so I figured he didn’t spend much on the amp.

Mizael Marquez says:

I have 1 kiker Like that in my truck

fernando solis says:

i have the same subs in a sealed enclosure with a kicker dx 1000.1 mono amp and they hit hard!

LiLDeMoN8I8 says:

How are you pushing that many watts on a 300 watts subwoofer…

Region Thr33 Garage says:

I had a Geo Tracker with a nice kicker setup. 2-10″, 3-12″, 1-15″, and some cheap 8″ and tweeters. I ran a 1400 watt boss amp and some nice Phoenix Gold amps. the boss amp was fine for what I needed but not even close to the 1400 watt rating

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