Kicker Solo-Baric L7 Subwoofer Review

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Check out the loud Kicker L7. We didn’t hook up the L7 for this video (that will come later), but we do talk about a lot of the technology behind the Kicker Solo-Baric L7. The original square L7 subwoofer has come a long way since its release in 2000. Get a closer look at one of the loudest subwoofers out there today!

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Peter Ridriguez says:

A guy wants to trade me my 2 15s pb for one l7 12in should I do it but his I gray with blue

Sonic Electronix says:

Get another W7 or try the Image Dynamics IDMAX.

Marco C says:

What against a 12″ CVR ? And what the L7 need at Volume box (in L please =) )

Sonic Electronix says:


Delbert williams says:

Will it handle a crescendo bc3500d the L7 15″ subs

Sonic Electronix says:

With all of the things you listed, if installed correctly, you will have an extremely loud system. We prove!

Shivam Patel says:

Hey i have the kicker l7 12 inch and  was wondering what amp i should get?


Durable built???? U mean durability u fuckin numbskull? 1:08

Sonic Electronix says:

No they do not.

Sonic Electronix says:

It will but you will need a more powerful amplifier to use the full potential of the L7.

Sanj says:

+Sonic Electronix hey guys. I watch all your videos. Question for u. If comparing its let’s say 2 12″ subs each 400w RMS (total 800) vs one 15″ 800w RMS sub….which will be louder? Which will be better? Assuming same 1000w amp is used. Both ported box.

Sonic Electronix says:

They do not make a 3 ohm version. Check the price from the link in the description!

Jeffrey Lott says:

I have two kicker solo baric l7 subs now all I need is a amp or two so should I get two kicker Dx 1000.1 Amps both two ohms one for each sub or is there one kicker amp that can push these just as hard

ORANGE BOY 714 says:

yeah I have a kicker comp 10 inch sealed box sounds good but cant handle too much watts from my amp but still bumps great . my amp is 500 rms watts . I need a sub that has at least 400 rms so I can over power it .

Sonic Electronix says:

They are comparable so you cant go wrong ether way.

redbaron2448 says:

Is this a free air subwoofer? or can be used as one

Sonic Electronix says:

Honestly, any amp that outputs a true 1000W RMS. The NVX JAD1200.1 would be a great choice.

scRUAM says:

I got two type r, suppose to be better

StoptheTHOT says:

wow funny thing is we use these for anchors on are family boat

Chris Debricien says:

I am going to buy a 15inch kicker l7 on a mercedes benz c200, as the car is big will i be heard if installed correctly with the correct amp? thank you.

Sonic Electronix says:

If it is on the wrong amplifier it will blow them.

Jesus Romero says:

What is the difference between the L5 and L7??? Im going to get my hands one one today so im kinda curious

Nathan Perez says:

I have now chosen these over the competitions BIG price change lol , could someone give there honest opinion about them and do they Knock as everyone says they do?and with it would I “break off” a lot of ppl lmao ps do you think 2 15 barics could fit a crown Vic ??? Please reply

LutkeVeldNL says:

Lol “solo-baric”, as in “normal speaker”?

Delbert williams says:

What about 2 ohms some friends say that it will blow them

Sonic Electronix says:

A single L7 subwoofer will handle the Crescendo bc3500d if the sub is wired to a 4 ohm load.

Dj Dakota says:

I have 2 12″ L7’s and they’re phenomenal.

olsirus187 says:

How are they for hitting dbs I just ordered 4 waiting on my box to come in 2 alpine 2400 rms amps 4 L7s 12s and 2 2400 kinetics batts big 3 upgrade all 0g wirring 200 amp battery terminal and 320 alt this should make my a4 hit atleast 154.9 I’m hopping oh n box is made to spec for all the subs with proper port help please

Joseph Dunphy says:

Looking at an 8 inch version to produce clean sound in a smaller space ….

ThaDjSteps says:

you can get a lot more for 350 dollars. Incriminator Audio anyone?

Eric Hernandez/FATBOY says:

I have two DVC 2ohm 10″ L3’s wired down to 1ohm to a JL Audio 1000.1 mono class D amp and fuck man they slap like a mofo

Tyler Hanson says:

I personally dont know why people say Kicker is shit. The stuff looks great to me after watching this video.

PandaBear822 says:

Kicker stuff isn’t what it was back in they day, now it’s cheap plastic single spider shitty coil winding poor glue lines and just doesn’t compare to subs that are halve the price. I’m sorry but I will never buy another kicker subwoofer

Allen Wyman says:

I have two L5’s 15 inch in over a 12 cubic foot box they are 2ohm I’ve got them set at 4ohm and they hit hard

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