Klipsch KSW12 Subwoofer Review-12 Inch Home Theater Sub

This is a video review of the Klipsch KSW12 home theater subwoofer. I have owned this subwoofer for a number of years, and have enjoyed it thoroughly through movies, music, and TV shows. It is quite large, but produces A TON of bass. Literally, this thing will impress you with the amount of bass that it produces through a wide range of frequencies.

Klipsch Subwoofers On Amazon: http://amzn.to/2jV4mub

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TheKiltedKraut says:

This guy’s “Annoying Voice Factor” is an 11.


Dawg says:

is it possible to hook up the Klipsch promedia 4.1 speakers up to the back of this subwoofer instead of the subwoofer that comes with the promedia?

Quality Banana says:

so canadian

T Birkhofer says:

somebody better call saul

Nathan Schmidt says:

if you wanted the sound to “bounce off the wall” you would face the driver directly at the wall

Nizm0350z says:

its a woofer not a wufer

ZappyMan says:

sub wÓÓfer

Pele19x89 says:

Nice sub. Check my reviev with Rel q 150e mkII

ray tatro says:

think he said wUUUUUfer

Sound Tech says:


06stiismine says:

Damn Canadians

toeger12 says:

Saul Goodman is that you?

Luke Trottier says:

Wrong..  The speaker line outs are NOT amplified to power speakers.  It is a pass-through if you do not have any RCA out for sub’s on your source.  Regarding the question about powering Promedia 4.1’s below.  You would need a separate amplifier such as a t-amp to power the front and rear channels of the Promedia 4.1’s.  These KSW Sub’s are designed for Home Theater systems, there are better options for music.

AustinPetDetective says:

Your voice is fuken annoying

BongLeach says:

Badger and Saul Goodman had an adult man and he loves klipsch

Atticus Lewis says:

out from your receiver into this from the sub to your speakers

Bob B says:

Very helpful thank you, ignore the mean comments! I inherited one without an instruction manual so this answered a question I had about the enable/auto/disable switch, also what I thought was the front is actually the back!

Dan Savitski says:

firstly thats how you know to change the station lmao

Atticus Lewis says:

sets up does not power speakers those are connections that’s another option to get a signal to your sub

Ben Wilderykx says:

hello i have a question what wire do you use to receiver i have a old yamaha rx-v440rds receiver.thanks ben

Ed L. says:

pronunciation is different in every country get over it.

MrDantana1 says:

i have this same sub.. i purchases a audio cable red/white but my receiver only has one input is the red/white cable all i need?

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