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Today I’m checking out the KRK K10S sub which was sent to me for revivew by AMS. I was already looking to get this sub to match my Rokit 5 monitors so I was definitely happy to check this out.


Leon Polyzos says:

Do you think a 8 inch KRK subwoofer would offer accurate low end representation in a 14 by 13.5 foot room?

thisisyaren says:

umm you can hook up your monitors with 1/4″inch LOL

Pepi Tourb says:

New 10s2 have balanced 1/4″ jacks out … anyone tested how this version sounds?

Pondmatter says:

The crossover has no effect on stereo monitors on this sub. It’s only used for the sub’s frequency response range. Again, the stereo monitors will be unaffected by the sub’s crossover knob. It’s used to pick up where the monitors drop off in the low Hz’s.

SoundsAndGear says:

I guess you could if that’s your goal LOL @Hobbit Hunter

Greg Smith says:

Nice review. I’m looking at getting this sub to add to my KRK 5 monitors.

pipermcfarlane says:

buying this tomorrow 🙂

Sofiane Tib says:

Hey man, I am planing to get a sub to go with with my 8030 genelec, which sub do you recommend between the presonus temblar t10 and the KRK K10s ?

thisisyaren says:

so basically this sub is not really good by the sounds of it?
well glad I didn’t buy it. it’s a piece of shit like the rokkits… made to match them

Mark Meyer says:

Can I use this krk sub with a set of Mackie monitors?

Nachki says:

can anybody tell me what the name of song ?

Tom Goodson says:

Another dope review. Since I’m currently shopping for a sub, I’m going to be paying a lot more attention to connections now that I’ve watched this.

L3D says:

wheres a good spot for placement with the sub? just anywhwere?

Majesto Music says:

When adjusting the s10 to the you leave the 5s as stock sounding and add the s10 as an extention further down in the sub region to kinda replicate the vxt/rokit8 ? Or do you cut out any of the lowend out of the rokit5s and bring it back in with the s10? To me..since the 5s only go down to..55hz (!?) it sound easier to do no changes to the rokit5s and just add in some low sub up to 55 hz (or whatever the rokit5s low limit is). Thoughts?

Jim Cole says:

Good video but these subs are not worth the price and are not as good quality as others in the price range. A jbl subwoofer will still crush that sub. I had an old jbl psw1000 and compaired to the krk. Jbl all the way. I would save a few more bucks and either get a svs subwoofer or a true to the sound velodyne. Can’t go wrong there just stay away from velodyne base model. That’s a little light on sound. I would personally not recommend a krk.

Jonathan Leonard says:

hi i got another question, the connection would be pc to dac, dac out to woofer in then woofer out to speakers right? will it anyhow affect the audio quality?

RealGeeNius says:

who has heared the krk 12s vs the 12sho? would you say that the 12sho is to big for a home studio?

Christian says:

I have Rokit 10-3 monitors, would it be overkill to get the 12″ sub aswell?

HighTech says:

Thanks I need to get the XLR cables.

George David says:

Hello… can anybody recommend me a sub that goes down to 20Hz at least? I want to complete my Tannoy Reveal 802 set. This KRK is poor.. my flat band response is 42Hz – 43Khz.. so…

ra-d089 says:

Are these suitable for home use? I read somewhere that with most home listening spaces that are too small and too square so we end up with an abundance of low frequency build-up that wrecks our ability to hear what’s going on throughout the frequency spectrum

Cavity Creep says:

use xlr cables

Thimios Jimos says:

hey men.if you use 1/4 trs inputs,does the sub still output to the xlr connectors?thanks

Nachki says:

sorry that i wasn’t clear, I meant to the intro song of you 🙂 with heavy sub bass. and what the name of this kind of music ?

shannon boyle says:

you can buy 2 HOSA cables. that’s all you need for quarter inch outputs

DJZ says:

I had this for 2 years in my room and it was just far too much lol.

Put it in my car with a power inverter. Sooooo satisfied hahahah.

Richard James says:

KRK K10S or the Presonus Temblor T10?

romano deejay says:

Greetings from Brazil
nice video, it helped me choose buying this one. I’m gonna use it with a pair of rp8 g3 through a M-audio M-track 2….do you think I must change the audio interface?

dobby240 says:

With the KRK Rokit’s is it completely necessary to have a sub or do the monitors have a good amount of that already? i’m limited on space and cash.

Thomas Young says:

I was going to pick this up but no balanced TRS outputs is a dealbreaker, what were they thinking? Thanks for picking that out

remixgod says:


lg tutorials says:

thanks for the review, very helpful as there are hardly any krk 10s videos out there considering its age.

Traian Vlad says:

Oh man… the bass in your intro sounds REAlly good on my headphones. it’s so deep. Can you tell me what the song is called?

progress u-kan-do says:

thank you sir!

Bruce Ecker says:

I believe they use the XLR to 1/4″ for the outs to the monitors to eliminate the 60 cycle hum, or ground loop.

Beats by Luig! says:

this man really wants them quarter inch outputs

Mike Atkinson says:

Good review. I’m getting it this week. I have a very small room so the KRK G3 RP5 and this would be more than enough.

One question… did you have to experiment with the positioning of the sub in order to get the right balance between the monitors and the sub, or could you balance just using the volume controls and (I assume) keeping the sub central on the floor?

Junk Mail says:

would a mobile dj be able to use this for small events, for example house parties?

robimess says:

Bro a friend of mine has this subwoofer, and stopped working, turns on and all, the signal pass through the sub, because the monitors still sounding, but the sub is not working. I forgot mention that when the subwoofer turns on, the “power on” LED situated in the rear panel of the sub. the LED light that transilluminate the KRK icon, the color of that light has changed, now is RED instead of the classic YELLOW looking of the KRK studio monitors. We have don’t tried anything yet… I’m thinking that could be just a FUSE replacement, but for now i’m just looking for help.

Anyone here has or had any similar problem?
Anyone know how to fix this?

Please help me with this, and i hope you can understand me, i’m not a english expert.

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