KRK Rokit 5 Monitor & 10S Subwoofer Review Video

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Claudiu Banu says:

hello! need some help here, i have a bar with two rooms, how can i put 3 rokit5 and the 10s subwoofer in a room, and in the other room 2 rokit5 and second subwoofer? all of this conected to my PC. Thanks!

doctorshabs says:

hey dude
do i need a sub woofer if i have 8 inch speakers for music production?

doctorshabs says:

also i wanna know hows the sound quality of the subs? are they flat or colored like the monitors ?

ssuperfly says:

I would like to add a subwoofer to my JBL LSR305’s,but i don’t have the space to get the matching LSR310s.So is the 10s would be a good choice?

juans daone says:

I just got this KRK Rokit 5 monitor for my room a week ago and I love it, good crisp highs and the lows are insane for the size. Question though are the y supposed to get hot?… On mine the back of it gets pretty hot.

TeamHeadshot 101 says:

Would you recommend using the the Rokit 5 as a monitor next to you while djing at a gig?

Calvin Pas says:

can you connect is without a versterker and with a 3.5mm jack?

zislec says:

Good Review.

Gullyfacemafia says:

do you have to get a sub woofer? or can you make decent beats with just the krk speakers them selves?

Prinz and Jones says:

how to connect the rokit 6 and the 10s to my PC?! 😀

DJ SLOW'UP says:

would these krk speakers be useful for practicing djs for their scratches and mixing? etc

SyNtH1fEyEd says:

I recently upgraded to these and immediately jizzed all over the place when the sound/vibrations first stimulated the pleasure center of my brain…it was so passionate/romantic…I could only imagine how hard/fast the subwoofer would make me cum 😛

Zimba's Doom Corner says:

wow the sub only goes down to 34hz. My 5″ speakers can almost do that!


So how would I connect my turntable to this :/

4x4 Productions says:

denon dj mc4000 review???

adriangarcia323 says:

what would be a good sub that is powers and hopefully that is 250 or less

ra-d089 says:

do you think it would be suitable if I placed my sub woofer beneath my table or does it have to be in an open space?
will placing it under a tale give me an inaccurate response of bass?

Einar Aarheim says:

I have two krk rokit 6, can i use the subwoofer with them?

Moe Burgol says:

Is it enough with 2 krk rokit 5 without the subwwofer? or I must have it?

PK Ireland says:

How is this a “review” when you don’t even plug them in?

lairdriver says:

I have KRK V6’s gen 2 and the KRK 10s v2 …so much bass. Crack concrete bass. It took me forever to get the studio levels tweaked. KRK really does make really high quality gear.

rct3Jasper96 says:

The balenced XLR input always overrules the TRS, so there is no way to use both inputs at the same time. Only the RCA or one of the balenced inputs.

Amir Light says:

are these good for just listening to music casually ?

ClectaSkiMusic says:

Im liking that 10Sub…. Great content as always brother..

Oscar Delgado says:

I have the 10S subs and the Rokit 6 for my home set up. Can’t use the sub, without annoying my neighbors. They do sound great together tho! Glad I bought them.

Rick Rijuana Beats says:

Dope Video & I produce with the G2s. One thing I’ve I noticed was the Cons: Sound Not Perfectly Flat & that’s the truth.

Recently I’ve been searching for a solution to get the best mix possible without the car reference. I’ve noticed that the radio Bass at 0 has basically a flat response before turning up the bass knob to begin to hear any Sub.

Taking my house mix to the car sounds like the bass knob turned up a few dbs. So I figured I’m trying to over compensate turning the bass up in my home space mix to actually hear deep bass because of the lack of a subwoofer. Takes me back to the words “Reference Monitor” I guess if you hear the bass you actually like in your work space you’ve added too much.

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