Lanzar DCT84d 8″ CHEAP subwoofer/Mockman review

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Tyc music says:

No air vents! So it will make noise and you will not like it at higher end. After awhile, she will smoke and blow.

Rich Hancock says:

Double stack magnets nice basket for 30$ not bad at all as long as it has a decent voice coil

Crazy 8s Drums says:

EXOcontralto? 😉

MrGetmoney84 says:

Wtf is up with this mock man shit just do a normal review I like the channel cause your real but the mockville thing is annoying

Realdude rec says:

looking good


I had two of these they’re the same ones from back in the day.

Jonathan Pinder S.R. says:

I have a ?? For you on the 8’s testing. what price range are you looking at for these budjet subs? I have one in new packing I could send you brand new I keep alot of backstock and do personal builds when I’m not tattooing. I’m in South Alabama almost in florida. I thought you could maybe do a give away with what I’ll send shipping included. Nsa just love car audio. Let me know at or here

bigvell02 says:

I hear you trying not to laugh keeping character. Nice fun share!

Gary Poole says:

These Dct series subs are not bad at all i bought two of the Dct 154d for $60 each just for a moderate system between builds and they definately slam in the right box and power.

Christopher Manabat says:

That sub looks half decent lol. Double stacked magnets but I’m pretty sure it’s got a wimpy 1.5” coil like JL uses…

JAMES! Since the 70's says:

can’t believe it. I’m first!
what are you gonna do with these sub’s?

rc121crx says:

For 30 it’s a great deal. I like the old school look for sure

Daniel Fox says:

Hell ya

kennith rogers says:

I got this and a boss 1100watts mono amp with deluxe wire kit on Amazon for 109. It rocks. I t greatly improved my system. This came as a complete kit. Good deal.

Scotti Dugotti says:

Mockville for president of the bass head industry

William Loy says:

U must be pretty pissed about the blown subs lol

Robert Denaro says:

That sub looks really good , great buy for 30 bucks . That would make a great home theater subwoofer

Bass Time says:

Too hyped up irritating as hell

PSE Mentalist says:

I’m so sorry OMG that’s so hilarious. Lol

sound life dirt says:

Funny! Good video again, good review!

Shannon Scott says:

Eight 8inch lanzars might be a good midd set up! THANKS MOCK MAN

James Kyser says:

Mockman coming out strong with the lanzar!

Jeff Mills says:

Mockman is my hero. “Dang, I spent more on prosistutes that didn’t have that much booty” :lol
Because of your vid – I picked up two of these for 54.99 + free shipping off ebay. Just to try for rear door mid bass drivers. Specs say Frequency Response: 40-2.5kHz so might be ok for mid bass @ about 200 watts – who knows?
Thanks for the Mockman vids – keep em coming.

Tater T.V. says:

Not bad its definitely worth the 30 bucks !! What will mockman do next!!!???!!?!

Ittbelit t says:

Make a review on a 12 inch cause I have 2 12 distincts

Calvin Howell says:

Lol funny commentary.

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