LC2 Subwoofer Testing w/ EXO’s AUKEY 4k Action Camera Review | HD Car Audio Test & Underwater DIVE

Finally got an action camera for the subwoofers! Time to see how this cheap AUKEY holds up while we get that bass pumping 🙂

Check Out The Aukey AC-LC2 4k Action Cam!

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JusstyteN says:

Hello exo, i know you never read my comments, but where did you get the glue for your recones? I need them too

kalomeon says:

Exo, please give club hoppin by gucci a listen.!

Ckodez Pohio says:

Would this be better than my Samsung s8 camera

Tom Gardner says:

But hey seems like a good camera if your on a tight budget. I just saw the price for them

Edward Campbell says:

I would glue straps to it so I can strap it to my body with velcro that way wouldn’t be bouncing around as much for on bicycles if I were to need an idea

itsalltaken666 says:

Glad to see him still making videos. Havent seen any of his videos in years. I stumbled acrossed it while looking at sunwoofer videos. Im trying to find a good 8 or 10 inch for my truck when i finally decide to buy a setup.

Andrew Willoughby says:

Hey bro Have you ever rubbed your finger underneath your toenails then immediately smelled that finger it’s Amazing makes me cum instantly!

Dylan Jenkins says:

Blow the little speaker please

Maxed Out Credit Card says:

Wait, you’ve had this camera for 7.5 years?

Siryn says:

That camera is impressive. I own 2 gopro 4 blacks, I am now thinking of getting a couple f these… Now for the big question… Should I wall my car?

lilphife01 says:

Phenomenal quality for the price

Jake Collis says:

Song name?

Dezibel´s und Turbo´s says:

i bought a cheap “4k” action cam myself… and it couldnt do 720p properly… P.O.S

Lemon Palmolive says:

What was this wall tuned to?

Daniel Harrell says:

I thought for sure they came out with a new bass knob wish they would make a new bass knob like the apocalypse amps came with temp and volt and of course a potentiometer

Shawn Miller says:

i have the icon ntechit brand not bad for 75 bucks it takes same battery as that one

Karl Wright II says:

Great review exo I’m going to buy one

Frank says:

Love this monster psi speakers, i think i need someone in my bathroom ^^

@Dappster360 says:

what’s in your professional opinion, the best camera settings to catch the sub’s/vehicle flexing?

Tom Gardner says:

I’m happy for you and your new camera but have you even checked out the Sony FDR x3000? Because your stability issue would be totally non-existent with that camera great picture. Stereo sound. Even stable in 4k and I don’t think any camera even the GoPro 5 can do that

The hair on your screen says:

In little blue try mounting the camera to the stripper pole right where it mounts to ur roof… it looks pretty solid there and it might not flex the camera as much

Michael! Mcewen! says:

Follow me Instagram Michael_Mcewen._

Kenneth Blackburn says:

I recently discovered Aukey. They have some really readonably priced items, many of which are high quality, and they are environmentally conscious.

leon kennedy says:


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