M-Audio SBX10 Review Subwoofer


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n0g4rdd3r says:

I noticed on the back there is (besides RCA) XLR & TRS inputs. Do you know if one type of input (XLR or TRS) cancels out the other (XLR or TRS)? Or, can you run 2 sets of monitors simultaneously provided 1 set is plugged in to the sub with TRS, and the other set is plugged in to the sub with XLR? Cheers.

LeaveMeAlone says:

Great videos.

Dugi Devet says:

If you want to have a good quality bass with your monitors you need to have 2 subs separated like you have separated your monitors , for example , put the subs on the bottom of your monitors or monitors on the subs and then setup the volume to be loud like monitors or little bit less to be perfect stereo subs with no head pain.
If you want to have a sub , dont even buy sub if you dont have money for 2 same subs.

Dugi Devet says:

Can you connect just one monitor to the sub working?
Im planing to buy 2 those subs , i have M-audio bx8A , they have massive bass but i want get more so to connect one monitor to each sub to have stereo sub and stereo monitors.
Thats why im asking

Signex NL says:

This subwoofer packs some serious punch holy hell! i had one, it was so powerful i had to return it.

anirban747 says:

How does it compare to Presonus’s Temblor T10?

The Joker says:

Thanks so much for this video. I have been in constant disappointment over my BX5a’s. Same as you, I expected this massive sound for the price and it was just so upsetting. Im not sure what I should do now. Should I go and get speakers with large 8inch sub or buy the Maudio Subwoofer? Or would it be better to by the sub and eventually upgrade to say the Bx8a. thanks again for the video!

Justin Omoi says:

I see. I said no when you asked in the video, but I was surprised when you said yes.
It is true though. It will definitely help when it comes to the Lower side of the spectrum.

Btw. I used to say ” stuff like that ” and “you know” a lot in my videos as well.

For now, I’ll have to play the tracks on different mediums until I can invest into a good sound set! ^_^

MEH man says:

stop talking about it and lets hear it you stupid fuck

viirusone says:

Put a drop of blue Loctite on the threads of the sub’s feet. If you’re still having problems them coming loose

Ned says:

Your suggestion for setting the sub to crossover at the lowest frequency your speakers are rated for is not the best advice. Most speakers will have fallen off significantly by there lowest rated frequency at least by 3db, perhaps up to 9db depending on how they are spec’ed. Also, a big reason for getting a sub is to take pressure off your main speaker woofers and amp by not having them struggle to reproduce the lowest frequencies of which they are capable, so it is a good idea to set the crossover at a point significantly higher than your main’s lowest rated frequency. As far as doubling up on the sound at the point of crossover, the crossover itself it tuned to to prevent such an occurrence. Use the db setting on the back of the SBX to achieve a flat tonal curve. For super fine adjustment, play a white noise signal and record the sound into a spectrum analyzer and use an inline eq to tune to flat.

Tamás Bendzsa says:

Hi! Thanks for the video! What crossover setting do you suggest, if i want to use it with M-Audio Bx5D2 speakers?

Marc Moore says:

Just so you know, the cone feet are for keeping the subwoofer elevated above an acoustic mat made for subwoofers and to not translate any of the bass into the mat instead of your earholes XD. They sell some cheaper ones but I will link to amazon where you can get a pretty good subwoofer mat, they change the bass from you sub a lot more than you would think. Also I will link you to some replacement feet with rubber insulation to isolate even a bit more, amazon sells them as a stack as you will see but if you dont want both you can get them separately.
Acoustic mat:
Rubber feet:

Lemme know what you think. I have used both of these previously and I highly recommend them both. Plus they give you more of that professional look. You translate a lot of noise only using a towel under your sub. Love the channel, keep up the good work bub.

CFgroup1 says:

It’s been a year since I sold my BX10 before my cross country move. Man, I wish I’d had the room to keep it. I have to crank the 100k on my Roland CM 220 set up to come anywhere close to the depth and warmth of the BX. Best thing about it was because of the metal screen I could use it on small venue gigs to fill out the low end of my vocal PA! Great little beast for the price, don’t pass one up if you get a good deal on one….You might even get the one I let go, LOL!

Marc Moore says:

also if you want a good set of midrange reference monitors I recommend the behringer truth 5 speakers. Killer range from the ultra-high to low-mids. They also have a super cool “acoustic condition” switch that allows you to adjust the internal “crossover” to help out depending on if you have the speakers against a wall, in the corner, or free space in a room. Pretty revolutionary technology and they arent expensive for individually powered monitors. I know you already have your high/mid speakers but just a thought.

Ned says:

Those feet are designed to work wit an acoustic isolation mat. I suppose a towel could work, but a pad made of closed cell foam would work much better. BTW, the M-Audio bx5’s have a fine bass response (very punchy to the end of their range about 60hz), you just need to have realistic expectations. The only reason I added a sub to my bx5’s was to take some pressure off my bx5 woofer cones and amp when playing at higher volumes. I cross them over at 120 hz for a significant boost in spl’s before clipping.

DL93 says:

Hi Beatstruggles. Thanks4the video. It was about time someone made a video-review with the SBX10. I have a question though.
Ill just use your example with setting the crossover to 100 hz and a speaker playing from 80hz… Im not sure about this, but does the crossover setting not eliminate those 20hz to the monitor-output? All sound is going through the sub, so the most logical thing would be when you set the crossover to 100hz, the subs monitor-output only sends a signal from 100hz and up and not lower as you said. I think if you then adjust the crossover to 80hz, it will add the 20hz to the monitors and the other way around eliminate 80-100hz on the sub so the subs range is 20-80hz and no frequency is played to times at any time. As far as i know the problem is, if you set the crossover too low, 60hz for example, a gap will appear and you are missing signal from 60-80hz if we assume the monitors only responded from 80hz. I have the Bx8d2s and they respond from 37hz, but the crossover only goes down to 50hz and according to you, i would then have 37-50hz 2 times, do you follow me? Adjusting the subs crossover depends on the monitors ability to play lows. If you let the sub take over the 50(minimum)-100 hz, instead of letting your monitor handle 50-100hz the bass will in some cases appear more clear. That depends on the monitor and what you like to mix with. As the Bx8d2s lows are a bit muddy, the sub will give you a huge advantace because it handles the low frequencies much better. I just dont think you will ever have the same frequencies outputted on both the sub and your monitors.

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