MartinLogan Dynamo Subwoofer Series Overview & Comparison

Martin-Logan’s new Dynamo subwoofers pack as much technology into a small enclosure as modern science will allow, yet still manages to be affordable. The new Dynamo subwoofers use smartphone app control, smartphone app room equalization, and supports a wireless signal receiver, all while improving upon the performance of their predecessors. I got a chance to visit their factory in Lawrence Kansas to get a product overview and comparison of the series with the folks at MartinLogan.

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augustus seward says:

Hey Eugene what do you think about Marantz 8003 amplifier

Nic Thomas says:

What isn’t there to like, Martin-Logan make amazing products, With this range, the host of available functions, innovative flip action and app control, though with a forward facing sub no port? I wonder if during the design stage they compared sealed with ported

Gregory Stevens says:

Gene, does having on-board room equalization mean that we no longer have to room crawl to “find” (or is it “achieve”?) good placement locations for (in my case) two subs? UPS just delivered a pair of the 800Xs.

Bon Scott says:

No thanks. 800 bucks for a 10 inch sub. Hsu vtf 3 mk 5 with a 15 inch driver will blow that thing out of the water for the same price. I don’t know why anyone would buy these subs against the ID companies. So much more performance for your money going ID. I love Martin Logan speakers though.

Gregory Stevens says:

Gene, why spike it to the floor? I was always under the impression that subs should be decoupled from the floor? Is the spike used only for carpeting?

Second question: under what circumstances would one want to change from down-firing to front?

jimmy arias says:

Thank you so much for bringing us important information about this products

Gabriel Summers says:

Love the intro!

aneczka2114 says:

Loving the new software with subs to be able to make adjustments with your phone and wireless capability…wish my pb 12’s would do that

john smith says:

great infomation

Dave B. says:

“That’s not a trick, THIS is a trick”, says SVS boxes..

NewYorkBlack says:

I like Gene’s shirt. It’s saying: “After this interview, I’m hitting the Club.”

marcin matuszewski says:

Great video Gene. All the best from Poland

Mark S says:

how is the 12 inch better or improved over the MartinLogan Dynamo 1000w?

Rafael Torres says:

I was sold until The Marketing guy sounded like a sales guy with the Phone’s Microphone measurement gimmick, c’mon man!!! *sigh*smh

alexandsimba says:

Do folks have any advice for putting a subwoofer in a bedroom with one connected to neighbor? I tried towers, but takes up too much vertical space

IntoIt Reviews says:

Wish these got lower than they do. I don’t want to invest in something this expensive again unless it goes down to at least 16hz. None of these do.

viento rítmico says:

I thought that you should not flip any speaker that shoots verticaly to horizontal and viceversa becuase the slight change in impedance… maybe this issue is not audible at all and it does not matter a lot in the end.

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