Micca MS12 Subwoofer _(Z Reviews)_ FULL STEREO RECORDING

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Mark Czaja says:

A little later huge hairball a nail wholes all over speaker

Accuracy158 says:

200 dollars so better than the classic BIC F12s?…

Gašper Bregar says:

Monoprice retro on my head…When video started I was just like: whuuuuuuuut thaaat base

Tim Niland says:

Chewbacca makes everything better!

Andrew Dayton says:

This or the ML Dynamo 300??

adam99x2004 says:

Chewbacca’s attention at @19:27 is awesome

Shawn Cockrell says:

Demo the theater solution 15 incher which is 20 bucks more !

RationalRampage says:


s8wc3 says:

Chewbacca hates anime confirmed

fourtrax10 says:

Does that include the psw505 ?

Phil Collins says:

I know this is a pretty big ask, but could you recommend a good budget sound setup for listening to music on a pc? I have had a pair of audio technica m40x’s for 3 years but they are powered off of a low end sound card (soundblaster audigy-fx) and would really like to crank it up a notch without breaking the bank. I appreciate you and your channel sir!

Cole Trick says:

Well Z the burning question that everyone wants to to know … This sub or the bic f12?

Gary M says:

Velcro grill, though?

sudd says:

pretty good value subwoofer it seems, not that i want to buy or recommend doing this cheap and ported sub. but it sure will help people get into hifi for cheap. and i would not do more than one of these subs, there is so much quality to gain from better subs that i rather save up to 500 dollars subs and above for next step.

nice new mic setup btw, but voice is low and bass is very loud, nothing wrong with the mic just that i value your talking and i the contrast to the high bass volume is too high for me.

Quetzalcoalt says:

3:42 check her left eye, should not water like that.

Horhey406 says:

I vote for googly eyes to be put on the microphone foam block

tuba74 says:

Bic or this sub?

Sei brav says:

You got me laughing at two seconds in.

Roberto Rodríguez says:

i can hear clearly all the bass that micca can shout through my hundred dollar 8 in acoustic audio sub… c’est la vie

ziggy8757 says:

zeos, so this one is better than bic f12 and the martin logan dynamo 300 you used to recomend?

Dr B says:

Zeos, are you planning on reviewing the Monolith 10 sub? Just asking because it’s on my list. I’m trying to decide between the Monolith 10, PB-1000, and SB-1000. SB-1000 wins the WAF, but the other two give me more low end. Mono10 open box is around $425.

Luis Elio Camacho Morales says:

i kinda fell asleep listening to this with headphones… just to get the shit scared out of me because i thought there was a dude in my room… that’s how good the audio on this is.

Frisky Beast says:

I don’t even have a place to really invest in high quality audio equipment, yet I follow a handful of channels and watch every one of your videos, that’s all, keep doing what you’re doing, love seeing Chewbacca too

Solar Eclipse says:

That sounded great with the Nauman. They have a new headphone. Neumann/Sennheiser collaboration.

Artur Olejniczak says:

Its weird to hear zeos voice moving :p

Pando says:

Chewbacca just wants her bed back.

I Cant Pause It Mom says:

I’m looking for a really ” Fun” Pair of headphones, I’m looking where vocals really stand out, and the instruments are just kinda in your face. Don’t care too much about bass. Budget of about $400 or less, thanks!

amir amir says:

I can’t decide which headset should i get but after along research i knew these the best i can get for my budget:
Massdrop xSennheiser HD58X Jubilee/HD6XX
Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO/880 PRO/770 PRO
Audio Technica ATH-AD700x/AD900x/AD1000x
AKG K7xx/712
Sennheiser 599/598
Philips x2hr/9500
i want to know which is the best for gaming (fortnite especially) and i have a problem that my ears get hot really quickly so i want to know which one is the best in terms of breathability and comfort i hope someone tried them all and can help me to decide
Sorry for my bad English

A Frying Pan says:

holy crap I listened to this review at work on headphones. And I got legitimately scared at the beginning when you started talking. I thought someone was talking to me across the room or that i somehow had speakers plugged in. Had to take off my headphones just to make sure

Alexandru Munteanu says:

Can you make a review to the audioengine a5+?Compared to the edifier s2000pro ,swans,etc… Something like best 2.0 desk speakers for the money.

David Nickel says:

sounds great but pls no asmr lol

altops says:

I bought a Velodyn sub, in 1997 for $700+… so intense. Any Velodyn fans?

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