Monoprice Monolith 10 Review

Should you buy the Monoprice Monolith 10″ Subwoofer? Watch this full review and find out.

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Life of Bliss says:

Just came across your channel sir. Glad to find another HT enthusiast! Great video and overview of features of this new sub. Monoprice is coming out with some pretty decent components recently. I just installed the Amber in ceiling speakers in my theater. Sub’d, keep up the good work!

Kyle Stansfield says:
This is me doing a demo with my monolith power level just shy of 3/4 and 70hz crossover

Kyle Stansfield says:

What does the EQ extended and thx do? What is the benefits of it switched up on the lever or down thanks

Cassius Watson says:

So you’ve now reviewed I believe 4 subwoofers, SVS, HSU, Monoprice and RSL… Which is the most musical across the board (blends well with your other speakers) and which is the best for movies?

Jonathan Nova says:

How does this Monolith 10 compare to the SVS PB12-NSD that is the predesesor of the PB-2000? Those two Monolith 10 and SVS PB12-NSD are in the same $500.

SPD Music Productions says:

Thanks HTH! Great review, nice video production and I appreciate your comments, score rating and honesty! Keep up your great work my friend!


Great review! Does the rsl speedwoofer 10s have more mid bass in your opinion?

Rennel Enriquez says:

Great review! Just wonderin, this sub has the same wattage and freq response (almost) with SVS PB2000 with 500 watts rms. Which one is better for you?

Eddie Hicks says:

If the port was on the side of the cabinet instead of middle, maybe the cabinet could be a little shorter, like the SVS PB1000.

joe mizer says:

Are the feet threaded?

heoaj says:

Where is this made?

f22 mass says:

Do any of you guys use the balanced inputs on the monolith subwoofer and if so how if your receiver does not have balanced inputs on the back? I looked it up but there’s no information it just says you can use the XLR pass-through for multiple Subs??

Phil Singh says:

Heh loving your informative videos especially the honest no nonsense reviews, only thing I would ask when testing subwoofers can we have something different then Jurassic Park when testing for movie performance please..?

Jason Sullivan says:

How does this compare to the svs pb-2000?

King Diamond says:

For me is best time coming subwoofer! My home theater system is complete Yamaha series and i did update my Yamaha receiver at Aventage, really powerful beast. I so much love Yamaha receivers, magnificent looking receivers with Dolby Atmos / Dolby Vision but right now i have not Atmos speakers yet but best time i save money for that!

brent245 says:

Just ordered one today

IntoIt Reviews says:

I have a def tech supercube 1 and supercube 2 in my home theater right now, was thinking about getting rid of the smaller sub for this monolith 10 or 12… or a rythmik… I think I’d rather the 10 at its price point, but my concern is that it doesn’t go as low as I’d really want. Ideally, I’d want it to be able to hit 16hz +- 3db. If I’m going to step it up to the 12, I might as well get the rythmik for the price? f12-300 is $750… and servo controlled. I’ll check out the HSU that you recommend.

Nick flicks says:

Nice review! It really shows a lot when you actually listen to your subscribers and if they ask you for a review, you do it! It’s crazy. No other YouTuber has taken that time or consideration for me and wanting to know more about something (of course it’s also for everyone like me who is also curious). But again very nice review. What do you think about me getting one monoprice 10 thx sub and a rsl speedwoofer. Do you think I’d have great mids and great lows with the subs together? You should try it!

Kyle Stansfield says:

Another Monolith Clip / Hip Hop segment


Good review. The Monolith THX Select 10 is a very impressive 10″ sub. It’s a bit unfair to compare it to the larger HSU VTF-2 mk5 that has a larger driver and cabinet. While the Monolith 10 certainly isn’t a small sub, it’s still noticeably smaller than the VTF-2. Monolith 10 is 5585 in³ and the VTF-2.5 is 6765 in³. Prices are $499.99/shipped for the Monolith 10 and $607/shipped for the VTF-2.5. HSU does run the VTF-2.5 on sale a few times a year for a modest $30 off. You can get the Monolith 10 for $400-$425 buying from Monoprice via ebay, which lately has been running discount codes once or twice a month. I picked up the Monolith for $425 a few weeks back. I think if somebody has a room that is a bit larger they would benefit from the added headroom the VTF-2 offers above 40Hz.

f22 mass says:

I am so surprised you gave the subwoofer a 3.5 rating out of 5 I think you should play around with locations in your room that you have it in plus I’m not sure if you have it hooked up to a powerful receiver remember if your auto calibrating it and if it’s in the wrong location it’s not going to Output very loud and or if you have a receiver and it’s not powerful enough it’s not going to Output either as well I have mine hooked up to a Denon AVR 3400 along with a 5-channel emotiva preapp and this thing shakes my whole house

Tracy Herbert says:

Can you review the Cerwin Vega XLS-215 dual 3 way ?

f22 mass says:

I have a question does your power cord for your subwoofer say siheng 13A 125v 1625w on it I mixed up my power cord for my Monoprice monolith 10-inch subwoofer same as yours with my Denon receiver power cord and I can’t get any information even from Monoprice about what the power cord says ?

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