MTX Terminator 2 12″ 1200 Watt Subwoofer with Kicker 1200watt amp Review (Dodge Challenger)

MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D 1,200-Watt Dual 12-Inch Sub Enclosure Paired with a Kicker 1200watt amp and kicker bass knob in Dodge Challenger

MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D 1,200-Watt Dual 12-Inch Sub Enclosure

Key Features
Dual 12″ Subwoofers
Single 2Ω Enclosure
1200W Max Power, 800W Peak Power, 400W RMS
Aviation Grade Carpet
5/8″ MDF Construction
Ideal for Use with MTX THUNDER500.1 Amplifier


Faraz Khan says:

is your amp wired from you head unit with a low pass converter?

Danielle D says:

sounds amazing

Ronnie Graham says:

Good vid Bro just got mine last June with a kenwood amp

RandomCass says:

Aye bro you have two amps right if so did they wire the amp to the speaker or head unit ? I’m bout to set up mine soon

InfiniteJoe says:

nice vid! your setup sounds amazing! are you just using the stock speakers other than the sub? and I’m looking to order these and you definitely helped me out!

Jack Altman says:

I am planning to do the same set up as you and want to know where you got the Kicker amp. if you got it online please send me the link.

Manuel Aldaco says:

Will these work with a Kicker CX300.1?

Shawn Hopkins says:

Would you say that these hit harder and sound a lot better than the Comp R 12 that you had? I have a Comp R12 in my Impala and I’m thinking about buying another comp to add

Ricardo Zamorano says:

Where did you get them at and for how much!

YulianOfficial says:

Yo man I have a 2016 challenger as well. How much did you pay for the entire set up total. Also are the speakers inside stock because I feel like they are quiet in my car.

Becausebass362 says:

nice I have 2 12s soundqubed hds3 in mine on a 2500

Franky Ochoa says:

sick set up bro. what amp do you own if i may ask?

CarJacks The Clown says:

400rms each? I don’t think so Sir. More like 200 per. Still good sub’s if paired with a proper amp. No boss or planet garbage.

nikkodogz says:

Nice set up my guy. I’m going to upgrade my stock speakers also. Did you install a 2nd battery? or a capacitor? Or is this just running on your stock battery and stock alternator?
I read on a forum that installing a 2nd batter like a block shaker 16v 30ah (2000watts) is the best for a nice system like yours. btw its only $72 at walmart.

Shahzad Khan says:

looks dope! what amp is good for these subs? Does it shake the trunk?

Nick Annucci says:

I’ve got a 600 watt amp would that work good with these? I dont know shit about car audio

Blizo Brasko Baby! says:

good shit homie im buying one of these this weekend!!

Sal Hunter says:

How loud are these subs? Like do u think they could be heard a block away?

Tyrekus Joness says:

wat song is thet

andrew fuentes says:

Real addresses tory lanez

Tealshot Tv says:

damn nice car man

Marty Peters says:

how would the boss 1600 watt amp be for this sub?

Boom Black25 says:

My 10s Hit Harder

YulianOfficial says:

Can you please include the link or something for the wiring kit and the job adjust.

zbib43 says:

these is some of the best starter subs, had em in my 05 impala

King Jbreezy says:

damn I don’t I live in Richmond

JoJoe Daddy says:

Props! Sounds nice. Now throw 2 more Terminators inside that beast!

inAGoodSchmude says:

I was just bumping that Tory Lanez Real Addresses today… song is amazing.

Ghosttagg Man says:

You should port your box man it’ll be a lot louder with less power

Jay Breezy says:

Damn this shit banging and loud af.

Bajwa94G says:

Damn b why that radio screen smaller than my iPhone 6 Plus

King Jbreezy says:

Would you sell the old one

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