Polk Audio PSW10 10″ Subwoofer Review

Can you get good room thumping bass for under $100? Watch our review and find out!


Mark Smith says:

When connecting this to the receiver does the cable matter? I have a VGA cable so I’m using the red/white in the back of the sub and only the white in the back of the receiver while the yellow and red are just hanging there. Does that matter?

Kabiem says:

How would I connect this sub to a pair of studio monitors?!


How do i connect 2 psw10 to one receiver ? I have one alredy connected,waiting on my other one thanks

Kabiem says:

How do you hook up this sub to active speakers?

yes sir says:

My receiver has one black input for subwoofer . Would I get an adaptor to use this ?

Jim Jarvis says:

Picking one up for 100.00 on Kijiji. Will be pairing it with my Dyneaudio dm6 stand-mounts. I am current running these beauty’s through my Nad 326 bee amplifier. Looking forward to the new sound. Much thanks for the video.

ashique elahi says:

How can I add it with my Microlab solo 7c?

Tony A says:

For best result with subwoofer is to put it into a corner …… Then you will feel it while sitting or standing anywhere in your room !

aundra lambert says:

if you paid under a $100 for this sub take it back. it is terrible. I took the same sub back because it sound like it was broken if I turn it up too high and if I turn it down you can’t even hear the great bass sound. a good sub gives out.

Waylander says:

How would this sub pair up with a cheap Vizio soundbar?

Stefan Upshaw says:

@okaythen 3k is a lot if your not including the tv. If your waiting for deals check bestbuy they have Sony 1100 watt 7.2 channel reciever with built in blue tooth. Yes you can buy better but at 250 clams you wont find a better bang for the buck. Another thing speakers and subs need to be heard in the home to be sure, but dont just buy anything check the reviews first and go from there. Also be careful when mixing speakers make sure they have the same impedance (6ohm vs 8ohm) then sensitivity and frequency response should as close as possible. For example I have a 5 channel Infinity set up that I added a pair of polk 5″ speakers to. The Polks outclass the infinity’s and you can hear the difference. Its not a bad thing but it is noticeable. You can really spoil a good system with one wrong speaker so try and buy matched sets with exception to the subwoofer. That you can mix easier. Good luck.

Unoriginal DnA _ says:

Would two of these, mixed with both bookshelf speakers and tower front speakers make a good “movie theater” experience? I don’t want to spend high end dollars on them, but i dont want cheap either which is why I came across these. It’d hopefully be an upgrade from my current Sony setup which only has an 8 inch sub.

Dwayne Knight says:

Question. Did you get that TV stand from Big Lots?

Video Descriptions for English Lyrics Thx says:

He is the only uploader who shows the true sound rather than subwoofer cone movements.

Jason Carmichael says:

By the way if you come across the PSW 108, it is the exact same as the PSW 10, it only differs in the front color behind the grill. https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/assets.soundunited.com/polk/product_documents_legacy/PSW108.pdf?mtime=20160701170000 and https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/assets.soundunited.com/polk/product_documents_legacy/PSW10_12_MN.pdf?mtime=20160701170000

$83.00 on newegg (Get two, they’re small)

Blueboy trill says:

i’m gonna buy one next month i just wanted to know if i could low down the volume for the bass cause i don’t wanna disturb people ??

Okaythen001 says:

question for home theater speakers, (not soundbar but full 5.1, 7.1 surround sound speakers) will it affect the sound quality, or anything I should know about if I want to buy the component in different brands and different time/stages? I am going to set up alerts and buy each component when there is a good deal. by that I mean I am going to buy subwoofer if there is a good deal, then receiver maybe a different brand in another time, then maybe front pair, center, rear. (the 5.1 or 7.1 is it better to buy in the same brand etc? or ok to buy them all in different ones) I am looking to spend about 3k for those..any advice would really be appreciate thanks!! oh yeah how much should I spend on receiver if my budge is 3k.  (I like to listen to speakers first before getting them, how about for subwoofers? it’s just the heavy bass that you can feel right? they are all the same I dont’ need to listen in person? so if I see a sub online that’s good deal I can just get it? tahnks for the help

Neechie Previews says:

Is this sub good at producing low frequencies. I have an mhcec 919 ip and mhcec 909 ip stereos….But the subwoofers they came with suck ass at producing low frequencie sounds. They can produce the highs just fine put the lows sound so awful…. Its just air coming out of the ports, no bass at all(at low frequencies) …..I saw one of these subs for 100$ on craigslist.

Chris DIYer says:

Nice review. I got the same one and a Dayton Audio 10″ (SUB1000). For overall sound quality and balance I like the Polk. For deeper and more powerful wall shaking bass I like the Dayton Audio. Both are about the same price. The Polk has a more smoother/refined sound whereas the Dayton is all business. Absolutely hate the Dayton’s speaker-level binding posts (way too small). Polks is much better.

TrailBlazer_Noob says:

Great video Geek Redneck, thanks for the great advice on sound. And confirming that this subwoofer is a good one for the price.

KoalaYT - says:

+The Geek Redneck Can you hook up your mp3 player into it? im new with subwoofers… 🙁

wilson abarca says:

That being said im getting one

Reiki Master says:

Very helpful. Thanks! I have some cherry polk tsi500  that I think will work well togetther

joseescc says:

im definitely going to get this subwoofer for my bose 301 speakers

TheChosenOne says:

10″ woofer? Looks more like 6″ at best…maybe even less. What is the actual diameter of this woofer? Meaning, the cone, that is, the silvery part.

Killer86000 says:

you need more subs! your channel is great man keep it up 🙂

Kieran Byrne says:

Would this me good for a locker room?

goodstuffohhyeah says:

Guy looks like Rob Ford lol

Mr.Jason says:

whats a good low pass frequency for deep hard hitting bass in movies i just bought this sub and dont want to ruin it

ytwatchdogfaninsane says:

I have this but I am having huge problems. The manual is shit and im getting no help online. I dont have a receiver, I have the polk n1 surroundbar with a sub out component jack. It should be as easy as plugging in the jack to the sub out and plugging in the audio (red and white) into the back of the sub but I get no sound. Someone els said to just use one jack and either plug it in the l or r, but not both. It works like that but even with the volume at max my walkman is louder. If you or someone else can help I would really appreciate it because Im about to return this piece of shit. Thanks

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