Power Sound Audio – PSA S3611 Subwoofer Review

In this video, I provide my final review of the Power Sound Audio PSA S3611 Subwoofer. This beast of a subwoofer features Dual Opposing 18″ Woofers with a massive 1920 RMS / 2400 PEAK amplifier and is flat down to 10Hz!

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Jean-Yves Fillion says:

I knew you would love that sub. PSA are really a great company with great speakers and sub. Tom is the best!

jasper23454 says:

Which one do i buy? I dont want to piss off my neighbors but i also dont care if my experience is intense, svs ultra 16 or psa. It seems on the surface that the svs is more capable in the long run as far as adjustability.

Peter Otremba says:

The best diy budget subwoofer that delivers tremendous performance is a well built sub box with a Dayton Audio UM18-22 18” sub. It is just $324.90, I wonder how they can complete with the s3611?

tim faulks says:

You are the man !!! Keep’em coming !

henryconga58 says:

That’s what I enjoy about this channel always ends the video with stay bless or have a blessed day

pkhammu2005 says:

So how do u compare them with ur PB16 in terms of bass quality

Jose Ortiz says:

Amazing!! I’m leaning more and more towards sealed !


WOW that’s what I’m talking about!!!

Kirk Cunningham says:

You’re only feeling apart of that 10hz sine wave. Not feeling peak. The room needs to be massively large to feel a full 10hz wave. That being said, great review and I do like this company.

Zachary Faley says:

Glad to finally hear some listening impressions. You sure picked a good movie to evaluate the PSA feels/sounds nuts for most of that movie.

Sebas Zoontjes says:

the svs pb 16 ultra is 2500 dollars, so 2100 dollars for 2 18’s is an absolute steal !

Axel Bonet says:

I want at least 1 of those for my home, but in Puerto Rico we dont get stores that have them 🙁


I went thru quite a few ported subs and was going to order 2 v3601s when we remodeled to roughly a 30×30 open concept living room/kitchen. The 2 v1801s I had at the time still handled the new space well , so I figured I didnt need double of that output but wanted extension that I couldn’t get from PSA’s ported offerings. Contacted Tom , he was responsive as usual and changed my order to 2 S3601s and I haven’t looked back , in fact I added a 3rd and even bought a s3000i that i am not using at the moment. I am in sealed sub eardrum bursting nirvana that most ported subs cant touch!

Alton Moore II says:

Another great review, if I didn’t already have dual pb 16’s I would have hopped on this thing in a heartbeat, Tom has another great company on his hands.

Chris Dommel says:

Better than your PB-16’s?

Marc Gallant says:

any plans on testing out the S7201 or V3611?

Russell Low says:

Hi youthman! I really enjoy all your videos. Yesterday I just bought my first Klipsch item. It’s the r-120SW and I love it. Your videos are really helping me build my first real home theater. Right now all I have is old Sony satellite and a 6 inch sub. The Klipsch sub differences from the Sony is night and day. It’s bass is deep and clean. What makes it even better is that I only paid $245 for it at Best Buy brand new. It shakes things in my room and can feel it in my chest. It’s amazing. Thank you for helping me and can’t wait till I get the rest of my Klipsch system!

Mufasa says:

Hit that subscribe button!!!!

Francisco Monge says:

Does this mean you will use the PSA S3611 as your main subwoofer in your home theater room?


Huge Sub Mike! Wow! 🙂

tHa_vilLaMaN says:

That movie must have been incredible with that sub. Great review— makes me want to try it!

Jaylen Tutt says:


carloxtel forever says:


Fidel jcIII says:

Ok todo bien pero hablas y hablas pero no escuchamos como suena y sólo nos tenemos que basar en lo que dices debes poner una pequeña prueba de sonido gracias…

NewYorkBlack says:

My wife caught me looking at this video and she gave me that wife look that says: “DON’T YOU EVEN THINK OF BUYING THAT THING TO BRING INTO MY HOUSE”

Taylor Made says:

Awesome! How did the room size knob effect the response curve?

M A says:

Thank you youthman..
Do you advise me to buy it? I watch movies all the time

Richard says:

Awesome review Youthman, I can’t help but think in terms of sheer extension that this is better than the pb16 ultra. I would be awesome if it had the remote and app features but I’m guess that would maybe put the price on par with the pb16 ultra.

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